2020 Top Home based business ideas for Housewives or Mom

Best Small Home Based or work From Home Business Ideas 2020 For Housewives or Mom or dads in India

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There are many business ideas for housewives or mothers that they can start from their home. A little investment in the business will help them start the business. But they should have some idea about the business that they wish to start. They will it will be easy for them to make a profit in the business from the initial stage itself. Below are mentioned some detailed business ideas that housewives or mothers can start from their homes.

Business ideas for housewives or mom

Education based business ideas for Housewives

Working as a Tuition teacher

For the educated women, there is the scope to start providing tuition from their home. Moreover, if they are fond of teaching, they can start with the business from the comfort of their home. They can offer tuition for an hour or two daily to the students.

What is the investment cost for starting a tuition center?

Cost involved to start tuition class

Around rupees 5 thousand

Profit in this business


Therefore, women can start teaching with few students at their homes. As a number of students begin to grow, they can arrange for coaching centre to accommodate a large number of students.

Working as a music teacher

If housewives have proper knowledge of music, they can start working as a music teacher. Similar to this, they can also start a business by opening a drawing school. With suitable knowledge about drawing, they can help students learn drawing and earn from home. Even, housewives can start opening an art and craft class. This way, they can earn money from the comfort of home.

Investments required for opening music class

Cost of starting music class

There are no such specific costs

Profit from the business 

Keeps varying

Food business ideas for housewives or ladies

Dessert making business

 Housewives can start making sweets at home and earn money from it. If they can make delicious sweets, they can start as a occasional business like diwali and earn good money.

Investment required for food business

Expenses to start a sweet business

Requires around rupees 5 thousand

Profit from the business


Offering food or Tiffin services

With the proper idea of cooking, one can start with the business of offering food boxes. For this type of business, no training is required. It only requires suitable knowledge of cooking. Housewives and mothers can start with the business from their home. They can start to sell the food to working persons and students studying. 

Investment required for food service or Tiffin Business

Business expenses  for food selling service


Profit earned from the business


Start cooking classes Business

With knowledge of how to cook good food, you can start cooking classes at your home. By giving the class, you can start earning money. To start the business some utensils and a kitchen setup are required as a basic requirements.

Cost or investment involved in this Cooking Class business

Cost of starting cooking classes 

It will take from rupees 20 thousand to 25 thousands

Profit earned in the business

Around 30 percent

Pickle and ghee manufacturing business for house wife and Mom

Homemade ghee and pickles are sold as it is liked by many households. Housewives can also start with this business from their home. These food items are in good demand in every season.

Investment for the business

Business expenses for selling ghee and pickles

Rupees 3 thousand to 5 thousand 

Profit in the business

Around 30 percent

Cake making Business for Mom

With an interest in cake making, housewives can start the business from their home and earn a profit. It requires suitable knowledge in cake making. Woman can start with the business from their area and slowly spread the news of cake making to other areas. They can also sell cakes in nearby shops.

Business ideas based on services for housewives

Marriage bureau Business for ladies

Housewives can start with the marriage bureau service from their home. This business does not require much investment. Woman starting with this business should have information about good candidates in search of life partners. This way, they can earn a good commission by matching profiles and introducing them to suitable partners whom they can marry.

Investment in Marriage bureau Business

Expenses to start the business

There is no such specific investment for the business

Profit from the business


Account keeping or Data Entry business for Mom

For housewives who are commerce graduates can start with the account keeping or data entry business from their home. Many small companies look for individuals who can provide account keeping service. From maintaining company balance sheet and the like services, woman should have suitable knowledge in it. With this, they can start earning from their home itself. To get such jobs, woman has to upload CV in the job sites.

Event planner business

Women who are interested to make event planning can start with event planning business. Give unique event plans and they can start the business from home earning good profit. Woman can cover up events like birthdays, anniversaries, New Year events and the like.

Blogging Business

Woman can start blogging business from the comfort of their home. With a command over the language and good flair of writing, they can start with the business from their home. By writing quality content, women cans start earning from their homes by the blogging business. For this, they should be able to write on any given subject.

Investment for this business

Expenses to start the business

Rupees 5000

Profit from the business

Not stable

Babysitting business

Working mothers are in search of babysitting service providers. So, housewives can start baby sitting business in which they have to take care of the children. The service can be started from their home. For this, woman has to offer a minimum of nine hours of service to look after the children. Also, the place inside the house should be safe enough where children can play around.

Computer repair services for Dad or Mother

Woman who has good knowledge of software can offer repair services. In addition to this, they should have basic technical knowledge. With this, they can start with the repairing service from their home. Also, they can start internet cafés from their homes. The requirement for this type of business ideas are computers and internet connection.

Starting a small Shop in home

Woman can start a shop from their home by selling items like stationery, grocery, flowers cosmetics and the like. They only need to maintain the room in which the products will be kept. Initially, a woman can start with a small room in their house. With increasing demand, they can get a space on rent. If woman can setup their shop near their house, it will help them handle both the shop and household chores easily.

Investment required for the shop

Around rupees 25 thousand

Profit from the trade


Beauty parlor

Opening a beauty parlor is also a good option for housewives. They can start the business from their home. However, if they wish to start the business, they need some training. Only after having the training they can start with the business either from home or by renting space.   

Creative business ideas for housewives

Mehendi application Business

  • If housewives have the knowledge of mehendi application, they can start with the business from their home. This way, they can earn money.

  • Women love wearing mehendi in every season. Therefore, it can be expected that mehendi application will have good demand throughout the year.

  • There is no such initial cost of starting the business. If woman wishes to start the business from their home, they should prepare for the advertising of the business. This way, people will get to know about the Mehendi business.

Interior designing

Women who are interested in interior designing can take up the course and start their business. They can start it from home and decorate homes and offices. However, before starting the business, women need to find out ways to promote the business. This way, the news of the business will spread to more people.

Jewellery Making business for Housewives

 Woman can start making jewellery at their homes and sell them. For this, no such training is required but woman should have little knowledge about how to make artificial jewellery. By having some knowledge, they can start with handmade jewellery from their home. Women can also sell jewellery online or nearby shops.

Investment in this business

Expenses for jewelry making  

Around rupees 30 thousand

Profit from the business

40 percent

Tailoring business

With knowledge about tailoring clothes, woman can start this business from their home. After sewing clothes, woman can also provide classes on how to sew clothes. This way, it is a good option for girls to earn money.

Candle making business

If you wish to start making candles at home, it is a good business option. Candles are commonly used for decoration purposes and women can start making candles from the comfort of their home. For this, a woman should know how to prepare candles from wax.

Investment in Candle making business

Cost of starting business

Rupees 10 to 15 thousand

Profit from the business

Rupees 15 to 30 percent

Internet related business ideas for housewives

There are different internet related business ideas that can be started from home with the prerequisite of stable internet connection. Some of the business ideas are given below.

Ticket booking business

With knowledge of booking online railway tickets, aeroplane tickets and payment of electricity bills, housewives can start with the business. for this, they need computer, printer and internet connection.

Investment for the business

Expense for starting the business

Rupees 15 thousand to 25 thousand

Profit from business


SEO consultancy

With suitable SEO service, it is possible to help a website rank at the top of the search rankings. Considering the present scenario, many companies look for online SEO services from professionals. So, with perfect knowledge about the service, you can start this business from home.

Requirement for the business

  • Computer along with internet connection

  • A social media profile with properly created page. Through this, you can share the services that you want to offer to customers. Along with this, you have to provide contact details through customers can get in touch with you.

Online survey business

Companies often look for online survey services. For this, woman can start with the business from the comfort of their home and offer survey reports. So, when planning to start part time job from home, this could be a suitable option. For starting this business, one has to share bio-data on job sites to get the suitable one.

Web designing

With a suitable course in web designing, woman can start with this business. Therefore, they can even start the business from their home. For the business, woman has to get in touch with companies that require web designing service. Woman can serve the web design service from their homes.

Website business

Woman can also start with this business. For this, a website is required through which they can provide the service to customers. With this, woman can make good money. They can start the website relating to entertainment, news and other service and start earning for it.
Before starting the business, having some idea about the service to provide shall help you. Therefore, it is better to start with a website service about which you are interested to write. It requires rupees 25 thousand to start the business. 

YouTube channel

Like website service business, woman can also start YouTube channel and start making money from it. For this, they have to create a YouTube channel. By uploading videos through the channel, they can start the channel. Also, for maintaining the channel, they should upload videos regularly. Therefore, it is better to start the channel about the topic they are interested in. Before uploading the video, they should know about how to edit and write scripts for the videos. 

Selling online clothes

Women these days have started selling clothes through online sites. This has become a common trend. In order to sell clothes, women have to put up images of clothes on social media sites. They can also send images to customers who wish to buy clothes. Other than selling clothes, a woman can also start with selling bags, jewelry, cosmetics and other items online.

Writing service business ideas for Mom

Translation service 

With suitable knowledge of language translation, woman can start a language translation service. There are several websites that requires translators. Also, authors are in search of translators. So, when women wish to earn money from their home, they can get in touch with this translation service and do the translation works.

Freelance writer

There are websites that offer freelance writers. If woman knows how to write quality articles, they can start working as a freelance writer. By positing CV online, they can get the work of a writer and start earning from their home.

Resume writing service

This is another excellent business ides for women who can start from their homes. By writing resume for others, they can earn money. For this, they require printer, computer and internet connection. This way, they can start the business.

The Closure

Woman has plenty of options if they wish to start business and earn money from their home. They can setup the business in short time. If they try the business about which they have little knowledge, it shall help them achieve success quickly in the business. Also, they can make profit fast. If any of the above said subjects interest them, they can start with the business. 

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