About Us

This website is based on the business idea blogs. We started our work in the year 2017. Our aim to help new people, who coming in the field of entrepreneurship. The main objective of this blog is to share the appropriate parameters of the business with the new businessman, so that they can understand their business properly and make profit by doing business with the least risk. The purpose of this blog is also that information about new business can be made available to people in simple words.

Our site writes cover all those points, which gives complete business related knowledge to the new businessman people. In this way the following important points are covered in our article.

  • Essential knowledge or skills that are necessary for business.  
  • License and Registration Procedure  Information about every requirement of the business such as where to take the machine?
  • How much will it cost
  • What are the necessary places for business?
  • Business investment  Business profit  
  • Business risk  Marketing ideas

Above information is given by this website, as well as information related to the franchise is also given by this website, in which the rules related to this are explained in simple terms by the Reuters of this site. On this site, information has also been given on business ideas for the housewives, business ideas related to farming, low cost business ideas etc.

Apart from Business Idea, we give the information related to loans, subsidies, MSME registration process, industry base registration, marketing methods and GST are also provided to the readers on this site.

Start Up Business Idea site is a big site, which has given the answers to all the questions related to the business to its readers, so this site is also very much liked by the readers, because these simple words I am giving solution to the problems of new businessmen through my blog.