Coaching Center Business Plan in India (Investments And Profit) 

Coaching Center Business Plan in India ( Investments And Profit) 

Schools and coaching centers are being set up more and more so that the students are able to gather knowledge and use it in their real life. Coaching centers are supplementary educational institutes to schools which teach the students more thoroughly. Thus coaching centers are becoming really vital for a country and a lot of people are looking forward to establish a coaching center of their own.

Coaching Center Business Ideas Cost Profit

Why are Coaching Centers important?

  • The students are always looking to get into a coaching center so that they are able to understand the topics of their study properly and get help besides school. It is helping both the weak and the talented students.
  • The students who have recently finished their studies can always set up a coaching center and teach school students which will ensure their financial condition is good.
  • For the people who aim to be a teacher, a coaching center is really helpful. Not only it provides an opportunity to be a teacher, but also it creates financial stability.
  • People of different rural areas and villages are also being able to earn through setting up coaching centers. It really gives an alternative option to the educated people if they are unable to find a job.

Starting a Coaching Center Business in India

Before starting a coaching center business in India, one should always plan properly. Below we will provide details of the important things that one should keep in mind before starting a coaching center business in India-

  • Understanding the need of the students: Before starting a coaching center business in a particular area, an individual will be obliged to understand the condition of the students of that area. An individual will have to create a list of the teaching fields of the schools in the area they want to teach and also they will have to talk to several students about the type of coaching the students need in order to get a general understanding.
  • Topics of Coaching Center: If a person has total grasp over the subject they are teaching, it will satisfy all the questions of the students and the students will be able to do well in their exams which will ensure more students are attracted towards the coaching center. But if there is a particular study topic which is not being taught to the students in a particular area, teaching that particular subject might be helpful.
  • Location of Coaching Center: One will have to ensure that there is no distance problem for any students. For this, a person may use their home or alternatively rent a room in a proper location.

Facilities of the Coaching Center

The teachers must ensure the facilities mentioned below to ensure more students are admitted.

  • Large and Comfortable Room: The teaching room must be large enough for all the students to sit and it also must be comfortable and spacious so that the students are able to study without any distraction.
  • Room Facilities: A teacher must ensure that there are water and washroom facilities for the students. The room must have a blackboard, a projector and AC/fan for the students.
  • Book Facilities: The coaching center must have all the books related to the topics being taught so that the teachers will be able to teach the students from the books and answer questions of the students from the book.
  • Computer System and Multimedia: The coaching center will obviously require a computer system and internet facilities. The teacher will be able to keep records of the progress and fees of the students with the computer system in place and the internet facility and multimedia facility can be used to teach students digitally.

Fees of Students

A teacher will need to ensure the amount of fees is considerate for both them and the students. The teachers will also need to provide special concession for the poor students. Quality education must be ensured before selecting the amount of fees.

Before setting up an amount of fee, a teacher must understand that the amount of fees varies from topic to topic. For instance, a teacher teaching History, Literature, Geography, etc. will need to take lower fees than the teacher teaching Science, Math, Economics, etc. Below we will provide a list of fees which can be used by the teachers if they are teaching the students of Class 8-12.

Subject Fees (Per Month, Per Student)
History, Geography, Literature 300-400 INR
Economics, Business Law, Math 400-500 INR
Physics, Pure Math, Chemistry, Biology 600-800 INR

If a teacher teaches the students of Class 7 or below, they may take fees of 1000-1500 INR for teaching all subjects.

Cost & Benefit of Coaching Center

If a teacher uses their own house as a coaching center, they will only need to spend money on the interior costs which will decrease the amount of total cost. But if somebody wishes to use a room in the middle of a city, they will need to pay 2000 INR every month as renting cost and they will also be able to lease the room for a year or 6 months. Also, a teacher will need to ensure blackboard, AC/Fan, Washroom facilities are there for students. So, if we consider all these things, 60, 000-70, 000 INR must be required to set up a coaching center.

The benefit from a coaching center solely depends on the method of teaching. If a teacher can teach the students in a good way, more students will get admitted in the coaching centers. If a teacher is able to teach 6 batches of students with every batch consisting 20 students, they will be able to earn 60,000 INR every month considering they earn 500 INR per student.

Promoting Coaching Center

The teacher can follow the steps mentioned below to promote their coaching centers.

  • Local Newspaper & TV Channel: The teachers will be able to publish an advertisement of their coaching center in the newspaper or create a video and publish it on the local TV Channel to promote their coaching center.
  • Brochures: A teacher may create a lot of brochures and supply them to the students studying in different schools to make more people aware of their coaching center.
  • Free DEMO Class: If a teacher provides free demo classes to the students and invites all the students from their particular area more students will come and if their teaching method is good, the students will get admitted.
  • Social Media: A teacher will also be able to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter to promote their coaching center and they might also get help from the Online Tutorial. Referral Service.


If anybody wants to open a coaching center, they must register their coaching center with the Indian government which will ensure more students are attracted towards the coaching centers and they will also be able to enjoy various schemes of the Indian government once they are registered.


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