How to start a Restaurant And Bar Business

How to start a Restaurant And Bar Business
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People are aware of restaurants and bars as they visit the places often. People can visit either with their family, friends, colleagues and other and enjoy their time having the food of their taste. Even bars are available in some of the localities that offer beverages such as drinks, alcohol, and others to the customers. Running a restaurant and bar business has become a common trend, and many individuals are opening restaurants to earn money. It is one of the profitable businesses, and after investing in it, you can start earning within a short period of time. You have to find the right place where you can set up a restaurant.

How to start a Restaurant And Bar Business

Moreover, try to set up the restaurant in the middle of the city so that people get to know about it easily. An individual is allowed to open the restaurant in any part of the country, but when planning to open a liquor shop he or she can open it only in their respective state. Moreover, the person has to abide by the rules for running a bar. Before opening the bar, the owner should make sure whether permission is available to open bar in that particular state or not. A detail of the requirement of the business has been mentioned in the following part of the article that will help entrepreneurs who are planning to start restaurant and bar business and earning money from it.

What do you mean by restaurant and bar business?

As it is already known that a restaurant is a place where people visit to eat the food of their choice. They can order foods from a list provided to them, and the cooks and chefs of the restaurant will cook the same for them. The customers have to pay money for the food they have, and in this way, the restaurant and bars are able to make money. Different restaurants offer different cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai and others. The customers can choose to sit in any place in the restaurant. When there are no bar counters in the restaurant, it can be simply be called as a restaurant. But it has a bar counter, and drinks are served in the place, it is known as a restaurant and bar business. 

What are the requirements for opening a restaurant and bar?

When going through a busy schedule, people often prefer eating in restaurants and in this way, they tend to visit the eating joints quite often. Other than sitting and enjoying the food of their choice, food takeaway services are also provided by some of the eating joints. Here, you can order the food at the counter and then once the food is prepared, you can take it home and enjoy having it at your home. Even when you are planning to set a party at your home, you often order food from the restaurants. Since people have to pay for the food that they order, it is only possible for people living in the well-to-do family to afford such luxuries of ordering delicious food from the eating joints. Owing to this, it is seen that some restaurants fail to become successful as it fails to get the required customer who is willing to buy on a regular basis. If the restaurant fails to get an adequate number of customers for a day, it might have to give up the business as it will start to incur a loss. Before, setting restaurant and bar, it is important that the entrepreneur research well and get to know about the condition of the market. It is necessary to choose an area which is potential to get customers for the restaurant.

How can you start a restaurant and bar business?

When looking for any profitable business, restaurant and bar is a good option. If you are not able to become successful, the chances are high that you might have to close the restaurant. The business can be opened in the clubs, pubs, sports bar, beer bar, and others. The entrepreneur should be careful about the type of restaurant that he or she wants to open. The business location plays a vital role in determining the success rate of the business. Other factors should also be considered which are mentioned in the following part of the article. 

How you have to decide on the location of the business?

Minimum space is required to open the restaurant. In addition, you have to carefully choose the location where you wish to set up the restaurant. Make sure that people in the locality are into the trend of going out for dinner and lunch so that they happen to visit the eating joint. On an average, 10000 square feet to 5000 square feet area is required to set up the business. To start the business, the place can be a park, hut or any other open area where space is sufficient to install the required tools and equipment.

It is also said that opening a restaurant in an area where thousands of people are employed under different companies. The chances of success are comparatively high in such a case. People often love to visit the eating joints after their office hours. In this way, it will make it easy for the entrepreneurs. The person should be careful when choosing the location for setting up the restaurant so that the entrepreneur is able to get customers throughout the year. The entrepreneur can expect to see a rise in the number of customers during the festivities.

What are the kitchen equipment and raw materials required to start the business?

The popularity of any restaurant depends on the quality and taste of food that it offers. When people are visiting the restaurant for the first time, the place should offer reasons so that the customers continue to come over the place again and again. Along with tasty good, the staff of the restaurant should be well trained to provide top-notch service to the customers. A single complaint about the restaurant can ruin the business and lower the chance of getting more customers. In addition to the food, service, try to maintain good decorum of the place so that people are interested in visiting the place more than just once. They should feel like they are having their lunch or dinner with their loved ones in a comfortable place much like their home. The seating arrangement should also be taken good care, and proper spaces should be provided for each of the tables. People should be able to relax well when they are eating in the place.

In the initial stage of the business, the entrepreneur can try to arrange some old furniture. Later on, after earning some money, it can install new furniture set up in the restaurant. Other than old furniture, it can try to get furniture on rent until the entrepreneur is able to arrange enough money to buy the items.

It is said that it almost takes 5 to 7 lakh rupees in the initial stage to start the business. In addition, near about 2 lakh rupees should be set aside for the kitchen utensils. Also, if the entrepreneur is planning to provide drinks in the restaurant, he has to invest more in the business.

How the construction of restaurant and bar,service and area of the eating joint matters?

After purchasing the raw materials and buying the tools, it is time to install the same in the restaurant. The service area should be neatly set up in the eating joint. The decorum of the place should be set up to ensure that the customers can enjoy their best time in the restaurant. To retain the attention of the customers, the entrepreneur has to choose a color and theme of the place. Also, the chairs and tables should be placed in such a way that there is enough space in the restaurant. To get the best interior designs, the entrepreneur can hire an interior designer to get it done in the right manner. For the same, 12 to 15 lakh rupees are required for the setup.

Getting the registration and license of the restaurant is important

After setting up the restaurant, it is important to opt for the registration of the restaurant. The entrepreneur has to abide by the restaurant laws of the country. Some details of the type of license are detailed in the following part of the article.  

  • License from the head of police department
  • Get license from the state excise department
  • Get the required shop and establishment license for the restaurant
  • Licenses from local authorities like municipality, Municipal Corporation, and others.
  • Music license when planning to set up music system in the restaurant
  • Get no objection certificate from fire department.

Hire staff for the restaurant

In the initial stage of running the restaurant, a minimum of 15 to 20 staffs is required. It can range from the manager, bartender, chef, and others. The monthly salary of the service person in the restaurant will depend on their skills, and it sums up to almost 4 lakh rupees in a month.

Set a dress code for the staffs

After selecting the staffs of the restaurant, it is important to set a dress code for them. It will make them look attractive, and it should be kept in mind that the dress of the chefs should be different from that of the staffs who will serve the customers. For arranging the dress of the staff, the company has to spend 35 to 59 thousand rupees.

How to earn by effective marketing from the business?

When planning to start the business, the entrepreneur has to make strategic marketing plans to succeed in the business. The entrepreneur also has to decide on a logo for the restaurant and seek help from an interior designer to get the best designs. In addition, the entrepreneur has to print the menu, poster, pamphlet and other items when launching the eating joint for the first time. The entrepreneur should adopt effective marketing techniques to get the best outcome.

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