Tissue Paper (Paper Napkin Making) Manufacturing Business Plan Cost and Profit Margin

Tissue Paper (Paper Napkin Making) Manufacturing Business Plan  Cost and Profit Margin [Machine Prize]

Tissue papers are something that every now and then people use. Not only in restaurants or offices but tissues papers are required everywhere these days. Hence the manufacturers are taking extra care while making them. Tissue Paper manufacturing business does not need much of attention like other business. As you know having business can be an unsafe bet, it would be wise to start with something like tissue making that needs little raw material and manpower to setup.

Tissue Paper (Paper Napkin Making) Manufacturing Business Plan Cost and Profit Margin

Tissue paper business does not need much of things to start. As said, with fewer raw materials and semi-skilled labour anyone can set up a business of the same. However it definitely needs through research about the market and the cost of the production.

Required raw Material

Along with a moderate space for any business, one needs handful of raw materials to start tissue paper making. Tissue paper making business is quite a small type of business that requires minimum raw materials. Raw tissue papers’ huge rolls come in packets. These rolls are needed to shape up the size of your wish. These rolls are available online as well as offline. If you want it to be coloured then one has to buy dyes to make colourful tissues.

Price of Raw Material

Depending on the weight of the tissue rolls, their price has been set. Jumbo hard tissue rolls’ price starts from Rs. 50 per kilogram. Depending on the quality of the tissues it can be priced Rs. 70 per kilogram as well. These are the hard jumbo tissue rolls we are talking about here. If the manufacturer wants to produce facial tissues that are softer and hygienic then it costs Re 1 per 100 pieces or 1 pack.

Place to Buy Tissue Paper Rolls

Jumbo Tissue paper rolls are available online as well as offline. For offline buyers, jumbo rolls can be available in wholesaler markets. For online buyers, indiamart.com, alibaba.com and such are few sites where you can get jumbo tissue rolls for your business.

Tissue Paper Making Process at Home with Quantity

Tissue Papers can be made at home. This is one of the reasons why it is an easy business to start. There are four major steps that are associated with tissue paper manufacturing. One can make as many as they want. Now, it depends on how fast you can proceed with the steps.

  • Firstly you have to make pulp of the papers you are using. If you are using Jumbo packs then you can just skip the pulp step and dye as you want the colour of the tissues.
  • Then wash them properly and press them to take out all the moisture it contains. In case of using pulp, the creeping needs machines. On the other if you are using rolls of tissues, then next step will be the cutting.
  • Once the papers are all dried up, you can cut them into pieces. Whatever shape one wants to give can be given to these tissues. Finally they must be packed well before going to the market.

Tissue Paper  Making Process by Machine with Quantity

Machines definitely bring much more quantity than making it at home. These machines are available worldwide for commercial purpose. Unlike other heavy machines, Tissue Paper manufacturing machines are not much complicated to handle. With fewer skilled staffs it can be handled and maintained.

Machines will help these steps to be done in very less time. Also it does not need much manpower to handle the machines. At least more than 100 packets or more can be produced in a single day. This depends on the capacity of the machines.

Paper Napkin Making Machine Price

Price of these machines starts from Rs. 2 Lac and can go up to Rs. 10 Lac. Price of such machines depends on their capacity, nature, weight and many other features. More the features more pricey the machines will be.

Specification of Machine

  • Working width: There are 5 types of general width that are available in such machines. The sizes are 220mm, 270mm, 300mm, 330mm and 400mm respectively.
  • Parent Roll specs: With 1200mm outer diameter the machines come in 76mm inner diameters for the parent roll of the tissues.
  • Paper folding size: Machines cut and fold the papers in ¼ shapes and sizes.
  • Speed of the machine: According to the type of the papers speed varies from one machine to another. Roughly a machine can produce 450 sheets to 470 sheets at a time.
  • Power and pressure: The machines generally require 440 volt power with 50Hz and 2.2kw. With 5Psi pressure the machines can work well.
  • Printing and Embossing: Both of the units depend on the requirement of the production. These two units can be set as per need.
  • Transmission: Timing belts are found in many of the machines. Along with this frequency drive is used for controlling system in these machines.
  • Weight: These machines weigh nearly 2500 Kgs. They take small piece of land like 4.5ft x 14ft respectively.

Place to Buy Machine

There are a lot of online as well as offline manufacturers that offer such machines. As people can see that these machines are quite expensive they must research on these machines before they buy them. Pricier does not always mean better machines. There are a lot of things to be noted in a single machine such as capacity, voltage, longevity, size and the dimension of the machines. Before investing lump sum amount on them it is better to do some more homework.

Paper napkin making machine suppliers

There are many suppliers and manufacturers that make tissue papers available online as well as offline. For online suppliers one can search them according to the requirement on internet. For the offline buyers these machines are available in hardware market and such.

Licence Process for Tissue paper manufacturing business

It is mandatory to have a trade licence for any business one is setting up in India. In case of Tissue paper manufacturing business there are few documents and licenses that one has to issue for the business. They are as follows: ROC registered business, Trade Licence issued by the local municipality corporation, Udyog Aadhaar MSME registration certificate, No Objection Certificate issued by the Pollution Control Board, Sales Tax registration Certificate, Licence for the factory, For the exporters IEC number must be required

Packaging for tissue paper

There are machines for packaging of tissue papers. If you are setting up machines for manufacturing Tissues then packaging must be done through the machines as well. For the makers at home, packaging must be in a sturdy plastic bag so that tissues don’t get damaged while shifting.

Target Market for tissue paper business

It is inevitable that use of Tissue Papers is not restricted to certain things. Nowadays the use is vast so is the targeted market. Almost all the people, especially ladies use tissue papers more often. It will be wise to set targeted market that consists of such people who will buy from the concerned manufacturer.   

Marketing Strategy for business

Tissue papers are common these days. One of the many reasons behind this is, it is small and easy to set up. One has to keep that in mind that even before starting up the production he/she has to face tight competition. The best way to stand out is to market the product in different way. Social media marketing, these days, has taken over the advertising world. To start with, manufacturers can promote their product online. Social media promotions and if possible outdoor promotions can be helpful to market the products.

Space Required for Business

It is important to select a proper location for your business. Be it a small or large, an apt location must be selected. Tissue paper business does not need much of space to start it off. If you are using machines then it would be better if it is bit far from locality or residential area. As far as the space is concerned, it needs moderate space more than 2000 sft. A moderate machine with dimension 100 sft will take at least 200sft area to be placed and used. It all depends on how many people and home many machines one is setting up for the business.  

Cost to Setup Business

There are several costs that are associated with the business. To consider the explicit costs, machines, spaces and raw materials must be added. On the other implicit costs like electricity and such must be considered while calculating the costs.

Profit margin of the tissue paper making business

As mentioned earlier that the Tissue papers are not restricted to only restaurants or such, it has huge demand in regular life. Consequently the business may earn a lot profit.

  • In recent times North India based company in same industry has reported that with mere 8 employees the company has witnessed worth of Rs. 1 Cr turnover in a year.
  • Along with such huge turnover, with 10 Lac of investment the business can earn at least 5Lac of profit. The break-even percentage can be recorded as 45%.

Precautions for the business

Tissue papers are disposable, but they have to be hygienic as they use to clean up faces and hands. Also the machines are heavier and must need skilled workers to handle them.

  • Tissue Paper making business does not require high educational qualification. However before starting up the production hired workers should be trained properly to handle and maintain the machines.
  • Other precautions include reduction in the pollution and waste produced from the production. These shouldn’t harm any of the natural resources.

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