Baby Sitting or Day Care Business Plan in India

Baby Sitting or Day Care or Creche Business Plan in India

A person needs special criteria to be eligible to run own business. It may seem easy but in that case, needs to deal with young children. In order to look after the infants, needs to stay watchful throughout the time. You cannot take any chance while running the business, as parents do not compromise when it comes to their children’s safety. Here are few requirements are stated below.

Baby Sitting Business

  • Knowledge over the idea of children’s development– Being a business owner has to deal with the children of different age group. The different age comes with different demands and behaviour traits. To understand the basic needs is required to study children’s nature carefully unless you cannot strategist a policy. A well-structured policy helps to convince the parents to rely on your organisation.
  • Knowledge on child rearing- When the business requires you to spend time with children you need to have an idea on child rearing. You need to engage the kids with various activities that will interest them. You also need to motivate the kids to attract to the activities. You also need to engage yourself with those fun activities.
  • Taking care of the ailing kids- You need to design a policy, so that it will be applicable to the kids with ailing health. The kids with bad health need extra attention. The rules and regulation of the organisation requires being flexible for every kind of situation.
  • Disciplinary action- The purpose of this criterion is to handle the highs and lows of the emotion of the kids. While you are dealing with kids you need to handle the rapid change of attitude. In that case you are responsible for showing them the distinction between right and wrong. You need to establish the reputation of your organisation by practising discipline among the kids.
  • To handle the obstacles regarding child rearing- The mode of the works requires to deal with unwanted situation like fluctuation of attitude. The fluctuation of attitude involves altercation and incorrigible behaviour of the children of different age. Kids may throw tantrums while eating. To avoid any kind of anomaly you need to be prepared.
  • Leadership quality- To manage the temperament of the kids you have to be strict. You need to design a strategy that will not only pacify the kids, but also motivate to perform. In order to motivate the kids towards activities you need make them understand the importance of the activity. Your patience can bring them in track.
  • Financial aspect- If you are into a startup business, you need to stay aware about the transaction of money. To keep the track of the money transaction, you need to have a basic idea on accounting. The knowledge on accounting will help you to have a wise control over expenditure.
  • Patience- To run an organisation that deals with taking care of kids you need to have a good patience. When you are dealing with kids sometimes, the work may feel hectic. You have to cope with their changing mood that may appear to be troublesome. In that case people often tend to get angry. The anger may lead to take wrong decision and that may turn into detrimental while the kids are involved. To avoid such situation patience is essential.

Apart from all those above mentioned unfavourable situation, there will be more unprecedented problems may hamper your path. To thrive in the business you need to be strategically prepared for everything.

Taking care of kids of different age groups

When you are into babysitting business you are supposed to deal with the kids of different age groups. The kids of different age needed to be attended differently. Different age group needs different care. Arranging the children according to the age group may ease up the work. You need to plan a strategy in order to avoid anomaly. Dividing the children into small groups will help you to distinguish one from another and eventually help you to figure out their needs.

Factors to be followed for babysitting business

To run a business you need to arrange a lot of things. The required things are listed below.

  • Swing for children– For the small kids it is quite a task to male them sleep. Kids get a sound sleep in the swing. You need to install swing in the room so that, kids can sleep well.
  • Toys for the children– The children spend a lot of time with the baby sitter. To keep them active and agile you need to let them play. To keep them active you should give those toys, colour pencils, drawing books, etc.
  • Sleeping arrangement for kids- Kids need adequate sleep even during the daytime so, you need a proper arrangement for them. You need to make sure that get to sleep properly without any interference.
  • Foods for kids- You need to provide food to the kids. You need to maintain proper hygiene when you are feeding the kids. You need to keep all the utensils clean.

The investment cost for a startup babysitting business

Babysitting business is a type of business that can be initiated at a small level. One can start it from home. One can start it by going to place to place. One can acquire the resources from this. Being a startup business owner one needs to acquire money. By taking small steps one can increase the money. To start a babysitting business one needs fifty thousand rupees only.

Registration and License for Baby Sitting Business

To run babysitting business you need to have the following license.

  • Business license – There is several types of business licenses. Many of the licenses are being covered under the particular city. The state government license is covered by a particular state. The license is valid in every city that comes under a particular state. The state license implies to that the state government governs the business by maintain the laws.
  • Registration from local authority- To start the babysitting business from home, you need to get your name registered by local authority. You will get the registration after the members of the authority inspect the place in order to check the infrastructure.

Franchise in Baby Sitting Business

If you want to start the babysitting business, you need to read the terms and condition of the license and registration. Opting for franchise is the best option to get into the business. Here are some reliable franchises available in India.

  • Little Genius Preschool and Child Care Centre
  • Activity Centres (Day Care, Creches)
  • Kids Care
  • Rising Star Day Care and Activity Centre
  • Kinder garden preschool and day care

To start babysitting business through franchises you are supposed to follow specific rules. You need to invest in your business by maintain the stated rules. The advantage of opting for a franchise is that you will be associated with a reputed brand name.


Like every other businesses, marketing plays a crucial role to grow a business. Different business requires different methods of marketing.

  • Oral publicity– Oral publicity works effectively in the case of babysitting business. In order to do that you need to ask your friends, family and neighbours to impart the information about the business. This will help your business to be well known to the people.
  • Advertising- It is way to proliferate your business. You can put advertisement on local newspapers. You can give ad anytime of the year. The best time of giving advertisement is the summer. Advertisement is a marketing tool that you can use whenever you want to.
  • Customer relationship- It is a cheapest way to promote your business. By using this tool one can attract customers in various ways. Your customers will impart your reputation into the market.
  • Website- Creating your own website will help you to present your business in the market. Using web can help the people to know more about your business. This will help you to increase the number of the customers.
  • Using social media for promotion- You can do business in buying and selling by using the social media. You can give the advertisements on the social media. It will help the customers to know about your business through social media.

Apart from these marketing tools one can promote their business on various social media. Telling your friends and family to disseminate the information regarding the babysitting business will bring customers.

 Risk and Warning

Like every other business, the babysitting business deals with some risks. The possible risks are as follows-

  • In case of babysitting business you are dealing with the responsibility related to kids, one need to take care of their safety and security. For example, you need to keep away the kids from the risky part of the house.
  • You need to keep the kids away from infusion.
  • When you have taken the responsibility of the children, then leaving home is not safe. You needs be aware of when the safety is concerned.
  • You need to be attentive towards the hygiene of the utensils. One should not compromise on children’s health. One needs to stay alert towards the things that can trigger allergy.
  • Cleaning is the main concern when you are running a babysitting business. If you fail to maintain the basic cleanliness then your license can get cancelled.

Lastly, the babysitting business is all about dealing with responsibilities. If you are confident enough to take up the responsibility then you can get the success in the business.

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