Top Business Ideas for Diwali 2020 which earn some extra

List of Best Top Business Ideas for Diwali 2019 which earn some more and extra money

Diwali is India’s one of favorite festivals and this is the reason people wait for that day. On this day people of all region and all social classes come out and celebrate without any discrimination. What is the specialty of this day? On the very day people get engaged in cleaning their houses and after cleaning they start decorating the houses. On this occasion people look for several things like sweets, chocolates, crackers and new clothes, lights , and many more. What is Diwali without light? And this is the reason crackers and lights are the two most important things that every people buy. So Diwali can be the best time for those who want to earn money. The article is going to give you the ideas that will help you to get you the opportunity to earn some money amidst festivity.

Diwali business idea

List of some business for Diwali

  • Recycling business – While people opt for cleaning then they discover many things that are of no use. Those kinds of things often do pollute the environment and one needs to do something about it. Things like newspapers, old clothes, plastic items, cartoons, and many more things. You can recycle the products and can reduce the waste of the environment. The recycling can be the best way to earn money in a short time. In order to do this you need to call to the companies who help in recycling products. You need fund for it but you not need to spend much on that. You need to buy those things from every household or you can collect those free. You can start recycling on your own or you can give it to the companies that do recycle things.

  • Business of selling snacks, dishes and snacks items- Festival is incomplete without foods and this is the reason you can opt for snack selling business during Diwali. At this time people do exchange sweets among themselves, and this is the reason they tend to buy sweets and dry fruits at that time. If you have expertise in culinary art then you can prepare sweets that will be much healthier than that of regular sweets. In Diwali people prefer to eat various types of sweets that have hint of ghee and dry fruits. You can start laddoos, chikies, barfis and many more making business for Diwali.. You can also prepare boxes and plates for serving snacks to people.

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  • Decorating Items Selling Business- On that very day that is Diwali home decoration is a primary thing that all people do. This can be an opportunity for you to earn some extra money. If you are good in art and crafts and also love making innovative items for decoration with paper and color then this can be a lucrative opportunity. When plastic items are almost banned then you can make items made of paper and they can be good for you as well. You can sell those items in the market prior to Diwali.

  • Real estate consultant or agent – Diwali brings good luck to the people and this is the reason people opt for buying news things at this time. There are people who have been thinking to invest on bigger things they do that during Diwali. For example, people who are planning to invest in real estate business they most likely do that during the time of Diwali and this is the reason in India 40% of real estate booking happen in Diwali. So, it will be a good job opportunity for you to become a real estate agent for the time. In order to become that you need to be stay in constant touch with technology that is computer and mobile phone. You need to maintain a liaison with the real estate builders so that you can collect information from them. It is important that you have the idea about the real estate market during Diwali and if you are fine with all these you can get to earn some extra money during the festival of light.

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  • Diwali Gift Baskets or Packing Business – As it is said earlier that Diwali is all about exchanging gifts among family and friends. So, at that time people require gift boxes, trays, and warping papers to decorate the gift. So during Diwali there is a huge demand for gift boxes, trays and other items that are used for packing gifts for people. You can start a business of supplying all these items to the market. The supplying business will help you to earn some extra money and the investment is very little.

  • Crackers selling business- Diwali is a festival of lights and this is the reason people are seen to burn crackers at this time of the year. It is a day when Lord Rama returned home from Lanka after defeating Ravana. And this is the reason people in India celebrate the victory by burning crackers. So, crackers selling business can be profitable for you; you can earn more than 50% profit in this business. You only need to sell crackers for a month to earn the profit.

  • Selling accessories for religious rituals- It is that time of the year when people organizes puja at home. This is the reason you need to consider another jobs that deals with the items used during puja. There are lots of things that you need for religious event and people go to buy all those from shops. You can start a business to supply all those essential items for religious performance and it can be a profitable business for throughout the year.

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  • Selling dry fruits- Diwali is all about sweets and dry fruits and this is the reason it can be a beneficial business for you. As dry fruits are good for health as it is a source of good fats people try to gift them to their loved ones. You can opt for starting a business of selling dry fruits. You can curate special box that consists of sweet and dry fruits. You will get earn extra money during the time of Diwali and you will get special orders if you are capable of curate customized dry fruit box. You can start the business at your home you do not need any other space to start the business and that is the best part about selling dry fruits to the people.

  • Selling home-made confectioneries – Diwali is all about sweets and other food. If you are passionate about cooking then it could be a good business idea for you. You will be able to earn money by utilizing your culinary skill. You do not need to arrange a space at the initial stage of business as you can start the business at your home. If you are good at making sweet you can start Cookies, laddoos and barfis making business at home.. In this case the women in the family can earn money during the time of festival. There is a huge demand for the home-made confectionaries because they are devoid of harmful things. If you start selling home-made confectionaries you will be able to reach to the people through your skill. It is a good opportunity to earn money and this idea will make the women independent.

  • Selling flowers-In any Hindu festival or celebration there is a huge demand of flowers. This is the reason you need to look for an opportunity that deals with flowers. The flowers are not only used for decoration but also for worshipping god. You do not need to start the business by investing good amount of money. You can start the business without moving from your home. you can grow flowers in your own garden or nursery and trade them. You only need to understand that flowers for decoration and worshipping are different. So, you need to be careful while supplying flowers. You need a freezer to preserve the flowers the day.

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  • Decoration lights Business- As Diwali is the festival of lights so people lights different kinds of decorative lamps to illuminate their home. It is the time when you will find as if the whole country is decked up with light. So, selling the decorative lights can be a good option for earning money. Earlier, during the festival people used to light up the lamp made of clay and now with the technological changes you will get electronic clay lamp that does not require actual fire. Apart from that, there are lights that are solely used for decoration and you can sell those lights. There are different kinds of led lights are available and they are used for illuminating your house. If you are able to fix those lights then it will help to boost your business. The quality of the lamps do matter, and this is the reason if you are able to sell good quality lamps during Diwali your sell will rise automatically and you will earn more profit. So, to earn money you need to be aware of what kind of things you are selling to the people during the time of Diwali. In order to start the business you do not need to invest much.

  • Diya or candle making business- As it is said earlier, it is a festival of light and people do buy items to illuminate their home. Diyas or clay lamps are the oldest item that is used for light up your house. It is also used for religious performances as well; so there is a demand for the diyas. On the other hand, candles are also popular nowadays, and now different kinds of candles available in the market. There are different kinds of candles like different shapes and sizes are available in the market. In order to start the business you can try to make those things at home. If you have that artistic ability then you can utilize it for upcoming Diwali. After making candles and diyas you can sell it to people and if you start making those at home you do not have to spend much on the business. You do not even need space as you can do it at home. If you start the business at home then you do not need to charge high price. Charging moderate price against each item will help to boost your business and earn you money.

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  • Selling Rangolis for Diwali- It is needless to say that rangoli in any celebration like Diwali celebration is very important and that makes the celebration looks completely boring. In Indian culture it is viewed as promising to make a rangoli on any celebration or bring a made rangoli to your homes and Rangoli is additionally given extraordinary significance. It is said that Rangoli is related with that manifestation of God who pulls in God to you. In such a circumstance, on the off chance that you need to do rangoli business, at that point it can end up being entirely gainful for you. Some rangoli are printed, which are brought and stuck in the house simply like a sticker, they additionally come modest and are sold at a sensible cost, because of which they can increase a ton of benefit. Numerous kinds of hues are additionally accessible in the market to make Rangoli, which you can get from the discount, advertise, not at a significant expense however at a low cost. On the off chance that you bring those hues and sell them close to your home or even almost a shop, at that point you can get more benefit at a lower cost. The occasion of Diwali is a celebration that individuals celebrate with extraordinary eagerness. Be that as it may, there are a few people who don’t have such a lot of cash that they can commend celebrations well. Along these lines, in the event that they do such independent venture, at that point they will get cash from it and they will have the option to commend their celebration well indeed.


It is evident from the article is if there is a will there is a way. You can earn money during festival and fulfill your desire during that time. It is a good career opportunity as well because you can as creative as you want to be. Apart from that there are some business ideas that will be easier for the women of the family and that definitely empower the women during the festival. Lastly, all the given business ideas are sustainable and unique so it will help to reduce the environmental waste and also boost your business.

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