Top Agricultural Business Ideas for Small Farmers in India

Top 15 Agricultural Business Ideas for Farmers in India for 2019

Agricultural businesses are considered as one of the most lucrative and profitable businesses in country like India. Farm businesses offer with numerous benefits. Some of the benefits offered from agricultural businesses are:-

  • Low cost investment and start up.
  • Maximum profits (Up to 100 percent) in most cases.
  • Low running cost and maintenance cost for yielding profits.

Looking at the profit margin and low start up cost, more number of young entrepreneurs, are in present time shifting towards agricultural businesses.

One of the main benefits of getting started with agricultural businesses is that you may not need any specialised degree or training. It’s all about practice and learning process, and within few days you can get familiar with the basics. In this article we have provided with list of 15 most lucrative business ideas for farmers in the country.

Top 15 business ideas – Low cost Investment for Small farmers

1             Crop cultivation (Urban agriculture)

  • The task involves numerous inputs including cultivation, cleaning and packing before being supplied at the consumer end. You can also get involved in additional activities including horticulture, agro-forestry and aqua culture.
  • The method involves two basic components – Food safety and security. It focuses on increasing the availability of food products for city population. It also focuses on supplying fresh produced animal products, fruits and vegetables to the people living in urban areas.

2             Fresh Fruits and juice selling

  • If you are a farmer and if you own a farm land then this is most ideal business for you. You just need to be familiar with few basics related to maintain hygiene and be presentable to general public.
  • As most people living in mega cities and luxury areas enjoy eating fresh fruits, you can get started with fruit selling business in these areas. A small fruit counter in such places where fruits could be served chilled can add much better profits to your business.
  • Investing little amount of money in purchasing quality juice extractor and blender can help you set up your personal fruit juice centre in busy city area.
  • Not many people living in cities prefer artificial flavoured preservative packed fruit juice and so investing money in fresh served fruit juice can be a good source of income for young farmers.

3             Grocery and food retailing business

  • In present time, as people are getting very busy with their day-to-day routine, most of them are looking around for convenience. Farmers can access food stuffs like vegetables, potatoes, onions, beans, rice and other plantations.
  • Once purchased at bulk price these food stuffs can be perfectly cleaned, polished and packed in small quantities in polythene sealed bags and sold directly to the consumers in the cities.
  • There are many places within cities that dose not have easy access to daily need food stuffs like fresh vegetables. You can get started with on-phone delivery at home to the consumers.
  • You just have to spend some time in collecting complete list of consumers living in a particular area and then deliver them on time every day. Fresh groceries can ensure that nothing is wasted and you get paid immediately.

4             fish farming

  • There are a number of people living in villages who are earning good income from fish farms. There are a number of people who prefer fish products as compared to other meat products.
  • You just need little amount of space where you can breed fish in small ponds or tanks. Every four to six months you can earn fortune by selling fresh fish to local consumers in cities and villages. You can also approach cold storage companies for supplying fresh fish product.

5             Flowers and herb gardening

  • There are many consumers in cities and villages who are shifting towards natural herbs and agri products for maintaining good health. People in present time are more health conscious and want to use natural remedies and herbs.
  • Planting herbs and medicinal flowers and plants like Aloe Vera is becoming popular trend with most young farmers and entrepreneurs. You can set up your own green house in the city and sell flowering plants nursery and herbs directly.

6             Livestock feeds business

  • Many people in villages and cities are used to maintaining livestock. This opens up new opportunities for farmers who can prepare feeds for livestock.
  • You can prepare food products that are rich in certain types of vitamins and nutrients and can help in maintaining good health for animals and livestock.
  • Raw materials for preparing feeds for livestock are easily available and do not require much investment in the initial stage.

7             Poultry farm

  • With advanced technology you can get started with profitable business in poultry farm. It offers with increased income and you can sell poultry products in shops and bakeries or even directly to the consumers.
  • Apart from this most restaurants and hotels are regularly purchasing poultry products from small retailers.

8             Mushroom farm

  • Mushroom is being used by many product manufacturers as medicinal supplement and edible food stuff. It is easy to cultivate mushroom in small room and it offers with best profit margin.
  • The market has increased demand for quality mushroom products including left over that is used by medicinal companies as nutritional supplement in creams and other cosmetics or medicines.

9             Plant grooming and grass cutting business

  • Even if it is not very profitable, still returns are almost 100 percent. Getting perfection with making use of skills combined with tools can offer you better income. Most people select grooming plants and grass in present time.
  • The art of plant grooming and cutting is growing in popularity and most hotels (star rated), party halls and even bungalow owner on regular basis need the grass and creeping plants trimmed. You can generate good income if you have maintained a good customer base.

10          coconut products and juice production

  • Coconut products include everything from water to juice, fresh coconut milk, powder and cream. It is widely used in most Indian food and sweets. Farmers can make good income by selling these products to retail outlets, consumers or even small grocery shops.
  • You can get your brand registered and licensed before marketing it. It can always be considered as best source of income for long term with low investment. You just have to get your business plan ready for start up.

11          Farm pest and weed controls

  • If you have good knowledge of controlling weeds and other pest using organic pesticides then you can earn good money from it. Most farmers and home owners need regular weed and pest control services.
  • You can invest some money in purchasing right spraying devices and chemicals and can be used for many months. It can help you generate best income that is consistent in both cities and villages.

12          Honey production

  • If you know the process of breeding bees in hives then you can get started with honey manufacturing business. You don’t need a very big farm to breed bees.
  • Honey, as it is used in a number of confectioneries and edibles so it has great demand in the market. Dealers and consumes can be directly contacted for sales.

13          Broom and basket production

  • If you are good with making baskets out of straw and other such materials then you can get started with basket manufacturing business. Most fruit sellers, vegetable vendors and chocolate manufacturers make use of baskets made up of straw and cane. They can also be used as packing items for gifts and other such products.

14          Agro raw materials

  • Farmers can convert their agricultural waste into agro compost manure and other usable raw materials that are used by many companies as basic raw material for burning furnaces. Bio waste can be a good source of fuel for these companies and furnaces. It does not require much initial investment but can guarantee 100 percent returns as profits.

15          connecting farmers to internet services

  • As in present time most of government related schemes and other market areas are getting online so if you are educated you can help other farmers get access to these services and schemes.
  • You can conduct seminars and presentations on behalf of manufacturers and market owners or even government authorities and educate farmers of the benefits. Even if it is not very much lucrative but is a good source of income.

Apart from this there are a number of other businesses that farmers in present time can get started with for low investment. Most opportunities that require minimum investment do offer with good returns on long term basis.

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