Start a Poultry Farming Business and get a chance to earn lakhs of rupees per month

How to Start Poultry Farming Business for beginners, benefits, 2020 income in India 

In this country a large number of people consume milk and egg. This is the reason you will find numerous poultry and dairy farm all across the country. For an agro-based country like India, developing the farming sector will be of immense help. People who have poultry farm and husbandry they financially stable and not only that having your farm through which you can do business earn you independence as well. So, people find it exciting to run poultry in your area. The article is going to discuss in detail about how to start poultry business.

Poultry Farming

Space for starting poultry

It is needless to say that to start a farm you need space so that you can construct a building and turn it into poultry farm where you can keep the hens and nurture them till they grow enough for the meat market.

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Knowledge about the ideal place

Be it a poultry farm or dairy farm the place needs to clean and big. Establishing the farm is the expensive part of the business. You need to construct a building or if you already have a building you need to make it poultry farm worthy. It will be best if you have land around your house and according to the space you need to estimate the capacity of the poultry. When it comes to poultry, you need to choose a space that is a little far from the residential area to keep the environment clean. Because raising birds or animals in not a healthy thing both for the people and for the livestock. You need to make sure that the farm does not face shortage of water and electricity. Lastly, before you establish a farm make sure that the transportation from the place is convenient.

Money Required for Poultry farming

In order to start poultry business government will help you by providing you loan so that you do not face financial constraint. The government has subsidy scheme and according to that you will get 25% subsidy on your fixed budget. The subsidy will differ for SC/ST category and the subsidy will be 35% of the fixed budget. The subsidy will be given by the NABARD.

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How to apply for loan for poultry business?

Different schemes have been launched by government to extend support to people engaged in agricultural sector. Sometimes, it happens that people do not get correct information regarding the scheme. And they remained deprived of the benefits of the scheme and this is the reason you need to stay aware of the government sponsored scheme. You need to avail the subsidy scheme so that you can evade the high interest loan. If you get the help of government subsidy then you do not have to spend lot of money to start the business.

There are several financial institutions (both govt. and non-govt.) come under the subsidy scheme and you can apply for loan. In order to get the loan you need to show or describe the plan to the bank for approval.

The interest rate of the loan taken for farming

In order to support the people associated with farming will get loan against 0% interest rate. So you do not have to repay the loan with interest.

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How to set up a poultry farming business?

Like any other business, poultry farming business also requires a proper design so that the business can run smoothly and earn profit. There are things that you need to maintain in order to establish a successful poultry business.

  • Selecting the location- For starting a business, choosing the right location is very important. In order to establish a poultry business you need a bigger space so you need to arrange a land or a building that is not in the middle of the residential area.
  • Cleanliness- Basic hygiene and cleanliness is important when starting a business. With this, it shall help to produce healthy breed in poultry farming and that will eventually earn you profit and help you establish a reputation in the market for supply good-quality product.
  • Registration- After this, register your poultry farm through MSME through a company or MSME . With the help of MSME registration of industry base is done easily. To register the industry base, keep the following points in mind.
  • Cost calculation- It is very important to calculate the cost in order to run the business successfully. You need o fix a budget first then you need allot money for every sector, for example- expenditure for electricity, cost for water supply, cost for building roof, cost for buying chickens, cost for buying medicine and food, etc.
  • Bank loan- It is very important to opt for bank loan and this is the reason you need to approach to the financial institution that comes under the subsidy scheme.
  • Subsidy money- you can get the subsidy money from NABARD so if you go the bank that comes under the subsidy scheme, if your application is accepted you will get the subsidy money to your account.

Online registration process

  • The registration process is very and for online registration visit the website
  • After visiting this website, you have to enter the Aadhaar number and your name as the entrepreneur; after that click on the option ‘Validate Aadhaar’.
  • After validating the Aadhar card you need to go for further steps. The further step is you have to provide company name, company type, business address, state, district, pin number, mobile number, email of business, business start date, pre-registration details, bank details, NIC code, investment amount, etc.
  • After entering all of those you need to click on the submit button. After that a certificate will be generated under the scheme and you will get an email. The registration is done and after that you will get bank loan.

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Benefits of Poultry Farming

As poultry farming is a lucrative business so it will help to improve the financial condition. Along with that the business will help the country’s economy to grow. Therefore, to promote it, the government is giving various types of facilities or poultry farming subsidy and at the rate of 0% interest rate. The government is trying to help the people to establish a proper business.

It will help to elevate the situation of the people by providing job. The employment will be decreased and people who are interested in will be the owner of independent business. It will give the people that independence so that they can grow. The government is helping people so that more and more people can come forward start poultry business or dairy business. This will boost the economy and the country will consume home-grown product.

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