What is e-Commerce Business? And Best Innovative e-commerce Business Ideas And Investments 

What is e-Commerce Business? And Best Innovative e-commerce Business Ideas And Investments 

E-Commerce is a common name in every household in India today. Online shopping, chatting, making friends, sharing stuffs and so on are quite familiar for many. E-commerce business is a similar thing to understand. In easy words, by e-commerce we mean online buying and selling of goods and services. Anything that you are buying from someone of someone is buying from you is e-commerce trading. In India e-commerce business is spreading its wings more and more with each passing day. The best part of e-commerce business is with little investment and space you can start earning money from e-commerce business.

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  • As said e-commerce business needs small or medium size investment. With mere Rs. 1 Lac anyone can start his e-commerce website/business/trading. Briefly, the breakage of the investment is as follows:
  • E-commerce websites are costlier than static websites. Trading, receiving payments, payment gateways and so on cost nearly Rs. 40,000/- to 50,000/-. This is a onetime charge and after that approx Rs. 10,000/- per year must be paid for the domain and hosting of the website.
  • Apart from that if you are selling products then logistics cost will be Rs. 20,000/- to 30,000/- roughly. It can go up depending on your sales. Marketing, SEO, SMO and other marketing costs will be nearly another Rs. 40,000/-.

This is a rough calculation and can be changed depending on the type of website, sales, logistics terms and marketing strategies.

e-commerce business ideas in India

In India, almost every kind of online business has already started. More than 50 types of e-commerce businesses can be found in India today. Among these all, there are few types which are common yet profitable. Some of them are discussed below.

Fashion and Apparel

Fashion, apparel, jewellery and accessories are the most common yet most profitable e-commerce business in India now. Biggies like Myntra, Nush, Ajio and such are the most successful online fashion companies. They sell other brands as well as their own brands. Every kind of dresses for men, women, and accessories and so on are available in all these websites.

Big brands are also coming in to the online business. More than the brick and mortar stores, these big brands are offering sale and discounts in their online stores to attract more customers.

DIY creation

Do It Yourself is a new trend that every youngster enjoys. If you can create any usable thing from scratch or abandoned things at home then why can’t you sell the idea against few bucks? DIY ideas and creations are much more attractive than buying expensive things from market. It is not possible for everyone to make things out of scratch but they can simply go to your website and buy them from you.

Get a website, share your ideas and products with the rest of the nation and earn money. This is another successful business today. You can pick any of the popular social media like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to endorse your creativity. Dream catcher, wind chimps, handmade cards, cushion covers, doormats and so on can be made and sold to the customers.

Child and Old age care giver

One of the most popular services is care giver today. Gone are those days when Indian women used to be housewives after marriage. The time has changed and majority of the women population choose to continue with their office work after marriage. In their absence, care givers are needed for the old people or children at home. Even if the wife is at home, care givers can help them to take care of the patients, old people and children while she will handle kitchen and other household work.

You can start with a website where you can provide such services to home. You can select areas for your service. This is a service business.

E-Book / Paid writing / Blogging

There are a number of e-book publishers in India. Now as kids are more interested in kindles than paper books or many people just download loads of books to read on their mobile, tab and laptop, e-book publishing can be another e-commerce business option.

Along with that, paid writing like online content writing services, blogging and online journalism can be profitable e-commerce business today. In the world of internet news and information technology, online content delivery service is one of the most lucrative businesses in India. Moreover in international market, online content services are much more expensive than in Asian countries. This leads to more trafficking in the Indian market for online contents.

Food ordering online

This is yet another amazing and popular e-commerce business in India today. Online food delivery like Swiggy, Zomato, and food panda are some of the examples of this business. All of these online delivery companies help you to get your food from your favourite restaurants within your favourable time.

There are also cake bake companies, small party organisers and so on that can be added to your website as well. People can place order in your website for anything they want.

Health and beauty

Health and beauty services like fitness training, consultation, dieticians, parlour and saloon services, everything can be done through a single website. Urban Clap is the most common name in any of the urban areas in India. People can easily book the services and schedule their appointment. Accordingly services will reach their homes/offices on scheduled time.

Many people want to hit the gym but can’t go there due to lack of time. They are willing to get a personal trainer or yoga teacher at home for fitness routine. In many cases dieticians can also help in losing weight. If you have dietician on board or consultants who can guide an individual to get healthy and fit body then your business will get more exposure.


E-commerce business is one of the most lucrative and profit making businesses in India. However start ups in India seem to be a unsuccessful business. But for e-commerce the scene is quite different. Most of the start ups have a common problem that is lack of funding. On the contrary for e-commerce business you need comparatively lesser amount for investment yet yields high profits.


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