Camphor (Kapoor/ Kapur) Making Business Plan Investment Profit

Camphor (Kapoor/ Kapur) Making Business Plan Investment Profit

Camphor or Kapoor as most commonly termed in Hindi language, is an ingredient that is related to having its religion importance. It is a widely used pooja samagri and a part of Indian culture. The ingredient is found in crystalline solid form, and is best preferred for its strong fragrance. It is basically extract from a special plant called as Camphor Laurel.

Camphor Making Business Plan Investment Profit

You can find this plant growing in many Asian countries including India, Japan, Mongolia and China. This is an extract that is obtained for this particular type of camphor tree. Besides it can also be extracted from other tree that is of similar type. Here in this article we have provided with complete in depth knowledge that you may need to know in order to get started with setting up this business on a small scale. 

Camphor Oil, Powder and Camphor Tablet

Camphor is mainly manufactured in three different forms namely:-

  1. Camphor Oil – This is special aroma oil that is also termed as essential oil. It has vast variety of uses, both in religious and medicinal grounds. Being essential oil is if having a number of benefits and is used for treating a number of conditions related to skin and hair treatments. It is also used as a base in many beauty care products.
  2. Camphor Powder – This is the same ingredient that is in powder form. It can be used for making camphor tablets at home using cast dye. It is also used for religious purpose as havan samagri in Hindu religion.
  3. Camphor Tablet – This is one of the most common forms of camphor available in the market. Its main use is in religious purpose. It is used as a purifier when praying to God in Hindu religion.

Camphor Making Machine And Price

  • Today there are a number of manufacturers who make fully automated camphor making machineries. There is special slot in the machine in which the camphor in powder form is filled.
  • The final product is manufactured by the machine as camphor tablets or even camphor cups.
  • When using this fully automated camphor machine, you have the convenience of selecting the moulds in various size including small, medium or big for manufacturing tablets.
  • The size of the dye used in casting tablets can be adjusted according to desired size as per your placed order.

Where to buy the machine?

  • When searching the internet you may come across a number of dealers and manufacturers who have their promotional websites on Google search pages. 
  • You can collect all relevant details about the machine and then visit the dealer or contact him over the phone.
  • You can also visit your local hardware store a number of stores do sell this machine.

Camphor machine price

  • When searching the local market, you can get this machine starting from around Rs 55,000 to over Rs 1 lakh.
  • The price of the machine depends on the capacity of the machine and the number of tablets it can manufacture in one feed.

Raw material with cost and supplier

  • To make Camphor tablets you only need to purchase one main raw material – Camphor powder. This raw material is easily available in most places throughout India.
  • You can search online for the list of suppliers and dealers. This raw material is available for around Rs 425 per Kilogram, in wholesale price.
  • The rates may also vary depending on the place and zones within the country. Some dealers may also be selling for a much reduced price equivalent to Rs 320 per Kilogram.

Camphor making formulae

Camphor in its synthetic form is industrial use is an ingredient for making turpentine. It is mainly alcohol soluble product having pungent smell and bitter taste. Chemically its formula is written as C10H16O. (It is a Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen based ingredient).

Camphor making process (How to make camphor at home)

  • If you want to set up your Camphor making business at home then you have to learn the right way to make it. The machine is very light weight and small size.
  • It can be installed on top of any table in your house. If you are manufacturing camphor in small scale then you don’t need to purchase a very expensive machine.
  • Once the machine is installed on the table top, you need to ensure that it is tightly gripped to the base or on a stand. As the machine is attached to external motor so it is advisable that you have to take precautions to absorb shock or vibration.
  • The machine needs an electric socket connection, to ensure it is placed next to it. You can now get started with manufacturing camphor tablets. First you have to heat the camphor powder so it losses its moisture.
  • You have to stuff the camphor powder in the machine to its capacity inside the hopper. After this you have to switch the motor on.
  • The machine is automated to the powder will automatically fill the cast dye. The cast will mould the camphor powder in the form of a solid tablet.
  • The entire process is performed fast so you may not need much time to manufacture few hundred tablets in a day. Now the tables can be packed for dispatch.

Camphor Packing Process

  • As the camphor is al alcohol soluble base product, so when packing you need to keep this point in mind. You may also have to make the packing packets depending on the local market requirements.
  • You can pack camphor in small packets having three tablets to over 50 in one packet.
  • Besides the packing also has to be done on the basis of size of the tables. Big sized tablets usually are sold for much higher price. On the packet you have to print the price and number of tablets included.

Marketing strategy

  • Camphor is a very widely used product in India. You may find its market spread wide throughout the country.
  • When marketing camphor product (Oil, Powder and Tablet) you may have to make use of different strategies.
  • Camphor tablet is a product that has it wide use in the religious grounds. Camphor oil is used as a herbal product in skin and hair care products. Camphor powder is used as an ingredient to make camphor tablets.
  • When in India you can target dealers who sell Pooja samagris, heath care products or raw materials for making camphor.
  • The strategy you need to implement also depends on the quantity of your manufacturing.
  • You can try and contact small and big dealers within your local network, or even place advertisements in local newspapers and online websites.

Area of Camphor marketing

The product can be sold in various areas including Places of worship, holy places, shops nearby to temples, retail shops, grocery stores, malls or shopping complex, beauty care shops, oil manufacturers, oil dealers, or even to a skin and hair care product manufacturer. The selection of your buyer may depend on the quantity of manufacturing.

License for Camphor making business

  • As the manufacturing business for camphor making requires making use of an organic chemical and machinery, so it is important that even before you set up this business in your home, you will have to apply for a valid license.
  • You have to approach your local government authority, Municipal Corporation or other zonal authority that is nearby your area or place of residence.
  • It may take some time for you to obtain the license from the local authority, so you can request them to provide you with NOC for getting started with manufacturing process, in the initial stage.
  • This will ensure that you may not be penalized even if you are not having a license as you can show a copy of NOC and the receipt of applied license.

Total investment of the Business

  • The overall investment in this business may depend on which scale you want to get started with manufacturing.
  • In small scale the business may not need much investment if you don’t have to buy premises or rent it. If rented then you have to include the cost of its rental.
  • Plant and machinery may be obtained for as low as Rs 50,000 to over Rs 1 lakh. Other tools may cost over Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000.
  • Raw materials can be purchased in bulk as well as in less quantity. It may only cost a few thousands if purchased in smaller quantity.
  • The overall investment including packing and transportation may go around Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh in small scale unit.

Selling price

The tablets usually sell at the rate of Rs 150 per KG or at the rate of Rs 180, 00,00 for 12,000 KG in the market. There may be slight variations from place to place.

Camphor Manufacturing Business Profit margin

  • On an average the camphor making business is very much profitable. When started on big scale or small scale you can expect an overall profit of 11.71 percent that is made on sales.
  • You get a break even point in this business at 56.46 percent on an average. Rest would help cover your other expenses.

All precaution of the Business

  • When working with the machine in camphor making you have to ensure that you wear your protective gears. This includes rubber gloves and slippers.
  • The machine is connected to electric supply so you have to take your precautions.
  • Also you are using a chemical base for manufacturing tablets, so you need to ensure that you avoid consuming it. Even tough it is not poisonous still in big quantities it has not been tested yet.
  • As the product is highly flammable so you have to ensure that you stay away from the source of fire.

Risk under the Business

  • When speaking in terms of business, Camphor is in great demand throughout the country.
  • There are not many market risks that you need to be aware of. Other risk may involve when manufacturing, packing or transporting.
  • Always ensure it is well packed in air tight plastic bag or container as it may vaporize very fast.
  • You also have to ensure that it does not come in contact with moisture in the air or else it may star vaporizing immediately.


Camphor making business is a genuine project that can be established on small scale as well as large scale. You don’t need any big investment to get started with this business plan. The marketing strategy is also easy as the product is in demand very much. You can still collect more information online to get started.


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