Bitcoin (Crypto Currency )Mining Business Plan Investment Profit

Bitcoin (Crypto Currency )Mining Business Plan Investment Profit

Bitcoin is a type of Crypto-currency and has managed to gain immense popularity in present time. In present financial market, this currency has managed to emerge as one of the most searched financial currency.

This crypto currency is not regulated by any country or governing body. It operated independently of the financial authority of any country and banking institution.  When selling or purchasing Bitcoins, you don’t have to worry about any taxes imposed by any financial institutions around the world.

Bitcoin Mining Business Plan Investment Profitt

Present Bitcoin Value

  • Being a digital currency, you have to search the Google for calculating the current value of Bitcoins. Google is the best platform that can offer you with current Bitcoin value.
  • When searching the current digital market, you may find that one Bitcoin holds its value equal to around 150 British Pounds. So if you are interested in purchasing a stack of 25 coins then you may have to invest around 3,750 British Pounds or equivalent in any other currency.

Method to Mine Bitcoins

When focusing on mining Bitcoins, most professionals follow two very unique methods that are full proof:-

  • To successfully mine Bitcoins first option that everyone would select is to try and look around for them over the internet (as this is only a type of digital currency that does not exist in real world).
  • You also have an option to fish it out of the pool.

Which method would offer you with instant returns?

As both methods are time tested, still customers who are looking around for instant returns would in general prefer going with the Pool. When you plan to mine for Bitcoins, the process is time consuming as it may take a few months before you can actually expect best returns.

Disadvantages of joining the pool

  • When you plan to join the pool, you can expect instant returns on your purchase, but you have to keep in mind that the payment you get in returns will be very small.
  • Pool will never offer you with big returns on your investment, so it may not be very much profitable, but the payment for Bitcoins will still be more regular and consistent.

Advantages of Mining Bitcoins

  • The process of Bitcoin mining is one of the ways most investor looking around for profits, prefer. It offers with a very strict competition.
  • One of the reasons for strict competition is that the crypto-currency is still short in value but higher in demand.
  • You can always expect much bigger returns on your investment, but it may be time consuming.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining refers to the process in which new transactions are added to the already existing ledger system. In simple terms, if you purchase Bitcoin, your transaction details and information is simply added to the Bitcoin chain (Block Chain). This Block chain offers the Bitcoin with its security as a single Block chain carries a very big sequence of code that is practically difficult to crack.

  • This Block chain offers each transaction with security as it is attached to the same network and is visible to public.
  • Each miner who is attached to the Chain has to confirm each transaction for it to take place.
  • So for Bitcoins mining is one of the most important tasks that ensures that your Bitcoin is fair and secured.
  • When mining for Bitcoin you may have to be very much calculative with the rates. This mechanism is made use of for introducing and adding new Bitcoins to the existing system.
  • So if you manage to create new coin then you are also offered with subsidy and transaction fee as compensation.
  • The currency is kept safe within the electronic medium and is used as one of the modes of making payments within the electronic medium.
  • Bitcoins are created by professional people who make use of mathematical software to create and solve mathematical problems.

Bitcoin Mining requirements

  • As you have to keep your money safe in a bank you need an account so with Bitcoins you have to keep them safe in a Bitcoin wallet online.
  • As the currency is available in the online world, so it is obvious that to store it you have to make use of electronic wallet.
  • Bitcoin wallets are managed in the digital world that are used to you’re your Bitcoins safely.
  • If you are mining Bitcoins then you can make use of different Bitcoin wallets.
  • These wallets are useful for users to help them purchase, save, buy and sell Bitcoins.

Process for Bitcoin Mining

In simple terms, we have provided you with simple steps that you need to follow for Bitcoin mining.


  • To get started with Bitcoins you have to get familiar with method to perform calculations. After you are familiar with doing calculations you have to plan the number of Bitcoin miners you need to involve.
  • You have to decide the type of miners you are going to make use of. You have to get started with calculating the overall cost of operation
  • After you have selected the miners, you may have to move on to the next stage of setting your infrastructure according to your business plan.

Profitability predictions

Once all cost related to investing in Bitcoins have been done by you then it is right time for you to work out the overall profit you will generate with Bitcoins. You can also make use of Bitcoin profit calculator online.

  • One main benefit of mining Bitcoins is that you can perform all possible calculations using Bitcoin calculator even on your mobile gadgets or desk top.

Generate profit

This is your last move for Bitcoin mining. You should try and invest money to make more transactions online. You can use your Bitcoins for completing any transaction. The more you use it the more value is added to it.

How profitable is Bitcoin Mining?

You have to keep in mind that profitability in business depends on one main factor – your investment. So like any other business Bitcoins will also offer you with profit, but the percentage depends on how much you are going to invest in this business.

Apart from this there may be a number of other factors as well that may affect your profit margin. You have the convenience of calculating profits using Bitcoin profit calculator.

The online calculators work on numerous parameters including time you spent online, electricity cost and other relevant factors before providing you with profit calculations.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

This is an entire new concept to mine Bitcoins making it more profitable. To make use of this method you may not have to use any physical rigs. You can perform this by renting power for computing. There are a number of companies that perform and outsource computing for Bitcoins.

Disadvantages of could mining

  • There are chances that mining Bitcoins may not prove profitable in the long term as you have to bear the cost of renting equipments and pay the rentals on monthly basis.
  • It is much ideal to make investment in purchasing one time so you may get to save more money spent on rentals of these equipments.
  • You just have to search online for best Bitcoin mining tool that can help you generate best profit in the long run.

Bitcoin mining Terminology

In order to effectively mine Bitcoins you have to get familiar with Bitcoin terms. Some common terms used for Bitcoin mining are stated below.

Hash rate – This is a term that is used by people to solve mathematical calculations for calculating value of Bitcoins. Higher network of people refers to high hash rate.

Bitcoins Block – Bitcoins are created once you have performed certain number of calculations. A specific number is generated for every 50 Bitcoins created. Over a period of four years this number is reduced to half by 210,000 blocks.

Difficulty –This refers to the difficulty level that increases with total number of Bitcoins generated with each calculation. So with more number of users joining the chain, harder it becomes to mine Bitcoins.

Electricity rate – When mining Bitcoins, you have to consume electricity to run the equipments. The rate of electricity you have to pay will decide your profit margin.

Power consumption – Each miner involved in the chain will use different amount of electricity. The rate may vary from one place to another. This factor is important for calculating your profit margins.

Pool fee –To stay connected to the pool and perform transactions you may have to pay some fee. Pool refers to the platform that keeps all miners connected to the single chain. The profit is evenly divided amongst the members of the pool.

Time frame – It is important that a time frame has to be set in order to generate and mine Bitcoins. You need more time frame to earn more Bitcoins.

Profitability –This depends on the total number of miners who are going to get connected to the chain. It is not easy to predict the total number that will be a part of the chain within desired time frame.

Conversion rate – This is the rate that you will have to pay or earn after each transaction. This factor will also decide your profitability.



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