Sugarcane Juice Business Plan In India

Sugarcane Juice Business Plan In India [Machine Price / Cost, Investments And Profit Margin ]

You all must have drank sugarcane juice and might be aware of its delicious taste. Sugarcane juice is liked by many people and thus it can be profitable to start its business. We will tell you how to start this business so that you can start it as soon as possible and earn profits.

Sugarcane Juice Business Plan


Just as ice creams are very popular during summers and have high demand, similarly sugarcane juice is high on demand during summers. You can find many sugarcane juice shops and street vendors selling it in the market during summers and huge crowd to drink it.

If we talk about winters then the demand for this juice is quite low during that season. But by selling this juice during summers you can earn huge profits. We have told you before about the business of making jiggery out of sugarcanes, now you can earn profit by sugarcane juice business.


You will require following ingredients for making sugarcane juice:

  • Sugarcanes
  • Salt
  • Ice
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Glass
  • Pan/pot

Sugarcane: you can buy sugarcanes from your local market (vegetable market). Government decided upon the price of sugarcanes. The price for sugarcanes was set on Rs 255 per quintal by the government for the year 2017-18 and farmers sold them at the same price. It is estimated that the price for sugarcanes would stay the same this year too. If you buy it directly from farmers then it can be a little cheaper for you.

Lemon: You will also require lemon as it is used in sugarcane juice. You can buy lemons from market. During summers there prices are usually higher. During summer they can cost you from Rs 60 to Rs 80 per KG. Their prices differ from state to state.

Peppermint: The use of peppermint is to add to the taste of sugarcane juice. So you will also need to buy it.

Peppermint price: one bundle of peppermint will cost you Rs 5. If buying it from market, it will cost you less as compared to buying it from street vendor. So try and buy all the above three things from market.

Ice: To keep the juice chilled ice is added to it. So you will require good amount of ice. You can get it from any shop. Ginger is also used in the juice so you can also buy it from the market.

Glass: You will also need glasses for this business. So you can buy 10 glasses of different sizes. You can easily get these glasses from any utensils’ shop. You can also use plastic glasses instead of pure glasses. But they will cost you more. You can also buy the pot from the same shop.

Sugarcane juice machine: you will require a juice extracting machine to get juice from sugarcane which operates through electricity. You can purchase it easily from market. You can also purchase it online.

Sugarcane juice machine price:

The price for this machine starts from Rs 15,000. It increases with the efficiency of the machine. If you take automatic machine then it will be costly.

How to make sugarcane juice:

  • You will have to wash the sugarcane well before making juice. You can also peel off the sugarcane then or even without peeling you can put them into the machine.
  • Start the machine after putting sugarcane in it. You can put 3 to 5 sugarcanes at a time in the machine.
  • The juice will come out automatically after putting sugarcanes in the machine.
  • You can put lemon, peppermint and ginger in the machine along with sugarcanes or also after the juice is extracted. Then add salt and ice in the juice.


You can sell one glass of juice at Rs 5, Rs 10 and Rs 15. You can also increase the price of the juice during summers. But if someone near you is selling juice at low price then you should also sell it at lower price.


Select any crowded area like market, near schools or colleges as they are always crowded with people and you can easily earn here and earn profits.

How to earn sugarcane juice business?

Open your own shop: you can start this business in two ways. Either you can rent a shop and place your machine and other stuff in that shop and start making and selling juice there.

Street vendor ship: you can set up a stall on roadside and sell juice through it. You will easily get variety of stalls in the market. Get the machine installed on the stall and make sure that there is a proper space below the stall to keep the sugarcanes.

Which method out of these two is more profitable?

If you go for a shop then it is more profitable as you will not need to change the place again and again. You can also gain loyal customers.


You will have to pay the rent monthly for the shop you rent. The rent depends on the location of your shop. If you take up a shop near the market area then it can be costly whereas if you take it at a less crowded place then it can be cheap.

If you put up a stall then you are not required to pay any rent. You will have to take permission from municipality of your area to set up your stall at one place. But if you don’t set up your stall at any one place then you are not required to take any permission.


  • To clean the sugarcanes, take money from people and for cleaning the glasses you will require one or two people.
  • If you open your own shop and start this business then you will definitely require people. If you don’t have the budget to keep employees then you can take help of your family members.
  • If you put up a stall too then also you will need a helper. But if you cannot afford any helper then you will have to do everything yourself.

Important things to remember:

  • There are lots of flies near sugarcane juice, so you should make sure that flies stay away from your shop or stall.
  • You should keep in mind the hygiene factor while extracting juice. A little bit of carelessness can be hazardous for people’s health and dangerous for your business.
  • Keep the surroundings of you shop or stall clean as if they are not clean then people will avoid coming to you.
  • Use only clean water to clean the glasses. If the glasses would not be clean then people will not drink juice from your shop.
  • Purchase only fresh sugarcanes from the market as those who are not fresh will not have much juice in them and it will take more sugarcane to make 1 glass of juice.
  • Keep plastic glasses also in you shop/stall as many people like to drink through it and also get it packed. So get materials to pack the juice.

Other businesses with this business:

You can sell a variety of juices along with sugarcane juice as people go for juices during summers. So you can also sell juices of seasonal fruits like lime, pomegranate, carrot, etc. You can also make variety of shakes and sell it.

If you operate this business carefully and cleanly with proper hygiene measures then it can turn out to be a profitable business.

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