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How Start CSC Services Business (Common Service Centers) Online Registration process, full form, Status, how to apply, Rules, Fee, Login

The government of India has announced setting up of Common Service Centers (CSCs). The centers will offer with good governance and services for the people living in the rural areas. The networks will be set across the nation within villages and remote areas. CSCs are points of access from where people living within rural areas and remote places can get connected to the government schemes and services via e-governance system. These points offer people with convenience to get connected to various government schemes and services via internet connection.

CSC Registration

Launch Details

CSC or Common Service Centre project was first approved and started by the central government in the year 2006. It has joined Digital India initiative, started by PM Narendra Modi, in the year 2014. The CSC Scheme has initiated too to facilitate people across rural India.

Key Features

  • Objective: The main aim of the centres is to provide quality services to the people living in rural and remote rural areas. All the government and businesses should be smoothly accesses by them through the CSC.
  • Funding: This project is funded by Government and private sectors. It is a Public – Private Partnership basis project. The share of government in funding the project is 30% and the rest 70% will be borne by the private sectors. In this 30% of the central government’s share, nearly 45% is borne by state government and 55% is borne by the central government.
  • Registration: Candidates and beneficiaries can register their names in this centre. There is a web portal as well through which the beneficiaries can register their names.
  • Functions & Services: The centres are providing all kinds of services like Agriculture, Education, Health, Financial Services, and Government to Citizens, Business to citizens and such.

Eligibility Criteria and Rules

There are a few criteria that need to be fulfilled by anyone who wants to set up CSC on account of eligibility. Candidates interested may have to provide with infrastructure and personal information details to the authorities.

  • Eligible candidate has to be a citizen of the state where he wants to set up his CSC. The applicant should be of minimum legal age (18 years of above) at the time of registration.
  • Applicant should be having a minimum of 12th pass certification from the local recognised school within his state limits. This also means that he or she should be very much efficient in writing and reading local language.
  • As the applicant will have to explain government scheme online over the computer so it is also important that he or she should have basic knowledge of operating a computer system. He is expected to have all knowledge related to taking printouts and using internet services and other apps.
  • Besides the above mentioned eligibility criteria the government has also stated that the candidate should have some infrastructure where he or she can plan to open up the CSC. This could mean having a hall or a room (exact specification not mentioned) along with basic requirement of one or two computer systems with all other devices connected (Hardware).

How to apply and Register for CSC center

  • To get registered for CSC (Common Service Center) or to complete with the application process applicants have to first visit the online web portal at Once on the main page then you will have to look around for option “Apply”. Applicants just have to select this option and get started with application process.
  • You will be diverted towards the Application form where you have to provide with your details related to Aadhaar card. This is important for verification and so you have to select the authenticate option. You will be requested to enter the Captcha Text as appeared on the screen in the Tab provided before selecting the “Submit” option.
  • An OTP will be generated by the system automatically and an SMS will be sent on your mobile device. You have to provide with the valid OTP forwarded to you on mobile and enter in the space provided.
  • Next the applicants are expected to provide details under the Kiosk Tab. This includes providing details related to CSC or Kiosk center, location and Gram Panchayat details within your village or desired location. Next you have to fill in all possible details related to your registered Bank under the “Bank” tab.
  • Once you have upload all your valid documents you will have to upload and Geo tag the photos of your CSC. It is also important to provide with details related to infrastructure along with hardware specifications of the system. Before you click the final submit option it is advisable to cross check all details provided. Once submitted a copy of your registration application will be generated.
  • Applicants will also be provided with verification of the application ID via registered email. You just have to save it for your future reference. The moment you receive the email in your inbox, then it is confirmed that your application has been submitted for review.

CSC Re-Registration And Status

  • To verify with the status of the application submitted for CSC registration, applicants have to visit the official web site at from the browser or from the home page to go registration and then on this page look around for status or registration option.
  • Applicants will also have to provide with information about ID number, email ID and details related to biometric information Aadhar ID. Then you have to click the submit option and preview will be displayed on the screen.

Common Service Center Certificate

The moment any already existing VLE get registered under the new system by updating their present information, they shall be issued with a copy of their Certification that shall be generated on the CSC digital platform. Apart from this the system will also provide them with a unique email ID for Digital Seva Portal.

CSC center List

  • Applicants can easily generate the complete list of CSC centers online via official website. To check with the complete or individual CSC list you just have to visit the official website at Once on the official web page you will be displayed with CSC list locator services.
  • On the left side of the main page you just have to make the selection of State Name from the drop down menu. Once selected then you will have to select the District name that is provided under the drop down menu along with Sub district name.
  • The moment you have provided with all three information then you can perform your search on the basis of the VLE name or Village name from the Search bar provided. This will limit the time you spend searching state wise.

There are 5 broad categories of services that CSCs are providing. They are

  • Government to Citizens: Under this category there are 9 services included. These are Bharat Bill Pay, e-District, Passport, PAN Card, PM Awas Yojana, Soil Health Card, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, FSSAI and FASTag through CSCs.
  • Education Service: Under educational services category, there are Learn English courses, GST courses, legal literacy campaigns, cyber gram yojana, NABARD financial programs, NDML-DISHA, Tally certificate and Tally Kaushal praman patra, CSC BCC Courses and NIELIT courses. All these services are included in the education service provided by CSC.
  • Health Care Service: Under this category, beneficiaries will get 8 health care services that include Thyrocare, Health Homeo, 3NEthra kits, Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Scheme, Tele-Health Consultation, Hello Health Kits, JIVA Ayurveda Scheme and Tele-medicine remote diagnostic kits.
  • Financial Services: With the set of 8 services, the category finance has been introduced under CSC. There are Banking, Insurance, Pension, PM Fasal bima yojana, GST registration provider, digital finance service, skill development and VLE Bazaar services will be available.
  • Business to Citizens: Under this category, there are 3 services. These services are provided by the private sectors to the citizens of India. These services are Mobile recharge, Mobile bill payment and DTH services and connections.
  • Other services: Other services like DigiPay, Digital Platform Services and Agricultural services will also be available under CSCs in India.

CSC start up cost / Registration Fee

To get started with the registration process as VLE applicant may not have to pay any registration fee as it is absolutely fee of cost registration process. There are a few other additional cost that are involved as mentioned below:-

  • The overall estimation of getting started with CSC center may be around Rs 1.25 to 1.50 lakhs per center. Applicants will have to invest their money in renting or leasing hall in their locality or village. It is also must that they should have a set up of around 1 or 2 Personal Computers at the CSC.
  • Minimum requirements for the PC have to be met (4 GB RAM / 120 GB HDD/ DVD / CD drives/ Win. XP-SP2 OS). As most villages are having low power supply timings so it is also advisable to have a battery back up of minimum 4 hours at the CSC center for running the computers.
  • Apart from this they also need to invest money in purchasing Color printer, B&W Printer, Digital or Web cam, Scanner for scanning images and documents, and a High Speed internet connection preferably Broad band (128 KBPS).

How to earn money from CSC

  • As each of the CSC will be providing with above mentioned services on behalf of the state and central government so some of the expenses will also be covered by the government for running the centres.
  • Apart from this making maximum use of the CSC centre will also ensure that you get to earn more income from it on regular basis. A genuine CSC will be efficient to generate at least Rs 20,000 to around Rs 25,000 or more from each centre.
  • The main source of income in the CSC can be creating awareness programs amongst people and organising group talks and other educational programs for them on behalf of the government schemes and services that are beneficial for the people.

How to find a CSC

Common Service Centres are established in various locations across the rural India. To find or locate the centre near the beneficiary, they can use the online portal. There are two ways through which one can reach out for the centre near their location.

  • Firstly, they can visit the web portal of CSC. There will be text boxes where the beneficiaries have to select the State, District and Block, afterwards, the list of centres will be appeared on screen.
  • Secondly, the beneficiaries can click on the portal link where they have to select State, District, Sub-District and VLE address should be given. Then by clicking on the Search button, beneficiaries can easily get the centres.

The scheme is launched to take all the diversities, on the base of region, language, geography, to the one single portal CSC for better access to the various schemes and services by the beneficiaries across the nation.


In general a CSC will not possess any risk factor if you are able to operate it as required. It is important that you have to be more socialising as creating awareness on regular basis is important for you to generate active source of income at CSC.

It is also important that you need to ensure that your computer system is well protected with strong password and firewall. This is important because you need to access all personal information for beneficiaries online over the internet so your system has to be well protected against hackers.

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