Starting a Drone Aerial Photography Business Plan (Overall Cost Profit License Process Franchise)

Starting a Drone Aerial Photography Business Plan (Overall Cost Profit License Process Franchise)

In present time, using the Drone Technology is gaining immense popularity within and outside Military boundaries. The way to define a Drone is to term is as a type of unmanned or unpiloted vehicle or an aircraft. In present you may come across different new versions of this vehicle, but in the initial stages this was mostly used by security and military persons for accomplishing any task that involved a lot of risk.

The vehicle is equipped with different types of surveillance equipments that are used by the agencies for gathering useful and secret information. Today with available sophisticated technology, drones find their way and uses in most areas including delivering equipments and food in places at the time of war.

You may also find one that is handy device and is operated using a remote control or a radio control system. As these devices are easily available in the present market so they are also made use of for a number of civilian activities as well. There are a number of tasks that can actually be carried out for civilians including surveillance of farm lands, monitoring livestock and wild life, surveillance of plantations and crops, road patrolling, parcel deliveries, rescue operations, search operations and mapping of a place etc.

Till further advancement of the technology to its potential, it is obvious that a lot more needs to be learned about the best use of this technology in commercial life, and so it provides with best business opportunity for anyone.

 License Process

Getting aerial photography means that one has to get the snap shots from an elevated height or from a direction that is much above the ground level. You can make use of distinct devices for capturing aerial photographs like UAVs, Balloons, Choppers, Drones, Birds (Pigeon), LA (Light Aircraft) and others.

As the photography business involves risk factor for the photographer so some of the rules and regulations do impose on the usage of drones. Most countries around the world try and follow the regulations imposed by the FAA (US).

  • Any person who wants to wants to get started with the drones business will have to legally try and obtain a valid license by the local authorities. The terms and conditions along with the cost of registration process may actually vary from one country to another.
  • The regulations have already stated that to get the license the pilot of the person who is operating the drone for commercial use will have to obtain a commercial pilots license.
  • Apart from this the person who is operating the drone has to have a clear understanding of the term violation activities. The height at which the drone is flying should be maintained by the operator below 400 feet. It is also advisable that operators should have complete knowledge of no fly zones and professional terminology as the drones are not allowed to be used nearby to airports or other air base centers.
  • In case you are planning to get started with full fledged drone business then you have keep in mind that if the drone weights between 0.55 to 55 pounds in weight then you have to get the drone registered by the authorities first before staring to use it commercially.
  • You also have to apply for the commercial pilots license of the operator so he will have the authority to fly the drone for commercial purpose. Failure in maintaining the regulations of 400 feet can also result in fine on account of violation.
  • The moment you get registered with the local government authorities you shall be provided with a valid serial number that each of the drone should be marked with that you are using for commercial purpose. This will be considered as the registration number of the vehicle and will tell all information about its owner and operator. You also have to keep in mind that the license should be renewed after every three years of time or else you could face life time imprisonment or a fine of over USD 250,000.


It is also expected that future may offer with numerous opportunities for drone applications for commercial basis. Most of the projects can be a part of the start ups or pilot projects. There are many investors who are always willing to invest in this project. You can find many investors are willing to make their investments in drone business plans at the start up stage as it offers with best returns. To effective get started you just have to select one who is willing to offer you with franchisee for start up project in exchange for regular fee.

Overall cost

  • When speaking of investment opportunities in drone business plan you have to keep in mind that it can cost anything from a few thousands of rupees to even lakhs of rupees.
  • The overall cost depends on a number of factors including the type of drone you want to invest in while purchasing along with all other types of equipments that you want to use and the purpose of usage.
  • So if you are only speaking of investing in purchasing a drone then you may have to spend something like Rs 15000 to over few twenty lakhs or more. The cost factor for drone usually depends on the usage and weight. A light weight drone would only cost Rs 15000 will only be able to stay in air for about one hour on a single charge.
  • Something more sophisticated will also mean investing big money in purchasing expensive surveillance equipments.

Profit Margin

In general, the business is considered as being very much profitable even at the start up level. So even if you are using drones for renting at the time of calamities to the authorities still you can generate good profit, depending on the type of drone and services you are providing or using. Still according to experts most people manage to generate reasonable amount of profit with this business at start up level.

Is it legal in India?

Well drones are easily available in most leading toy stores even in India. Even if not yet exposed to the current Indian market due to cost factor, still using drones is gaining popularity even in India. Setting up a drone business is still considered to certain extent till it is not being used for intrusion purpose. You may have to visit the local authorities for getting more familiar about the regulations and rules.

Marketing strategy and Target Market

  • To get started the marketing strategy you have to try and promote the services in the initial stages. You can get the brochure and cover letter about the organization and hand it over to the customers. It is advisable to try and select customers from corporate sectors, malls, film producers and others where you can make use of this technology.
  • You can also print fliers and get it distributed within desired area and location. You can get the handbills printed with cover photo taken from your drone vision. It is also advisable to try and advertize about your services on social media including Face book and others.
  • To make it more effective you can also try and set up your business website for approaching the global platform.


You need to keep in mind that just like any other surveillance equipments drones are also an important part of the system. You may find its commercial applications in wide variety of places and fields. The business offers with unlimited potential and growth and potential especially in country like India.


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