How to start PVC Pipe making or manufacturing business in India

How to start PVC Pipe making or manufacturing business in India

Before you initiate PVC Pipe making business in India, it is vital to know its details along with the market condition. This shall help you to plan  so that you are able to earn properly from your business. The PVC Pipes are used in electricity, construction, irrigation, and other industries. The pipes are available in different sizes in the market, along with different colours and functions. If you are planning to start a business, you have to think of setting up its manufacturing unit. So, if you can set up the business properly, you are sure to make a good profit from it. The following part of the article would take you through different types of PVC pipe and the different techniques through which you can carry out the business smoothly.

PVC Pipe making Business

What are the different types of PVC Pipes?

Different pipes are available that are available for different functions. Some different types of pipes are mentioned in the following part. However, you can start the business by manufacturing any of the types.

  • Polyurethane pipes
  • Recycled PVC pipes
  • PTF Live Pipes
  • UPVC Pressure Pipes
  • Flexible Pipes
  • UPVC column pipes
  • PVC Plumbing Pipes
  • Water supply pipes
  • West Pipes
  • Composite pipes
  • Double Wall Coordinated Pipes
  • UPVC Agricultural Irrigation Pipes
  • Sprinkler pipes

Details of registration and licensing for PVC Pipes business

Proper registration, licensing, and certification is required when you are planning to start with the above-said business.

  • Firstly, you have to register the business as a liability company.
  • After this, you have to opt for trade license along with tax identification and get proper insurance of the company. To get tax identification, you have to get in touch with municipality authority.
  • Other than this, you have to look for other certification such as ISO certification, proper trademark registration, including others that shall help in proper protection of the brand.
  • Along with this, you have to look for a place where you can set up the factory where PVC pipes will be manufactured. Also, you should opt for NOC from the pollution board along with VAT registration.
  • Before starting with the PVC manufacturing, you should be well aware of the requirement, including all important registrations. In addition to this, you should also register for MSME online registration.
  • To maintain the quality of the pipe, you should opt for BIS certification.
  • Along with this, you should have a current account in a bank that would be linked with your business for any nation-based bank.

What are the equipment and machinery required for PVC Pipe?

Some machinery and equipment are required to start manufacturing PVC pipes.

  • Good quality mixer – A high-speed mixer grinder is required that shall have the capacity of 50 kg per batch. It should have good control and cooling system.
  • Pipe Extrusor-In this business, 65 mm per 18 V PVC good quality rigid Pipe extractor should be required. In addition to this, 2 screws Extrusor, vacuum sizing unit, a hole of the unit and cutting machine, cooling tank and motor along with other machines are required.
  • Dye and mandrel – Here, different sizes of dyes and mandrel is required, such as 20, 25, 45, 75, 90,110 mm, and others. In addition, mandrel 2.5, 4, 6, and 10 kilograms are required in this type of business. For perfect manufacturing, it is important to have these items in stock.
  • Scrapper and grinders – The grinders and scrappers are required along with electric motor for the manufacturing process.
  • Devices for testing – Chemical testing lab devices are required such as chemical equilibrium, testing equipment, oven, specify gravity lead, tin estimation bulk density, and others. Some lab testing capacities such as compressive strength, hydraulic pressure, and others.
  • Other equipment – An overhead water tank, weight machine, pipe storage, racks, handheld equipment, greasing and oiling equipment, and others are a must requirement in this type of business.

What raw materials are required in this business?

Other than the above-mentioned one, some other items are required. Some of them are processing acids, PVC resin, stabilizers, lubricants, colors, filters, PVC resin DOP, and others. Among all these, the key ingredients which are required for this manufacturing are water and electricity. To know about each of these, you can visit some PVC manufacturing companies and get a better idea about each of them. However, you can get each of these ingredients from the online store.

How are the PVC Pipes manufactured?

The manufacturing process involves some steps which are detailed in the following part of the article.

  1. Extension

Though other pipes can be made from thermoplastic, PVC cannot be processed directly for resins. With PVC resins, you have to add additives that are vital for processing the pipes and getting better outcomes. For the construction of rigid PVC pipes, some common additives are used which are mentioned in the following part of the article.

  1. Plasticizer – Someof theplasticizers used are DPO, DBP, DEP, Reoplasy, Paraplex, and others.
  2. Stabilizer – For manufacturing of PVC pipes, you need common plasticizers such as barium, tin, stearate, lead, and others.
  3. Lubricants – In the pipe manufacturing business, good quality lubricants such as beauty-stearate, apocidised monoesters of oleic acid, starchic acid, and others are required.
  4. Fillers –For manufacturing some special quality of pipes, fillers are important. During the exhaustion, PVC resins are mixed with stabilizer, plasticizer, fillers, lubricants and other items in high-speed. Therefore, some improvement in the process of manufacturing the pipes is required. In this process, the PVC reisin is put inside double screw exchorder such that the diameter of the pipe should fit into the dye properly. Following this, the PVC is passed through a hot chamber and its melts down due to compressed temperature. Like this, the size of the pipe is fixed, and any marking is given on the pipe.
  5. Sizing

After removing the pipe from exchorder, it is put in the sizing operation. For this, two sizings such as vacuum sizing and pressure sizing are used.

  1. Traction

After sizing of the pipes, the next operation traction is applied. The tube traction is vital as it is required for continuous transporting of pipes that come out from exchorder.

  1. Cutting

The last process of pipe manufacturing is cutting, and it involves two techniques of cutting the pipes. The processes are manual and automatic, and pipe cutting is done in this way. After this, the pipes are sent for ISI mark testing and then made ready for supply.

  1. Transport

After the construction purpose is completed, the final part is transportation. For this, you have to arrange vehicles for proper transportation of the PVC pipes so that it can reach out to buyers easily.

What is the estimated investment involved in this kind of business?

In PVC making pipes, some of the investments involved are raw materials, space, machinery, expenses, machinery, and others. A PVC pipe making business is available for rupees 20 lakhs. Along with this, the raw materials, cost of equipment, and space are also added up that is almost around rupees 10 lakhs. So, to start this business, one should make an investment of rupees 30 to 40 lakhs. After you invest in these items, you do not have to invest again and again. The investments are long term ones, and you are yield profit from this for a long time. But make sure to maintain the machines so that it does not incur any loss in the long run. As more people want connections at home, you are sure to get a huge profit from this PVC pipe making business.

What kind of location should be set up for the pipe making business?

For the PVC Pipe making business, you do not have to find any expensive space. The setup of the company can be done out of the city area as well. In that way, it would be cheap. However, if you wish to set up your factory outside the city, you have to consider the transportation expenses that are involved in transporting the raw materials. So, much expenseis not involved in deciding the factory space.

How quality control of PVC pipe plays an important role?

For the success and growth of your factory, it is necessary to maintain and look after the management of the quality of products. So, it is vital that before releasing the product, you should test its quality to maintain goodwill in the market. When testing the product, you have to look after its corrugated area, the tensile strength along with the seal. Along with this, you have to check the technique in which the pipe has been manufactured. In addition to this, organizational tests, along with certification issues, should be carefully handled before releasing the items in the market. This shall help in maintaining good control of PVC pipes. So, these techniques should be maintained in order to run your business smoothly. Also, it would ensure good profit from the pipe making business.

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