How to Start Tent House or Stage Business in India

How to Start Tent House or Stage Business investment, profit in India

Whether it is a small birthday party, wedding ceremony or any other occasion, some people are invited to your home. To make some arrangements, some items are required, and some of them are a tent, fan, light, chair, and others. You can rent these items for a day or two or even more. Here, the tent house is a common item that is often rented for making additional arrangements at home at times of celebrations and occasions. If you can invest and planning to start a business, starting a tent house business idea is a good option. With this business of tent house, you can expect to get orders for marriage occasions or any parties. But before you start with this business, you should know about its basic requirements. Read on to know more about the details and requirements of starting this business. This shall help you when you start with the tent house business.

Tent House Business

How potential is tent house business market is and scope for it?

The trade of tent house business is always in demand in a country like India. People are always looking for some reasons to celebrate and make arrangements at their home. With increasing income level of people, often they are arranging for gatherings at their home. For this, there is always a demand for tent house business. This is when they look for a tent house service, and so, it is wise to start with this business as you can start to earn a good deal from this business. Even if you think about the future of this business, there are chances of expanding this business. It has been estimated that 65% of the population are youngsters. After a few years, when this generation is going to get married, they might get in touch with this tent house business. It will be required for making different arrangements in the wedding occasions.The renting for tent houses has become common both in cities and villages for different occasions. Previously, this trend was not available in villages. As programs and gatherings are organised in villages as well, the tent house business has become a common one. 

Therefore, in this way, both demand and opening for this tent house business is rising these days. However, the demand will remain high and the business owners can start expecting to earn a high rate of profit from this kind of business.

What are the essential things required for running a tent house business?

To start the tent house business, some important items are required and some of them are detailed in the following part of the article.

  • First, you should have availability for tents of different designs. It should include bamboo, iron pipe, wooden pole and other items to install the tents.
  • After the tents have been made, the guests can better meet and relax comfortably in the tents. In addition, you have to arrange for chairs, lights, fans, staying arrangements of guests and others in the tents. Also, sheets and bed linens are required. So, it is important that you buy these items in more quantity so that you do not have any problem to supply them required.
  • Even you have to make arrangement for making food and serving them to the guests in the tent house business. So, it is necessary to have a large gas stove in which the food can be cooked. In addition to this, there should be the availability of enough drinking water for the guests. Therefore, you have to arrange for large drums of water.
  • For decoration purpose, you have to prepare things like music system, carpet, different types of lights and flower for decorations. The attractive the decoration, the better the client will appreciate your work.

However, other than the above-mentioned ones, there are some minor things that are required often in this tent house business. So, you have to arrange for those things and use them according to your requirement.

Where can you buy equipment for a tent house business?

After you have known what all you need to buy, you should find places where you can get the items. After you get the tent, you should try to get items from wholesaler so that you are able to manage the cost of the items well. The wholesaler will offer you items at affordable prices. To know about this wholesaler, information about the competition in the market, you can get some tips from the ones who are successfully running this tent house business in the market. In addition, you have to understand the requirements of the market and accordingly provide service to clients. You should have adequate items in your storage that are required for the decoration purpose of the tent. So, by knowing the right shop to buy items from, it will be easy for you to get them at an affordable rate.

Investment details in tent house business

In this kind of tent house business, you do not have to invest frequently. Once you invest, you are ready to go with it for almost 5 to 10 years. You only have to take a large number of things at the same time. It shall help when you are providing service there should not any shortage of items whether it is for food arrangement or decoration part.  So, if you are starting with this business, you have to spend near about 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees for the initial set up. But if you are able to invest more and want to make a big set up, you have to pay near about rupees 5 to 6 lakh for the business. In addition, there are several other additional expenses that are involved in the tent house business. 

How to get an easy loan for investing in a tent house business?

For the ones who have a problem in starting a tent house business and worried about getting a loan, facilities have been made by the government for new employment and getting easy loans. The new generation will be helped by the government in getting easy loans. However, in this regard, the government has ordered the financial institutions to offer easy loan facilities to entrepreneurs who opt for loans for starting this tent house business. This way they can create employment and earn some money for maintaining the better livelihood of their family. So, when starting this tent house business, when you visit banks for loans, you do not have to face problems in getting the loans.

How to market for your tent house business?

Marketing for any business is common and it is also important when you start a tent house business. For effective implementation of marketing it is necessary that the news of your business should reach people. Moreover, you have to identify your target group and try out ways so that the news of the business reaches the target group easily. By means of local radio channels, you can try to spread the news of your business so that you can expand it and get more customers for your business and earn well. Therefore, try to find out ways of promoting your business effectively. 

What are the benefits one can get from a tent house business?

The amount of benefit that you will get from the business will depend on how far the business has reached. In addition, it will also depend on how many people have come to know about your business. So, the more people get to know about your business, you can expect to earn more profit from your business. In a month, you can earn almost 25 to 30 thousand rupees. But the earnings can vary during wedding season. The demand for this tent house business is the highest during the peak of wedding seasons. The tents are quickly booked and there is a high demand for tents. So, you can expect up to rupees 1 lakh during this wedding season. After you set up your business well, it can improve later on and in this way, you can expect to get more profit once it starts expanding. However, in his business, you can start to earn from the beginning of starting the business.  

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