How to start silver paper making business?

How to start silver paper making business? [Cost, Investments, Machine Price] Material

Currently there are many hotels being opened in various places. Birthday parties, weddings, receptions etc. are now-a-days being held in big lounges/party halls. We can find plates made of silver paper at he places where parties are held for serving food. Thus the business pf making silver paper is very beneficial these days.

Silver paper making business

Silver paper raw material:

The raw materials required for silver paper are as follows-

  • Brown paper costing Rs 1000
  • Silver paper at a cost of Rs 38 per kg
  • Glue for sticking purpose (Rs 200 per litre)

Where to buy raw materials from?

You can visit the following link to buy the raw materials online:

Silver paper making machine:

The machine used for this purpose is fully automatic.Where to buy silver paper machine from?

Silver paper making machine price:

You have to deposit Rs 1.25 lakhs to buy this machine. With the help of this machinery you can produce up to 1500kgs with 10 hours of work.

Silver paper business profit:

You can earn a profit of Rs 2 to Rs 3 on 1kg of silver paper plates. So if one produces 1500kgs of silver paper plates by working for 10 hours then you can earn a profit of Rs 4000. If you eliminate all the other expenses then a profit of Rs 60000 can be earned per month.

Silver paper manufacturing process:

Since the machine is automatic so the process of making silver paper becomes easy.

  1. Firstly the machine is fitted into the brown paper roll such that the paper is not torn or folded from any side.
  2. The silver foil role is attached on the top of the machine. This silver foil is attached to the machine on the same side where the brown paper roll is attached.
  3. Both papers are attached in such way that when they come out they are glued to each other.
  4. Then on the part where both papers are due to come out, glue is applied so that both the papers while coming out get glued to each other.
  5. As soon as you start the machine, both the rolls start coming out and get glued to each other thus forming silver paper.
  6. You can later use this paper to make various plates.

Place for silver paper business:

You need to install a medium sized machine for this business for which you need 100 to 150 square feet of area. You will also require space for keeping the brown paper and silver paper rolls and then also the finished products. So if you have an area of 250 square feet then it is better. Ensure the ease of transportation and commutation facilities in the area before choosing.

Packing silver paper:

You require packaging only for protecting your product as the marketing of this product is not at all concerned with its packaging. You can use simple polythene for packing this product. You can provide the details to contact you in this packing in order to promote your business.

Silver paper marketing:

The marketing of this product depends highly on the place from where people tend to buy materials for weddings and all. You can also sell your product at wholesale.

License for silver paper making business:

You require getting a license for this product so that your business becomes trustworthy. If you want then you can get your business registered through your Aadhar card by MSMI of Indian government made for registering businesses.

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