How to Start blogging website Business

How to create a website or start with Free blogging website business?

Blogging is a commonly heard word these days. Not all people are aware of its true meaning. When you write on some subject and start sharing it with other people, it can be termed as blogging. For any queries, you can look up for its answer from different blog posts available on the internet. So, if you have decided to start blogging, try to grasp some idea about it that shall help you achieve success in this business. By gathering better information about the business, it will be easy for you to start the business without facing any loss in its initial stages. Read the following part of the article to know more about how to start the business and other relevant information about the business.

Blogging website Business

What are the benefits to get from online blogging business?

The main objective of any business is to earn money but to get more profit from blogging, you can make suitable plans. Some of the benefits to getting more the business are given below.

Better knowledge

You can gain better knowledge on different topics as you have to research and write on different topics daily. There is also chance to hone your writing skills when you start this business.

Freedom of work

If you choose to blog, you will have freedom of work and you can work anytime you want. Also, this business offers complete freedom of work as there is no strict working hours. Therefore, you can choose your own time as per convenience and work accordingly.

Convert your hobby into business

If you are interested in writing, with a good flair of writing and innovative ideas, you can start with your blogging business. In this, you have to frame new article on new topic every day and you can gather better writing experience.

You are your boss

As a blogger, there is no tension of the boss as you are your boss unless you write for someone else’s blog. Also, you will be the sole decision maker and decide between what is right and wrong for your business.

Scope to become good researcher

As you have to think about new topic every day, you get the chance to become a good researcher on different topics. You are reading the information and then giving a new shape based on your ideas. So, you are getting into the habit of researching on different topics and presenting them in a new form in your blog posts. 

Ability to share knowledge and experience 

In blogging, you can share your experienced and knowledge via social media and other platforms.  People are also helped in this as they get access to plenty of different information. You have to post attractive write-up that attracts people and make them interested to read your blog. This way, it will help your business to grow and achieve success faster. Therefore, before starting the business, try to know about the tactics of the business.  

Learn to make money

If you have just started with blogging, try to know about the basic tactics that shall help you earn better and make money from this business. Instead of blogging only on one topic or genre, try to talk about different subjects in your blog. This shall help to bring in more readers and viewers of your blog. With more readers, chances are better that you can make more money from your blog posts. So, before you start posting blogs, knowing about marketing strategies will be help get better readers for your blogs.

What kind of website is required in blogging?

For posting blogs, you have to decide a suitable website in which you can post your blogs on different topics. Try to create the blog in an interesting manner that shall interest the readers. You have to decide on the design of the website depending on the budget that you can afford for your blogging website. Remember when readers come to read your posts the website is the first thing that attracts them. If you are interested in the design of the website, they can become your frequent readers. There are several platforms through which you can share your blogs and writings. Some of the platforms through which you can create website design for free are Tumblr, WordPress and the like. To get own domain name, you have to spend some money.

Best blogging platform

Blogs are based on WordPress as it is easy to work on it. In addition to this, there are other options like plugging and themes that you can incorporate in the site to give it a little professional and attractive look. 

Importance of domain registration

When planning to invest in domain name, you have to find a suitable name and register it. The name of the site should be related to the topic that you are going to discuss on the website. 

Web hosting

Web hosting is also required for blogging and therefore, you have to choose the right webhosting for your site. For suitable server speed, backup facility, securing data, suitable web hosting service is important. This will help to maintain smooth running of your blog and therefore, it is required to choose the right web hosting service provider.

What kind of investment is involved in this business?

In this kind of business, there are the following expenses that you have to make.

  • You need to speed rupees 200 to rupees 1000 for domain registration in its initial stages.
  • Now, for web-hosting, there will be a recurring expense of rupees 400 to rupees 500 monthly. But if you have opened a company, it is better to opt for year round web hosting plans. Here, it will require rupees 4000 to rupees 5000.
  • After this, it is time for you to decide a proper theme of the website. For the theme of the site, you have to invest rupees 3000 to rupees 4000. So, accordingly you have to set the budget.

What are the skills required to start blogging?

If you wish to become a successful blogger, the following skills are required that shall help in better progress of your business. 

Patience and confidence

To become a successful blogger, patience and confidence are important. It will take a minimum of 6 months to 1 years’ time to make a prominent presence of your blog in the online platforms. So, you have to be patient before people get to know about your site and start visiting it often.

Photo editing ability

It is already known that photos speak better than words. So, try to incorporate images that go with your writing. It will increase the readers and readability of the content. If the visitor is attracted by the image, they may be interested in reading through the article. Try to make the photo interesting by adding some special effects or designs.

Good command on writing

Blogging is a business that is dependent on your writing skill. With a good command on language and a smooth flair of writing, you can create interesting content for your blog. With the right use of words, you have to make your content interesting to read and this way, you can grab attention of your target readers. Also, you have to provide updated information on your blog to retain attention of your readers. Without the right art of writing, you are not fit for this business.

Knowledge about networking

To get more traffic for your website, having little knowledge about networking shall help. If you are available on different platforms, like to make the most of it by spreading your write-up so that it can reach to wide group of people. If you are in touch with people, you can know what is going on in their mind. To improve networking, being active on different social media platforms shall help. This way, you can make your website a popular one.


Computer coding and knowledge of computer language are also required. Even if you are not a good programmer, with basic knowledge about computer will help. By having the right knowledge about your computer, it shall help you maintain your website in the right manner.

Good interaction skill

As blogging is a two-way communication skill, having good interaction skill shall help. If you are not able to touch the reader’s heart by your writing, you cannot get progress in this business. Try to read the comments that readers post for your blogs and rectify your writing accordingly. With good interaction skill, it will be easy for you to grab attention of your readers easily. To maintain good interaction, try to comment back on reader’s comments.

Marketing ideas

Marketing ideas are important that involves e-promotion and effective e-selling strategies. Similar to other business, blogging also requires marketing and effective marketing can bring in more readers and visitors for your website. For blog promotion and attracting more traffic to your site, you should know the right marketing strategies.


It is important to maintain discipline in blogging business. Irrespective of whether you are part-time blogger or a full time one, setting a particular time for work, deciding on the topics to discuss in your site and researching on the topics properly shall help you. You also have to find out time for editing you topic before posting them on your site. Remember there is no room for mistakes in your site. Never make the mistake of unloading wrong or poor quality content on your site. 

Determination to work hard

You have to work hard to make your blog a successful one. If you work hard, you can more visitors for your site and this way, you can easily achieve success in your business. Make sure that you update contents in your site daily that shall help to retain attention of your readers.

SEO strategy

To drive in more traffic on your blogging site, this can be considered as one of the important strategies to be followed. With the right use of words and keywords in your content, you can improve the readability of your content. Also, this will take your content to the top of search list. To make your articles get a prominent position at the top of the list, incorporating suitable SEO strategy is important. 

Trying to read other’s mind

If you try to read other’s mind, you can develop contents accordingly. By knowing about what is going on in people’s mind, you can create blog posts on the probable topics. If you can feed readers by what they are thinking and provide the latest blogs in your site, you are sure to get more number of readers. Try to elaborate on some topic of interest. If you can know what kind of information readers want from you, it will be easy for you to provide suitable blogs for readers.

Following strategies of professional bloggers

To achieve success and stay updated as a blogger, try to know about what professional bloggers are doing. By reading their blogs and visiting their sites, you can grasp better idea into how to frame your blogs and your site that shall drive in more traffic and target group. For this, running thorough research is required. So, you are ready to go through all these hurdles and achieve success in your blogging business, you can start your business by making the initial investment.

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