If you are a Tattoo Artist, then Start this Business and earn millions of rupees

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If you are wondering about how to plan your career then there are plenty of opportunities in India. Not all jobs ask you to work under someone, not all jobs ask you to work from 10 to 5 in front of a computer. There are opportunities for unconventional talents and you can establish your own business to utilize your talent and skill. Among several unconventional business ideas professional tattoo parlor could be a thriving business. There are several good aspects of starting your own studio- you can practice your artistic skill, you can showcase your skill and earn money by it, and you will be working independently.

tattoo making business

How to start a tattoo making business on body art

No matter what kind of business you are planning to venture into; there are few basic yet essential things that you need to consider. Before you start a business you need to complete few formalities that will help you to run the business with ease. There are several legal and infrastructural matters that you need to look after before starting your own tattoo studio. The factors are described below.

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The necessary things you need to know while starting a body art business

  1. The license or Permit for the tattoo business :- 

Like every other business, license is important because in order to legalize your business so it can run smoothly you need permit of the government. When it comes to tattoo business, getting license is at all difficult in India. In order to get the license you need to follow official procedure. The authority will give you time of 360 hours to prove that you are eligible for the money to start the business and once you clear the test you will be eligible to get license. With the help of the license you can start your business anywhere in the state. License will help you and your to stay away from legal troubles.

  1. Equipment for tattoo :-

The most important part of tattoo business is the equipment. You need to remember that, staring a tattoo studio is not a matter of joke; you need a complete studio set up. You need tools that will help to draw the body art, create the design, medicines and furniture and many more. A list of equipment is given below to give you an idea about it.  

  • Tattoo ink
  • Needle
  • Bed and chair
  • Mirror
  • Paper towels
  • Health and safety equipment
  • Disposable needles

While you are buying the above-mentioned products you need to buy good brands and always examine the expiry date. Tattoo is directly related to human health so you need to be aware of hygiene of tools.

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  1. . Location for the parlor :-

In order to start your own business you need a space; and if you are planning to build a studio for body art you will require a studio space at a great location. So, choosing a great location falls under one of the vital priorities. You need to check wherever you planning to start a studio, the place has permit for such business. If you proceed without any information you may face the biggest obstacle and that is law. Unlike foreign countries, not all cities in India offers permission to start a body art business; so you need to do a little research on the place you are choosing. You can pick 3 to 4 places for your business. While choosing place you need to check other factors as well beside the permit. You need to be sure that the place has good commutation facility; the studio needs to be visible so you need to try to get a place that is not in the interior. It will help to get you customers.

  1. Marketing ideas for tattoo parlor :-

No matter what type of business you start you need to promote your business; because, no business can grow without marketing. It is important to let people know about you so that they can come to avail your service. It will support your business and facilitate the growth of your business. Once you open your studio you can distribute leaflets, put up a hoarding, publish ad on news papers and local TV channel. Nowadays, social media is on roll so you can use the platform to spread information about your service. Besides that, you need to have a website where you can upload your works so that people can see it. You need to have accounts on social media and you need to do the same as your website to let people know about your creativity. Along with that, you need to spread awareness regarding the body art.

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How to become a good tattoo artist

In order to become a tattoo artist you need to have passion for art and you need to have the patience to work on minute things. You need to careful of small nuances regarding design and need to have a creative mind to create new designs. You need to learn how to draw and paint and sketch different designs. When it comes to tattoo, as it is a permanent body art so you need to be aware of the consequences; you need to have knowledge about the body parts and the possible pain. You need to aware your clients about the whole process of tattoo and how to take care of it and how a particular color of ink may change on the client’s skin. 

Tattoo business requires a constant work on your skill and you need to develop new skill every day. It will help to bring more people to your studio and with experience you will know how a tattoo is going to look on different person. You can read blogs of eminent tattoo artists; you can watch videos regarding that. Along with that you need to read medical journals regarding how to maintain hygiene and precautions while doing tattoo.

Ideas on investment and profit in the business

It is very important to have a good investment for business, because no business is successful without investing. It is not that you only have to invest, but after that you will get profit, because most people go wrong in understanding the investment and profit. You only have to invest once and the profit will always be there and it will increase gradually.

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It can be concluded that, the people with creative mind can start their own business. The above mentioned business ideas will help you to follow your passion and not only that you can earn a lot of money by taking up passion as profession. In case of your start up business you can also get initial financial help as loan from any govt. or non-govt. bank. Once your business is expanded you can also hire employees and that will boost the employment industry.

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