Cello Tape [Adhesive tape] Making Business [Cutting Machine Price ]

How to start cello tape/adhesive tape making business? [Cutting Machine Price ] Investment and Profit 

Cello tapes have a very good demand in market. It is used widely in households, offices, shops, etc. so if someone starts this business he/she can earn good profits. Through this article you can find out that how you can start this business.

Cello Tape Making Business

Cello tape manufacturing business idea in India:

The business of manufacturing cello tape is just like other businesses. To start this business you will require machineries and other tape making materials. After buying these things you can commence your business. You can easily get these materials from market.

Cello tape making machine and rate in India:

In this era of internet you can easily order any machinery at your convenience. You will be required to visit the link below and you will get all the information related to the machine. The price for the machine starts from Rs 5 lakhs. If you want to start the business on small scale then you will require only one machine. On the other hand if you want to start it at large scale then you can purchase 2-5 machines.



Raw materials for cello tape:

Much kind of things are used for making a cello tape and most of them are synthetic. To make a cello tape you will require cellulose, oil, cotton and natural gas to make cello tape cellulose acetate and cellulose’s derivation are used and these things are made from wood or cotton seeds. You can get these materials at lower costs from wholesale market. The prices for cotton are currently Rs 10,000 per quintal whereas synthetic costs Rs 600 onwards.

Cello tape manufacturing process by machine:

You need to make raw cellulose from cotton seeds or wood with the help of machinery. After making raw cellulose add acidic acid and acidic anhydride to obtain triacetate. After it triacetate is converted into cellulose acetate by mixing into chemicals and water. All the moisture is soaked from cellulose acetate by heating it and after this it is mixed with plastic making ingredients and as a result cellulose acetate are obtained I the form of plastic palettes. These palettes are then melted and formed into a thin layer of plastic. A total of 5 layers are combined to thicken the layer. In this way the upper layer of tape is formed.

The next step is to make the adhesive for the tape. To make the adhesive you will require synthetic polymer chemical. Then in the final step the two things made are combined i.e. the upper layer of the tape and the adhesive. These are then formed into a roll with the help of machine and the tape is ready.

Safety measures to take up while manufacturing cello tape:

  • Use the chemicals carefully: many chemicals are used for manufacturing the cello tape. So it is necessary that you should ensure the safety of your employees while the manufacturing is going on and make sure that they use chemicals safely and correctly.
  • Keep out from the reach of fire: keep the chemicals being used away from the reach of fire as they are highly inflammable and can cause hazard if comes in contact with fire.
  • Make a check on cello tape making machines: since the machines used in the process are costly so let only those people handle it that are aware of its usage and functions.
  • Timely service of machineries: to keep your machine in a well maintained state, ensure its timely service. You have to pay to get it serviced.

Adhesive tape packaging:

The next step is to label and package the tape you have manufactured. You will need a carton to pack tapes. So hire any cardboard box maker to get the boxes as per your requirements. Mention the name of your company under the tape.

Selection of employees:

Try and keep employees who either have knowledge of this business or have some prior related experience. This will save your time and effort and will also bring efficiency in the operations of the business.

Space required for the business:

In every business it is very important to decide that what place would be suitable for the business to commence. So before you select any location for setting up your business you should make a check on the facilities like electricity, water supply, and transport at that place. After confirming the availability of all facilities you can set up your business at that place. If you are renting a particular location/place to start your business at then obtain all the necessary information regarding the rent of that location so that you don’t have any problems later.

Marketing of Cello tape:

After starting your business it is also important to promote it. You can hire a person for the promotion of your business/product and that person can use various mediums of promotion for promoting your business. If you don’t have budget to get someone or some advertising/promotion agencies to promote your business then you can self-promote it. You can directly contact the people associated with your business field and inform them about your product.

Cost for setting-up the business:

While preparing your budget add all the expenses to it because most of the times we forget to add various small expenses and then in future we have shortage of fund for these small expenses. If you don’t have sufficient funds to start up this business then you can also opt to take loan from any recognised banks. You will need around Rs 7 lakhs to start this business. In the same manner you can also start the business of T-Shirt printing with low costs.

Registration for business license in India:

Before starting your business you should get it registered. At the time of registration you will require documents like Aadhar card, Voter Id card, PAN card, etc. so if you don’t own any of these documents, it is very important to get them made. Think of a good and appropriate name for your company through which your product would be known as in the market.

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