Suryamitra Centre Registration [How To Earn Money]

Surya Mitra Earn Money Eligibility Criteria Training Skills Centre And Registration Process And Form

Too much dependence on the fossil fuel is detrimental for the overall health of Earth’s environment. But it will be impossible to work towards the development of any nation without proper power source. It is here that natural and renewable resources come to the forefront. Sun is an unending source of heat and light energy. It is possible to derive solar power from the sun and utilize it as required. So, solar power generation is the most lucrative and safe options for mankind. Due to increasing popularity of this sector, Indian government has announced the implementation of Surya Mitra Skill Development Program in 2017. The trained people can become Surya Mitra and earn a significant amount under this scheme.

Suryamitra Earn Money

What was the scheme all about?

Under the Surya Mitra Skill Development Program the central government of India wanted to set up several solar power training centers. It went forward with the aim of producing as many as 50,000 trained individuals who can work towards the spread and increased implementation of solar power. Till now, around 18,000 individuals have already passed the training, and are working as Surya Mitra. The government has similar developmental programs for 2018 – 2019 financial years.

Surya Mitra Skill Development Program details

The scheme was developed by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, and implemented by National Solar Power agency. This agency works in close association with the nodal agencies in states to set up solar power stations and offer training to the people.

Tenure of Surya Mitra Skill Development Program training

If any person is interested in becoming Surya Mitra and earn a significant amount, then he/she will have to register for the training. This training will last for 600 hours. It adds up to around 90 days.

Fee for the skill development training

One need not worry about paying any fee for attaining this training. The central government is offering this special opportunity for free. Candidates registering for this training program will also get free food and staying quarters. The trainees must stay within the training facility until the course gets over.

Eligibility for becoming a Surya Mitra

  1. Academic and ITI training – Only those applicants will be able to join this program that has passed their 10th examination from a registered school. After that they must have opted for any of the following ITI trainings – electrician, mechanic, wireman, fitter and sheet metal operation.
  2. Age related criterion – The age of the person, interested in becoming Surya Mitra must be at least 18 years or more.
  3. Diploma degrees holders – All such candidates who have completed their training and acquired diploma degree in electrical, electronic and mechanical sector will be given precedence over others.
  4. Experience – In case any candidate possesses a certificate of being an electrician, and also has experience of working in this sector, he/she will also have more chances of being accepted in this program.
  5. For unemployed and ST/SC applicants – More stress will be placed on the admission of those candidates who belong to ST/SC caste or do not have any employment.
  6. Women and regional candidates – It has been mentioned that women as well as candidates belonging to rural areas will be offered a seat in this training program.

Certificate after the completion of training

Once the training gets over, all candidates will have to sit for evaluation examination. Each trainee will get a certificate according to his/her performance in the evaluation examination. All successful candidates will be able to bag jobs in solar power sector on national as well as international soil.

Professional openings for successful candidates

  1. Starting solar power business – Mist candidates try to open their own solar power business on a small scale. As government offers subsidy, it is easy to set up this business without much capital investment.
  2. Working with government – Once a person passes the training, he/she can work with the Indian government for developing the solar power sector as well. They can register themselves as solar channel partners with the government.
  3. Working in solar plants – Under the skill development program, candidates can learn about the nitty-gritty of solar board installation, monitoring, repair and associated tasks. Thus, these candidates will be able to get jobs in solar power plants.

How much can one earn?

Depending on the role you take up, after the completion of the training, you will be able to make as much as Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 80,000, per month. You can either become a dealer, business associate, distributer and agent. A person can also get franchise to make and install solar panels under his/her own company brand name.

How to register for the training program?

  1. If an interested candidate has all necessary qualifications, then he/she can get in touch with the training center head, and obtain necessary details. Names and contacts of all training centers and heads will be available from the link
  2. Online application is possible. For that an applicant has to click on the link
  3. It will generate a digitized applicant form. Once the applicant has filled in all fields with necessary details, he/she needs to submit it by clicking on the “SUBMIT” button.
  4. If any candidate is not comfortable with online application, he/she can download and get a print out of the registration form.
  5. For this, one has to click on the official link  .
  6. After filling the enrollment document with necessary details, the applicant must get it scanned.
  7. He/she needs to make a resume or CV that needs to be submitted to the respective department.
  8. Once this is done, the applicant needs to pen down an e-mail stating the desire to join the training program. The mail, along with the attached scanned copies of resume and the filled application form, must be sent to the ID
  9. The applications will be scrutinized and then all selected applicants will be notified.

So, you too can start your own business by opting for this training. The popularity and demand for clean solar energy will only increase with time. Thus, it is better to be prepared for the upcoming market demand, and make a handsome amount on a monthly basis.

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