How can you start a corn puff making business in India

How can you start a corn puff making business in India, making machine, investment in India

Children are fond of eating puffs. This puff making business is rapidly growing in India. By investing around 4 to 5 lakh for this corn puff making business, you can earn almost rupees 1 lakh and more in a month. Before you start the business you should have good knowledge about how the corn puff making market operates. This will you will be able to prosper in your business. As you go through the following part of the article, you will gather fair idea about the business operates. This will further help you make strategic plans about starting the business and help you earn a prominent position in the competitive market.

Puff Making Business

How market research plays an important role?

For any kind of business, market research plays an important role that further help the business owner know about the market condition and apply the strategies accordingly. In addition, you can also reduce the potential risks involved in the business. So, before you start the business, you should consider the following points.

  • Knowing about target audience – When starting puff making business, it is important that you know about the target customers. Most of the target customers will be the child. Therefore, you should try to produce items and promote them in the area where there is more number of children.
  • Raw materials – Before starting the business, try to gather raw material and try to know about its availability so that you do not have to face any problems in the future. Also, make sure that you get high-quality items. In addition, try to know about the source from where you can get raw materials at low prices.
  • Competitor – Knowing about the competitive market beforehand will help you. According you can make your business plans and make a prominent position in the competitive market. In case, you are the only one in the market going through puff making business, you will get better customers for your business.
  • Machinery required –Both puff making and packing machines are required in this business. You can get the machinery both from the online and offline market. Before you purchase the items, try to check its price so that you can get a quality item.

However, apart from the above-mentioned things, you try to know about your product qualifies. In addition, you should try to know about the workers working and the technician in the marketing department to ensure that you can run the business smoothly. Without checking all these prerequisites, you might face problem in running the business smoothly later on.

What is the required qualification for the business?

No such qualifications are required to run this business. The machinery used in this business is automated. Therefore, you need not to know about the proper functioning of the machinery. You only need to know about the strategies through the help of which you can easily run the smooth and make money out of it. Try to know about your target audience, so that you end up increasing your sales quickly.

How important is opting for license and registration of puff making business?

To run the puff making business, it is important to register and get a license for your business. However, details of license opting for this business are detailed in the following part of the article.

  • FSSAI License – This license is required, when you open any business related to food. You can opt for the same via the online mode.
  • GST registration – When buying or selling any items in India or offering any service, your company should have GST registration. It has become mandatory for every company.
  • Trademark registration – When you start selling the items of your business in the market, you should opt for a registered trademark. This would help you when you are selling the items with a particular name to avoid problems of confusion the same should be trademarked one so that no other business can use it in the market.
  • Other formality for starting the business –Try to get admission from local departments. In addition, you should get permission from the cleanliness department and permission from the water department and others. This would help you run the business smoothly.

What are the raw materials required for puff making business?

Collecting the raw materials required for the business is one of the important tasks. So, you should plan to collect them long before you start the business. This will ensure that you have adequate availability of raw materials as you start making the puff in the business. Some limited amount of items is used in this business.

  • Maize – One of the important things to make puff is maize. In addition, you will need crushed corn to make the puff. Other than this, you can get Crush Mecca easily in the market.
  • Oil – When preparing puff and making the flavors in it, you have to add oil in it. This would help to make the puff softer and further in making quality goods.
  • Spices – The flavors are required after preparing the puff. After that, the flavor should be added in the puff. You can get ready spices to add in the puff, and these are easily available in the market.
  • Nitrogen cylinder – After the puff is read, nitrogen gas is filled in the puff packet. The nitrogen inside the packet helps to keep the items fresh. Therefore, for the same, nitrogen cylinders are required to run this business.

What machinery is required to run the puff making business?

Two machines are required in this business. One is puff making business, and the other one is packing machine. Below are mentioned some of the steps to use the machine. You can run them, easily with some basic ideas.

  • Puff making machine – It is an automated machine that is used to run. You can get in from 2 lakh to 3 lakh. Make sure that you buy the quality machine so that you do not face any problem in running the machine. With little knowledge, you can run it smoothly. With this machine, you can make puff easily. You have to fix flavors in the machine. However, you can get it easily in the online market.
  • Puff packing machine –After the puff is ready, packing machine is required. Here again, the price of the packing machine starts from rupees 1 lakh. However, it might increase depending on the level of its efficiency that you wish to get. So, you have to get the machine depending on your budget.

How to prepare the puff?

By following the method, it becomes easy to make the puff. However, you can follow the steps mentioned further that would help you know about the process easily.

  • First, the crushed corn is mixed with water and oil, and then moisture is mixed in it. Estimated amount of water is mixed in the mixture, whereas only two percent of the total maize is added in the mixture. Moreover, you should add some amount of salt in the mixture for taste.
  • Following this, the mixture is placed in a container which is fixed in the machine. Once start the machine, the puffs start to process. Through this method, you can make puff of any shape you want. In addition to this, you can also change the plate in the machine in which the puff is prepared.
  • After preparing the puff, you have to put in the container in which you can mix flavor with it. In addition, with the help of the sieve, you have to sprinkle spices in the mixture that would add flavor in it. You also have to sprinkle some oil in it so that the mixture does not stick to the container. Once the container starts to rotate, it would start to mix the flavor properly with the puff mixture.
  • After this, you have to pack with the help of the packing machine. In this way, it becomes easy for you to prepare the puff. The flavoured puff is put inside the machine, and the machine is started. You can set the settings in the machine according to your convenience, and the puff will be ready in 10, 25 or 100 threads.

Therefore, it is important to buy a quality machine that would help you prepare the puff properly. With the increasing level of sales, you have to prepare for more productivity.

How business location plays an important role?

Choosing the right location or place of the business is an important part. Depending on the location and space available in it, you can buy the machinery. If you wish to start the business in a small area, you can do so, and you have to set up the machine accordingly. In addition to this, you have to look for a place you can place the finished items safely and easily. Therefore, 2,000 to 25,000 square feet is suitable to start the puff making business. However, with these square feet of area, you can easily place the finished items. You would get the location for setting up your business depending in the city in which you are living. The cost of land might vary from one city to the other.

Planning the right marketing strategy

Going through the right marketing strategy would help you reach out to your target customers easily. Since customers are your first priority, you have to plan your strategies carefully.

  • Pricing – The puff is usually liked by the children. So, you have to set a lower price. This would help children buy more of these puffs easily. However, you can try to buy packets containing less material.
  • Branding – People love to eat items which are branded one these days. Therefore, it is essential to get the branding of the product that you are selling. This would also help you get a prominent position in the market. In this way, your customers will get to know about your brand, and they will not confuse it with other brands available in the market.
  • Pretty packing – By offering attractive packets to the items that you sell, you will be able to attract more customers. Since your target audience is children, you should try to make attractive packages. So, with interesting packages, your goods will get preference and this way, you can help your business grow properly.
  • Advertising – It is one of the important steps to advertise the items as people would get to know about it. For effective advertising, you can choose local TV channels, radio, local newspaper, and radio for proper advertising of your items.
  • Free Sampling – With the help of free sampling, you can help people and target audience know about your company products and its quality. Therefore, by this, you will choose to buy your product over others.

puff making business investment and profit

This is a profitable business as you are able to start the business at low cost. With the help of this business, you can earn rupees 4 to 5 lakhs. The earning range can also be between rupees 1 to 1.5 lakhs. In this way, you can earn well via this puff making business. Therefore, it is one of the easy and simple businesses to start. Try to consider the above-mentioned points that would help you know about the tricks and tactics of this business.

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