Patanjali Paridhan online franchise Business in India

Patanjali Paridhan online franchise Business, Store, investment in India

The eminent Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has revived the ancient practice of Yoga. He popularised the Yoga not only among the Indians but among the foreigners as well. The ancient physical training Yoga was a forgotten subject until Baba Ramdev reintroduced it to the people. Ramdev re-introduced the Yoga not only in India but in the other countries with proper reasoning behind practising regular Yoga and while doing this Ramdev acquired a special place in the people’s heart.

Patanjali Paridhaan

Apart from Yoga he reintroduced the Ayurvedic products to the commercial market. The Ayurvedic products include medicines and healthcare products. The products come under the brand called Patanjali. Soon after the launch the brand Patanjali became popular among the people. The journey of Baba Ramdev and his brand Patanjali surpassed other domestic and foreign brands in the FMCG sector. Now Ramdev has come up with new idea of launching a clothing line under the same brand name. Patanjali garment will bring clothes for men, women and kids in the market. Here are a brief over view of the clothing line.

What is Patanjali Paridhan?

Baba Ramdev finally made it to the textile industry by launching a clothing line. The clothing line is committed to manufactures only indigenous clothes. It is said that the first store of Patanjali garment is going to open at the heart of India, Delhi. Under this brand he has already launched sportswear, jeans and t-shirt. According to the brand, the garments will be sold under three brand names, faith, rites and leave. Women clothes will come under the brand name faith, the men’s under rites and sports under leave. Ramdev is going to introduce clothes to wear during Yoga and at the occasion as well in his new showroom. The interesting fact about the brand is that it will be affordable in compared to the multinational brands and the revenue that the brand will earn will remain in India.

The starting of the brand

Patanjali clothing line started on the day of Dhanteras that is two days before Lakshmi Puja in 2018. On the 5th November, 2018 Patanjali stepped into the textile sector. The first store of Patanjali opened in Delhi and they are planning to open more 500 stores all over India.

How to get franchise of Patanjali garment  online by Phone or email?

Getting a franchise of Patanjali garment is quite an easy task. One can get Patanjali franchise through mail or phone. The only requirement is to adhere to the franchise even in certain condition. If anyone agrees with the re requirement of Patanjali then one can easily get appoint.

To get the information regarding the policies of franchise the following email id will be helpful –

If you want to deal with the brand through phone then call at 7302315131, 7302315017, 7302315129.

Terms and condition to follow to get the Patanjali Paridhan franchise

If anyone wants to acquire the franchise of the Patanjali garment one should agree with the following terms and condition given by the brand.

  • According to the brand rules the experienced traders will get the priority. The experience in the clothing sector will count.
  • When it comes to opening store in the city the brand will seek for a place with 2000 square feet area. Apart from that, the store needs to have a front porch of 20 feet and height will be no less than 10 feet.
  • One can start the business on a lease but a trader with a property will experience proprietary.
  • The location of the store needs to be in a mall or in a market complex.

Investment for acquiring Patanjali franchise

According to the brand, one can spend 10 crore rupees or more to get the franchise. According to the brand, in one crore one can prepare a plan to initiate a store and spend 75 lakh to store the garment stock. Apart from the garment there will be accessories and jewellery. One needs to invest at least one crore rupees.

Profit margin in Patanjali Paridhan

According to the sources, one can earn at least 30 percent margins by selling the clothes. One can earn up to 30 lakhs per year. According to that, one can earn up to 2 lakh 50 thousand per month. The Yoga Guru Ramdev has taken a significant step to popularise the indigenous garment. The brand is now aiming at reintroducing the organic and indigenous products in every sector. It is believed that this will create more employment opportunities for the young people.

Though the initiative was being condemned by many people and within few days the initiative has become appreciated. The Yoga Guru not only made his presence prominent but also surpassed many foreign brands. The brand Patanjali has encouraged many small brands and thousands of young people got the employment opportunity.

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