Start a Car Driving training school Business in 2020

How to Start a Car Driving training school Business or become a driving instructor , plan, 2020 profit in India

If planning to open car driving school, you have to plan the details of the business first. These days most people use a car to travel from one place to another. Due to this, more people are opting for car training so that they can drive their own car. You can learn driving from your friend, father or relatives. But most people prefer to learn driving from professionals. However, due to the increase in demand for people to learn driving, the driving school business is coming up. If you can drive a car, then you are good to start with your car driving business. But you have to make proper marketing strategies before you start with the business. This shall help you in making a profit. The following part of the article would take you through the detailed study of how to start with car training business and make a profit from it. 

Driving School Business

What do you understand by the driving school?

Before starting driving school business, it is important that you should know about every detail of the business. This shall help you run the business smoothly and earn a profit. In this school, you will teach people about how to drive a car or other vehicles. Also, you have to teach the individual about traffic rules that are important to consider when they go out to drive for the first time. If you are not able to handle it all by yourself, you have to appoint experts who can help you teach individuals driving in this business. So, you have to make suitable plans for the business when you are starting it for the first time. As customers would come to learn driving, they would pay your fees. Therefore, this is how the driving school would run.

What are the rules and regulations of driving school?

It is important to follow some rules before you open the driving school. However, the rules can vary from one state to another. Some basic rules are detailed in the following part of the article. This would help you to run your business smoothly.

  • The first criteria for learning driving are that the person should have a minimum of 21 years of age. If they are below 21, they will not be allowed to lean driving.
  • An individual who wishes to learn driving should have completed high school education. In addition to this, they should get a good division in higher education.
  • You can start this vehicle driving business if you are both physically and mentally fit. This shall help you to pass the vehicle examination that is required to get the driving certificate.
  • If you wish to learn driving, you should not have any criminal record in your past. For the presence of any such records, it will be examined by state inspector before you get to learn driving and get your driving license. In addition to this, your vehicle and driving school will also be checked before you are given the license.
  • The school and its trainers should be trained. In the case of defensive driving, driving education and any other third party driving tests, the Driver Services Department is responsible for inspecting the same. In some states, the automotive departments are responsible for inspecting the driving tests and details.

Details of registration for driving school

If you are planning to start the business of opening a driving school, make sure that your school is properly licensed with the government. Different states have different guidelines for car license. However, this licensing is not handled by any local bodies. So, it should be licensed by government authorities to make it authentic. No regional transport will provide a license for this as it would be considered as illegal. Therefore, in India, this business is managed by the Corporate Ministry. However, to start this car driving business, first approach the local and regional transport department. They would carry the documentation process. After the completion of the paperwork, you can proceed with other related works of the business.

Following this, you have to fill up the form to proceed with business registration. You have to inform the government about every detail, such as the location of the business and others, ensuring them that you do not have a criminal charge. All background details will be checked. Only after the completion of these steps, you can start with your vehicle training business.            

How is driving school business becoming competitive?

Before you start the business, it is advisable that you should try to know about the condition of the market. This shall help you grass better insight into the competitive scenario of the market about opening a driving school. If there are any other driving school running around your location, try to know how the school is running. Depending on this, you can try to set your strategies of starting the business and do business smoothly. Also, try to know the kind of service that the other training school is giving to the customers. This shall help you improve the quality of service that you wish to cater to customers.     

Setting up driving school business

After you get to know about the condition of driving school in your locality, you can set up your business. You have to plan your mission, and you should set your marketing strategy with a proper operating plan. In addition, you should have the necessary manpower that would help to run your business. In addition to this, you have to arrange for the vehicles required for the training. So, it is better that you should sketch your plan long before you plan to start the business. This shall help you understand the costs required to run the business.

Selecting the right location for driving school business

Before you start the business, you have to select the right location for your business. Other than looking for a one-room place for your class, you have to look for a place that has parking facility. In addition to this, the school should be in the middle of the city that would make it easy for learners to reach the place easily. Also, they would get to know about your school when it is located at the center of the city.

What are the vehicles required for driving school business?

For starting the driving school business, you should buy vehicles and make other necessary arrangements that would help to run your business smoothly. You should buy a chair, table, and phone facility. Other than this, you have to make space in the lobby area by placing sofas. Also, you should get a cabinet, including other essential items that are required in the office for running the vehicle training business. Apart from this, when you go to buy vehicles for training purpose, try to get an inexpensive one. This would make it easy on your pockets when you are starting the business for the first addition, there should be a hand brake and proper sitting arrangement beside the driver’s seat. This shall help to have control when you go out to train individuals on how to drive the vehicle. In case you wish to buy a new car instead of second hand one, you can easily get one for rupees 2 to 3 lakhs. It is better to start with a small car in the beginning as it will help customers to learn driving in it easily. Also, you have to make certain signs on the car to make other vehicles understand on the road that it is a training car. 

Total costing involved in driving school business

Starting from renting office place to certain other things, you have to make details of the costing involved in the business long before you start the business. It shall help manage your finances well. You also have to take some costing for maintaining your vehicles. Therefore, you have to start the business with rupees 10 to 15 lakhs, but it may vary from one place to another. In case you start with a second-hand car, the cost of starting the business might be less. Along with this, you have to take into account the petrol costs as the vehicles would be required to train learners. So, you have to calculate the things well that involves expenses before you set up your business.

In case you do not have the required money to start the business, you can opt for loan from the bank. In recent times, several government schemes have been introduced by the government to help employees start new business plans. Other than banks, you can arrange money by taking help from investors or fundraising sources.

Details of pricing and profit in the business

When it comes to profit and pricing of the business, you have to decide how much you wish to charge for training individuals in the school. Depending on this, you can estimate the profit of your training school.  If you are a beginner, you can seek help from competitors to know how much they charge for teaching driving.  In addition, you can also try to know how long you have to continue to train one. So, after all these considerations, you get to know how much time and effort you have to invest in training an individual.  But it is advisable that if you are starting your business, you can start with low fees. It would help to grab the attention of more learners. Once you gain attention as a vehicle training school, you can start to increase the fees. This way, you have to plan properly for the profit of your business. However, you can also offer facilities such as giving free driving facilities to high school individuals, church people, and individuals belonging to other community.

How to market for driving school business?

For marketing about your driving school, first, you to let others know about your driving school. For effective advertising, you can use pamphlets and brochures to start spreading the news of your school to others. You should provide details of the facilities that you are offering along with valid contact details. This would help people to reach you instantly. Along with this, try to make an online presence of your business, and for the same, you have to start by creating a business website. In this way, through social media platforms, you can reach out to a larger audience, and people get to know about the facilities that are available at your vehicle training school.  Try spreading the news through different schools, hospitals, and other common public places.

Summing it up

In this way, with the implementation of effective means of marketing, you can expect to get better benefits from your business. So, with adequate knowledge about the driving vehicle, you should start the business. This way, you can earn well by training others to drive vehicles.

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