Start Face Mask Manufacturing Business and Get Lakh of Rupees per Month

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The demand for Surgical Face Masks or SFMs has increased on account of the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19. Before this situation, face masks were used only in medical centers and hospitals. But this has become of great utility after the virus has infected people nationwide. Approximately 240 million disposable masks are produced e every year for domestic use. But as of now, the demand has increased as every individual is in need of it in their daily lives. Along with the masks, personal protective equipment has also become important due to the present situation. Let us take a glance at the details of the mask producing business.

surgical mask manufacturing business

What are the Types of Face Masks Used

Different SME and MSME manufacturing units are preparing the surgical masks on a large scale for the rise in demand. However, the production range in from 20, 000 to 1, 00, 000 daily, though it varies based on the size of the manufacturing unit.    

To prevent the spread of the virus, three types of masks are available. These are homemade masks from cloth, surgical masks, and N-95 masks respirators. The surgical masks are manufactured from materials like polypropylene. It is made in two or three layers.

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What are the ways to Start Face Mask Manufacturing Business

Before starting the mask manufacturing business, one has to understand the condition of the market and how the market is divided into two different segments. Under the first channel, it is segmented into manufacturing mask types like N95 respirators, surgical masks, splash resistant masks and the anti-fog surgical masks.

In the group of the second channel, it includes clinics, medical stores, drug stores, pharmacies along with hospitals. Therefore, the business manufacturers need to consider the two channels and decide whether they wish to target for production or distribution or both. 

What are the Steps Involved to Start Surgical Mask Manufacturing in India

Step 1 –

The first step involves planning for the business and making a list of the equipment, materials and the budget required. In addition, the working capital, investment and the number of employees required will be prepared in this step. This shall help in proper marketing for the business.

Step 2 –

You have to opt for company registration as a public or private limited company, sole ownership of company or partnership based on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Step 3 –

It is mandatory to get ISI registration along with Micro Small and Medium Enterprise or MSME registration in case it is applicable

Step 4 –

Choose a rented space in a convenient location where you have to install the machineries and other amenities required. 

Step 5 –

Under the operating state authority, you have to get Shop and Establishment Act License as it is important to run the business I the particular state

Step 6 –

Make a list of the Machinery required to be installed in the rented place. Other than machinery, you have to buy other related items for the business

Step 7 –

Now, you have to hire workers who can start with the manufacturing after giving them proper training of the machines 

Different types of machines used to prepare masks for your business

  • Machines for Face Mask
  • Mask Inner Ear Loop Welding Machine
  • Machine for Non-Woven Mask Blank
  • Tie on Mask Making Machine

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Details of a Face Mask Manufacturing Machine

Price of the machine Approximately Rupees 15 lakhs
Usage To Make Tie Face Mask
Model KP-1001
Capacity 60 to 80 pieces per minute
Power source 5KW
Power supply Single Phase
Brand KP Tech

Features of the Machine

Supply Power AC 380 v or 220 v 50 Hz
Designed Speed 80 Pcs per minute
Net Weight 800 Kg
Optimum Speed 60 Pcs per minute
Dimension 2000 X 600 X 1200 mm
Feeding Frame 1600 X 550 X 1400 mm
Conveyor Belt 1770 X 330 X 900 mm

Therefore, the face mask manufacturing business is in the rise these days due to its demand. Many small business enterprises have started manufacturing the mask helping people fight with the deadly virus and making some profit by selling the masks. As of now, there is no such competition about the manufacturing of the masks in the market.

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However, due to deficit in masks, these are also imported from other countries. Therefore, there are options for the business enterprises to opt for loans and start with the face mask making business.

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