Business Ideas to be Started with No Investment Due to Lockdown

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At this point of time people all around the world is fighting one battle and that is against a deadly virus that is causing fatal infection. To stop the spread of COVID-19, the central government of India has decided to impose a nationwide lockdown. And the citizens of the country are now in the third phase of lockdown. The government has not declared yet about further extension or end of lockdown. The lockdown may have helped to prevent the spread of infection but affected the economy. The nationwide lockdown has made many unemployed, because they are not being able to go out.

lockdown business ideas

To help those people there are plenty of business ideas that the article is going to discuss. There are numerous opportunities to start business at home and earn money without going out. The most important part of the business is that you do not have to invest in to start the business from home. If want to learn about those business ideas then you need to stick to the article.

Zero Invest Business Ideas

In such scenario when lockdown is still on us it is difficult for everyone to go out for work. It is not even easy to look for employment so you need to think about something that will not require you to go out and ask for hefty investment but earn your living. The business ideas have to be interesting so that you can continue those for a longer period of time. And the ideas are discussed below.

  • Coaching classes- Due to lockdown, no kids are going to school and they are studying at home. So, at this point of time online coaching classes are helpful for those students. And if you are capable of teaching students then you can register for a teaching program. You do not need to invest anything and you can make use of your skill. In order to start an online class you only need to have computer and internet connection. It is a great opportunity to earn money sitting at home.
  • Content writing– It is another way of earning money is that writing content for the websites. Content writing is a thriving business nowadays, and this is the reason the demand for the job is worldwide. In order to start this you need computer and internet connection. However, this job is for those who can write and have proficiency in language. This business is also known as Blogging business.
  • Freelancing business- Freelance tech business like software development, website development, or photo editing, etc. can be done sitting at home. The people who have knack in those things and have computer and internet connection then this business is pretty lucrative at the age of digital media.
  • Earning money from art- People who love art they can start business at home. You can create new designs, paining, and decorative items and then sell them to people online. You can use social media to start the business and that will earn you money. This is an opportunity to turn your passion into profession.
  • Works of the need- Depending on your skill, you can work as electrician, plumber, or provide computer service. During the lockdown there is no bar in essential works so you can earn money through that.
  • As youtuber- YouTube now has become a bigger platform to reach to a lot of people. You can take your skill on that platform as well. You can star creating makeup and styling videos on YouTube as that will kill your time and slowly you will start earning money. You need to make sure that the videos have to well-edited so that it can attract audience.
  • Online Yoga, Dance, Gym or Fitness classes- if you have internet then you can do many things sitting at home. While people are at home it is very important to maintain your health and for that exercise is important. If you have some expertise in fitness or you are a fitness enthusiast then you can start an online classroom to teach yoga or other different exercises to the people and that will help you to earn money.
  • Cooking class- If you love cooking, then do not keep the talent to yourself as teaching cooking can earn you money. You only need internet connection, computer and a phone with camera at home. You can start cooking video post online; you need to post different recipes every day. If you start teaching cooking online then it will be a lucrative opportunity to earn money at this point of time.

So, here are few ideas that may help you to earn money without going outside. You only need to be very consistent with the job. So, do not waste much time and pick one idea and start working on it.

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