Start PPE Kit Manufacturing Buisness and Earn Rs 10 lakh in a Day

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At present the entire country is fighting against a deadly virus and the health workers are the front line warriors. Due to that life risk of the health workers including doctors and nurses is more than anyone else’s. To prevent the infection the health workers take special precautions while providing treatments. There is a precaution kit called PPE kit that prevents the virus to come in contact with the body. This is the reason there is a huge demand for the PPE kit not only in India but all over the world. Several bigger companies are now manufacturing the kit and government is expecting to start exporting these kits to abroad. In such scenario PPE kit manufacturing can be a lucrative business. And this article will guide you through the process.

PPE Kit Manufacturing Business

What is PPE Kit?

Before you start the business of manufacturing PPE kit, it is essential to know about the kit. The full form of PPE is Personal Protective Equipment. The kit has become a weapon for the health workers who are fighting the battle from front line. Apart from the doctors, the scientists, police, rail and airport personnel are also wearing kit to avoid infection.

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Things to include in PPE Kit

PPE kit is covers entire body and this is the reason, the kit consists of several parts and to start the business you need to know the important of each component.

  • Face Cover Mask- The first component of the kit is a special type of full face covering shield. It is made of plastic that covers the entire face so no virus or germs can touch your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Gloves- The second thing is gloves that will protect the hands and you can touch anything while you are on work. Your hands will be protected.
  • Glasses- Special glasses are another important component of the kit. It will be worn under the face shield to give extra protection to the eyes.
  • N95 Mask- N95 masks are important to prevent the virus to enter in the body. The N95 masks are considered as one of the best quality masks available in the market. This is the reason the mask is included in the kit and it will be worn under the face shield.
  • Gown or suit- The kit also has cover for the body and for that it comes with a body suit. It will give extra protection to the person who is exposed to open environment. The suit is disposable so after one use the suit is destroyed and by this way it is possible to prevent disease.
  • Head cover- The PPE kit also comes with a head cover so that your hair and scalp is protected from virus contact. If the virus comes in contact with any part of your body, it will be fatal to your health.
  • Cover of the feet- The last but not the least component of the kit is the feet cover. As the kit makes sure that the legs are also remained protected from viruses. The virus can adhere to your shoes so it is very important for the health workers to cover their legs along with shoes.

PPE Kit Manufacturing Business License

Manufacturing PPE kit has started very recently; due to the pandemic PPE kit making has become popular in this country. There are some states in the country like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu where the kit is being manufactured by some companies. These companies have manufacturing license since they have in the manufacturing business. But, there also some companies that are manufacturing fake and low quality PPE kit and the central government of India is taking strict action against them. So, if you are planning to start the business you need to apply for the manufacturing license. Making your business legal will help you to run the business without facing trouble.

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Raw Material for PPE Kit Making

Like every other manufacturing business, raw material is important to make PPE kit. Importance of PPE kit is already discussed above and not only that components of a kit also mentioned above. Now coming to the raw materials, it is essential for you to know that different companies use different raw materials for making PPE kit. The basic characteristic of the raw material is that it has to be splash roof and the fabric has to be medical grade that is non woven. If you maintain these parameters then the kit will help to fight against the deadly virus. Apart from the fabric you will require velpro, chain, lanyard, elastic etc. for the body suit. The only good thing about the material is that they are easily available in the market.

PPE Kit Manufacturing Machinery

As there are several bigger companies are now involved in manufacturing PPE kit so they are using automated machineries. By using heavy and advanced technology they are being able to produce 10 to 20 thousand PPE kits in a day. In most cases the machineries are imported from abroad. So, if you want to start the business you will require some advanced machineries. It will help you to maintain the grade and quality of the product. You will get all the machineries online.

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PPE Kit Manufacturing Process

As PPE kit is consisted of different things and you will need different machinery for different part of the kit. You cannot make a PPE kit without machines and even if you do it will not be as good as the other companies are providing. If you are planning to bring more PPE kit to fight the disease besides earning some money you need to march the grade and quality of the product that are already set by the medical board. If you have earned the license then it will not be a problem for you to get the machines online.

PPE Kit Manufacturing Business Required Staff

While you are planning to establish a business of making PPE kit then you need to employ some labors. The business will require staffs for operating machines, packaging of the product, and delivering them, and many more. To run the task smoothly you need labors and with people you will slowly increase the amount of production. It will help you to earn money and create employment opportunity during this crisis.

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PPE Kit Packaging

Manufacturing PPE kit is not all as you are already know how important it is so you need to be careful regarding its packaging. The kit is an armor to fight COVID-19 so it has to be disinfected and every package should have all the parts of the kit. If any package misses out any one of the parts then the entire kit is for no good. You need to make sure that the package should be convenient to come in the market.

PPE Kit Branding and Marketing

When you have decided to start a business then you need to think about the branding of the product. There is no difference between other businesses in the world so in case PPE manufacturing business you will pay attention to the branding part. You will not be able to market the product without branding, and if you want to export the product outside India. As per the Central Government, the PPE kits are reimbursed in our country, and then it can also be exported abroad. It is a great opportunity for India to earn foreign money at the time of financial crunch. So, your target is to capture the international market beside the domestic market. You need a unique brand name that compliments your service and you need to deliver the kits under that brand name so that people can recognize your product. If the quality is up to the mark then your brand will be popular and earn reputation. And it will be easier for to grab the international market.

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PPE Kit Manufacturing Business Total Cost

Before you start the business you need to calculate the budget of manufacturing. Without proper financial planning it is difficult to take the first move. If you calculate the manufacturing cost then you need think about the raw materials, machineries, labors expenses, licensing, packaging, branding, delivery, etc. So, the cost may go up to 15 lakhs rupees at first. The investment for machineries is for the one time, but others will be manageable under 5 lakhs rupees. To start your business you will get loans from government authorized financial institution.

PPE Kit Manufacturing Business Profit

Due to the Corona virus outbreak, the demand of PPE kit has increased among the people. And the demand for the kit is same all over the world. So, you need to keep in mind during the pricing of the product that it should be affordable; and you can keep the price between 1000 rupees to 1500 rupees. So, if you are able to manufacture 2 to 3 thousands kit every day then you can earn 10 to 20 lakhs rupees in a day. It is needless to say the business will be profitable from every aspect. As the demand is huge so if you are able to create a smooth flow of supply then you will also earn lucrative profit from the business. The more you earn the more you will be able to provide a healthy livelihood to the labors of your company.

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