How to Start Straw Manufacturing or Making Business in India?

How to Start Straw Manufacturing or Making Business plan, Machine price in India

Starting a straw making business is not that a difficult task. But you should be knowledgeable enough about items that are required to make straws. Before starting the business, you should have proper knowledge about the condition of the market. In addition, by knowing about the demand of straws or pipes in the market, it shall help you estimate your profit. This way, you can start the business and make a rough estimation of the demand for the product.

straw making business


Straw is an important item, and therefore, it is common to know about its usage. There is a huge demand for this item both in shopping malls and in small shops. Below are mentioned the details of starting the business and the required items for the same.

What are the different types of straws?

Straws are of two types – one is made of plastic, and the other is made from paper. On a comparing note, the former one is used more. But it is not good for the environment to use plastic straws. As the straws made from paper breaks easily, these are not among the commonly used ones. When planning to start straw making business, it is better you make plastic straws that have high demand in the market. 

What are the raw materials used in making plastic straws?

Straw making business is a profitable one. But to start the business, you have to know the materials that are required to prepare the straws. Other than materials, you also need to know about the machine and equipment required to make the straws.

What kind of machine is required and straw manufacturing Machine?

Before you start the business, you should have a good idea about the type of machine that you have to buy to run the business. With this, you have to know about the price that is required to buy the machine. Here, two types of machines are required. One would be required to prepare the straws, and the other would be required to cut the straws. However, to buy the machine, you required 4 lakh rupees. Along with this, the price of the straw-cutting machine is almost rupees 50 thousand. So, you should estimate your budget well even before you start the business.

Where can you get the machine from?

You can either buy the machine directly from the market or get them from the online store. Make sure that you get the machines from proper online stores and it would reach you within 20 days or so.

What raw materials and their price for making straw?

Before you start the business, you should know about the raw materials that are required to make the items. Along with this, you have to know the source from where you can get a ready supply of raw materials. After knowing this, you can estimate the price that would be required to buy the raw materials, depending on this, you have to set the price of the straws that you are going to sell.

So, for making the straws, curlers and plastic beads are required. In addition, curlerine is also useful as it is required to paint straws. So, you should buy the curlerine depending on the colour of the straw you want. The price of curlerine is rupees 120 per kg, though it can vary slightly from market to market.

Straw Manufacturing Procedure or process

  1. First, you have to put curlers and plastic pearl together in the straw making machine. In the machine, both the items will get mixed, and they will melt.
  2. Following this, you can give a size to the melted material in the machine. After giving shape, it will be cut into pieces. This will be done by another machine.

In this way, the straws are ready to sell. When buying the straw making machine, you should try to know the number of straws that the machine can process at one time. This will help you estimate the production rate, and accordingly, you can buy the machine.

How should the products be packed?

Product packing also requires skill as you have to pack the straws properly soon after they are prepared. It is suitable to pack the straws in plastic envelopes that would keep the items safe. Here, you have to decide the number of straws that you wish to put in one envelope.

What precautions should be taken?

Before starting the business, try to know about its precautions well. Also, during processing the straw, you should keep in mind that there are no sources of fire kept near the machine. It would prevent the fire from catching the plastic item instantly. So, you have to be careful when processing and packing the straws.

Important straw making business-related facts

Before you start the business, you should research it a bit. It shall help you run the business smoothly without any such hurdles.

  • Location of business – It is a vital task as you should choose the right location for your business. Make sure that the shop is situated in the middle of the city. This shall help people know about your business. In addition, there should be an easy availability of electricity and water. Along with this, you should also check the transport facility of the location.
  • Appointment of employees – Depending on the size of your shop, you have to employ individuals. Once, you appoint the individual, you have to decide their monthly remuneration. This will be decided depending on the profit rate of your shop.
  • Market research – By doing this, you to know about the demand of the market. Also, you should try to get in touch with other shopkeepers and get to know about the tactics that they use to run the business smoothly. Also, it will help you know about your target audience and try to grab their attention.

Get Permission, registration and license for Straw making Business Shop

Before starting the shop, you should get a permit for the same. Also, you should have a license for your shop from state government authorities.

What marketing and promotional strategies should be followed?

By using some effective marketing strategies, you can easily earn in the market. Here, you have to study the business strategies that are used by another business person. Both the marketing and promotion of your product would be beneficial for you. You can post information about your shop in the newspaper and try to spread it more to get better publicity.

Therefore, to start straw making business, you should have a fund of at least rupees eight lakhs. This would include costing such as cost of the shop, materials used, a machine purchased, licensing, and getting permission for the shop and others. If you run out of fund, you can opt for a loan from the bank.  

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