How to Start Paper Bag Making Business Plan

How to Start Paper Bag Making or Manufacturing Business Plan

When looking for new business ideas, paper bag making is a good business option. The use of plastic bags has reduced to some extent to curb pollution. In this place, there is an increased demand for paper bags in the market. It also helps check problems like environmental pollution and the like. Therefore, it can be said that individual planning to start this business can make a profit from the same. The bags are used in shopping malls, local stores, gift stores and the like. Read the following part of the article to know about the requirements in starting this business.

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Details of registration procedure for this business

For starting this paper bag making business, it is important to opt for trade license from the local municipality. In addition, you also have to get Aadhaar card number from the government. The number will be required for future use in setting up the business and other purposes as well. However, if you are running short of funds, you can opt for it from government only after registering with MSME

What raw materials are required for paper bag making business?

Different types of raw materials are used in this paper bag making business. You can get the raw materials for different prices. List of some of the commonly required items is given below.

Material Prices
Flexo color  Rupees 180 per kg
Polymer stereo 1.6 per centimeter
White and colored paper rolls  Rupees 45 per roll

Price of paper bag making machine 

It is important to pick the right paper bag making machine. The efficiency of the machine helps make more number of paper bags in less time. However, different ranges of machines are available in the market and you have to choose the right one that meets your requirements the best. The minimum price of the machine is rupees 3 lakhs. So, it is better to set a budget before you start the business.  

Features in the paper bag making machine

Basic features one can get when they buy paper bag making machine are listed below.

  • Stereo design roller

  • Flat forming dye 

  • 3 horsepower motor for main drive 

  • Double color or four color flexo printing unit attachment 

Where can you get the paper bag making machine from?

Different brands are offering paper bag making machine and you should get a quality one that ensures better production. The range of the machine varies widely and therefore, you can look for it from the online store as well.

Details of paper bag making procedure at home

Other than machines, paper bags can also be made by hand at your home. The steps for the same are given in the following part.

  • For making paper bags, some of the required items are punching machine, scissors, and glue, cardboard. Among these, some items are easily available at your home. 

  • Firstly, you have to cut the paper in the required size from the roll. To create margin, bend the paper from its middle. Different sizes of paper bags can be made. So, after marking the margins on the paper, fold it along the margins and then leave it for some time. As the thickness of the paper increases over time, it becomes robust. 

  • Now, you have to fold the other side of the paper and add the paper ends. The side parts of the paper should be folded as per requirement and give it the required design. Now, set the cardboard by applying glue on it. 

  • With a punching machine, pierce both upper ends of the paper where you can fix the handle tag of the bag. Now, the bag is ready to be used. 

  • To make your bag stylish, you can design it with flexo color and add stylish stars on the body of the bag. 

Budget involved in setting up the business

The paper bag making business requires amount of rupees 3 to rupees 5 lakhs. However, if you have tight budget, you can also start it with rupees 1.5 lakhs and get raw materials and other items at a low price from the market.

How much profit to expect from the business?

The bag making machine is capable of making 60 bags in a minute. You can make a profit of 10 paise on one bag. So, you can get profit of rupees 6 for every minute you invest in bag making. With smooth going production and marketing, you can expect to earn near about rupees 2800 on a daily basis. This sums up to rupees 70000 per month. 

What types of paper bags you can make?

There is a standard size of paper bags that is commonly used in the market and therefore, it has great demand. Therefore, demand for such bags is always high. So, you have to make the bags depending on their requirement. 

Brand promotion of paper bags 

For smooth running of your business, marketing is important. Knowing the right marketing strategies shall help achieve success better. Try to make attractive bags so that customers are attracted to purchase your bags over others available in the market. Also, you can use mediums like local magazines and newspapers for advertising about your paper bags. So, it becomes easy to reach out to the target group easily. Proper brand promotion helps in boosting your sales. Therefore, it is worthy if you can add a special design to your paper bags as it will give a uniqueness to the bags.

What to do for branding?

If you are new in this business of making paper bags, you should try to know some of the tactics that can help in branding. Here, you have to make use of your creative mind. If you can make creative paper bags, it shall help you stand among the rest. Therefore, it will be easy for customers to identify your products by the special design that you make.

Choosing the right business location 

Choosing a right business location is important and therefore, it must be chose carefully. Customers should be able to reach the place easily. So, it is better to select a location that is at the heart of the city. This way, it can be easily identified and accessible. Also, it will be easy for you to get raw materials for your business as required. The machine for making bags will be installed in the location. However, for machine installation, a minimum of 300 square feet space is required.

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