How to Start Paper Glass or Cup Making Business Plan

How to Start Paper Glass or Cup Making Business Plan in India

If you are looking for suitable business options, paper glass making can be an appropriate option. Both papers made glass and cups are environmental free items. The glass and cups can be easily recycled unlike plastic glasses. Therefore, paper glasses do not pose any threat to the environment. It is the best business opportunity after plastic ban. There is increased use of paper glass and cups in hotels, coffee shops, educational centres, offices, canteens, and the like. Considering this scenario, starting paper glass making business can be a good option. The following part of the article shall take you through essential information that shall help in the smooth running of the business.

Paper Glass Making

What raw materials are required for making paper glasses?

To make paper glasses, raw materials like paper, plastic or wax, poly coated paper are required. By using the poly coated paper, it prevents the cups or glass from easily catching heat. Therefore, it can be used both in hot and cold conditions. 

What machines are required in paper glass making business?

For the business, two types of machines are required. The automatic machine can cost up to rupees 9,00,000 that is capable of producing 50 to 60 glasses in 1 minute. On the other hand, the semi-automated machine costs rupees 5,50,000. In addition, an automatic paper cutting machine is also available in India. However, the price of the machines can vary from one place to another.

Where to buy the raw materials from?

The raw materials for paper glass making business are available in the online market. However, you can also search for it from the local store. 

Space required for starting the business

To start a paper glass-making business, choosing the right location is important. A 500 square feet area with a suitable electrical connection is required. In case there is enough space in your house, you can start a business from your house.

Detailed procedure of paper glass making business

There are three stages involved in making paper glasses.

  1. Firstly, you have to cut the poly coated paper depending on the shape that you wish to give. Now, put the cut paper in the machine that is slightly wet. This way, round corners of the glass are formed.
  2. Secondly, the round of the paper comes gets a cone shape.
  3. Thirdly, the glass is collected and stored properly after it has been tested carefully. 

Packaging of paper glasses 

The fully automatic machine helps in packing and counting the glasses. After this, the prepared glasses can be kept in plastic bags that are prepared according to the size of the prepared cups. This helps in suitable storage of the paper cups and glasses for a long time.

How much cost is involved in making paper glasses?

For starting paper glass making business, there are chances of making a profit of almost rupees 66 lakhs. This is possible after manufacturing near about 2.2 crores glasses and for this, an initial investment of rupees 10 lakh to rupees 15 is required. The details of materials required and the expenses are listed below in the table. 

Material    Expenditure in Rupees
Location value    Varies by city and location
Cost of the Machine    5,50,000
Staff expenses    11,000
Poly coated papers    80,000
Packing materials    20,000
Expenditure on paper printing    1,60,000
Electricity and water    2, 650
Expenses like telephone bills, transportation, stores and others    14, 500
Total expenses    8, 38, 150

How much salary is paid to employees in paper glass making business?

After your business has started to grow, to handle smooth workflow and meet the growing demand of items, it is required to deploy workers. To have skilled workers in your business, you have to pay them a monthly remuneration. 

What is the loan requirement for paper glass making business?

The loan for starting paper glass business can be opted from banks. Different government schemes have been sanctioned under which banks will provide business loans at lower interest rates. Here, under the Mudra Loan Scheme, one can get rupees 10 lakh for this business from any financial institution without any initial capital. 

How to get license for paper glass making business?

If you wish to operate the business as a sole proprietor, it is important to request for legal license. Here, the local authority can help you get the license. This helps in smooth running of your business. Even if you wish to get diesel generator supply, you have to seek permission from the local authority.

Procedure for marketing of paper glass making business

Make sure that you made effective advertising plans to market your paper glass making business. You can do it via TV channels, create banners and newspapers. For effective marketing results, different social media platforms are useful. However, you can also try to join big brands and try to sell paper cups and glasses in bulk. 

How to make a profit in paper glass making business?

To have profit in paper glass making business you have to set the right price. It shall depend on factors like size and texture of the paper. The price may vary if you take printed paper or plain paper for making glass. 

Therefore, before starting a business, it is necessary to have a suitable business plan along with budget plans. This shall help you achieve success better and help you run the business smoothly.

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