Patanjali Distributorship, dealership, franchise, Business in India

Patanjali Distributorship, dealership, franchise, Business in India

The Patanjali Ayurveda Private Limited Company is known by the brand name of Patanjali. Similar to the emergence of ‘Make in India’ concept, this above said brand is also making its place in the market, giving tough competition to others. It can be considered among the big brands in India. This company produces all basic products that are required in daily life. However, it can be rightly considered as one of the fastest growing FMCG Company in India. In addition to this, it is considered the best business when it comes to opening dealership or franchises. In this way, it is possible to get the best investment from this form of business. As of 2015-2016, the company’s production has become over 5000 million. As of now, it is expanding its business in Nepal Village Industries in Nepal.

Patanjali Distributorship

History of the origin of the company

It is known that Acharya Balkrishna along with Yog Guru Baba Ramdev came up with the idea of the company and founded it in Haridwar in Uttarakhand in 2006. In the initial stage, the company only produced herbal and Ayurveda items. With this initial success of the products, it started to expand the business and began producing personal care items like food and beauty items that grabbed the attention of customers well. It has been produced on a large scale in the FMCG market. Therefore, as you read below, you get to know how by having the company’s dealership or franchise, you can run the business smoothly. You can also expect good returns from the investment.

How beneficial is it to run a franchise business?

After the initial stage of success in the first two years, Indian business owners were of the opinion that the success story pertaining to these products could have been better. For this, they thought of reviewing distribution channels, shops, Patanjali distributorship, the total cost involved and expected earn from the same was shocking for the Indian market. In addition to this, it is seen that over 70% of owners have benefited from more than 70% of the total estimated investment from the sale of the products. As a result of this scenario, the margin cost, wholesale price along with profits have been improved. Further, the brand gained great success and benefited from the Indian market.

There is a growing demand for Patanjali distributorship in the market. It is expanding in the market on account of its excellent level of benefit and investment in the initial stage. It products large scale of natural products and most of them are discounted ones.  Also, there is no intermediary cost in the business with operating cost benefit amount to 25%. The retailers also work with a good margin of 20% to 10%. Both middle and rich class people of society are attracted to buy Patanjali items. However, all these are reasons enough to consider that Patanjali dealership is the best option when it comes to investing. This form of business offers benefits.

Details of Patanjali products

It is known that the company sells via three different channels. One is Patanjali hospital that has an additional clinic and doctor for a checkup. The second option is the Patanjali Health centre which considered as the welfare centre. The third channel is a non-medical one. However, some categories of Patanjali products are detailed below.

  • Health products – Amla juice, rose syrup, digestive pomegranate, digestive aspirate tablet, berries vinegar, chyawanprash, ghee, guava juice, mango paste, aloe vera juice making, pure honey and others.
  • Food products – Basmati Rice, Biscuits, Choco Flex, Bad, Almond Pak, Spices Powder, Seven Marmalade, Bell Marmalade, Jam Making , Save Chutney, Unpolished Pulses, Flour, Noodles, Tomato Ketchup and other household daily items required in the kitchen.
  • Personal care items – It includes hand wash, face scrub, almond oil, coconut oil for hair, fairness cream, shave gel, herbal mascara, body lotion, herbal mehande, detergent powder and other herbal products, you can check its ingredients when in doubt about its impact on your skin.
  • Ayurvedic medicine – Crack heal creams, giloy juice gulkand, and others.
  • Home care items –Detergent, Agarbatti Making, Liquid Detergents, and Detergent Powder Making.

As of now, Patanjali has started to give distributorship for distributing Patanjali drinking water.

What is the eligibility criterion to opt for Distributorship of Patanjali?

  1. It requires a space of 2000 square feet for opening Patanjali’s Mega store. In addition, it requires 10 million ventures. Moreover, it should be done in real urban areas.
  2. For any area, the distance of an existing Mega Store without any metro in the city is 5 km. The distance is 2.5 km where there is a metro. It is at a distance of 1 km from Patanjali hospital.
  3. The Patanjali mega store or hospital should maintain a distance of 3 to 5 km to other stores or hospital. This distance is 5 to 3 km from any ineligible centre in the city. This distance becomes 3 to 5 km from the mega store in the city.
  4. If it is an 8 to 12 lakh rupees application, you should have an area backup of 750 to 1000 square feet. Also, you can opt for opening the hospital in a place where the total population is much less than 1 lakh citizens. With a population of more than 2 lakh, more than one hospital can be set up in the locality. This can help the citizens to have easy access to hospital facilities.
  5. To open a Patanjali Health centre, almost 350 to 500 square feet area is required and the project involves near about 6 to 7 lakh rupees. In any village or city area, where the citizen living is less than 1 lakh, the health centres can be opened. If it is seen that number of health products are sold, the Patanjali medical area offers plenty of products for the good of local people.
  6. The individual who wishes to start with the dealership should be a respected person. There should not be any legal complaints lodged before against the person. In such cases, he may not be allowed to opt for Patanjali distributorship. The company shall check necessary conditions when accepting the application for distributorship.
  7. The distributorship should maintain a balance sheet of products. For this, the person should have access to computer or laptop along with internet connection. In addition, a table and chair are also necessary to complete the set up.

What are the processes to apply for Patanjali distributorship?

When opting for the dealership in the same city or state, options for the franchise are available for applicants in India. The Patanjali Ayurveda team will look after the ability of the applicant to invest in the business initially. This shall determine whether the team is willing to sanction the distributorship or not. Apart from the application, ITR history will also be reviewed by the company team before you get final approval for getting the dealership.

Application for dealership or distributorship

For the applicants who wish to get a dealership or distributorship under Patanjali, the following process will help.

  • Through net banking or NEFT or IMPS, the applicant has to make a payment of rupees 200. In addition to this, they also have to remember the official transaction number that needs to be sent along with the application.
  • Other than this, the applicant can opt for online payment with the help of the link. In addition, they can opt for an application form by providing details via an official email.
  • After completion of payment, the applicant has to send the reference details along with payment details to official ID at Following this, the higher authority will send the official application along with some related information of the dealership process.
  • As a transaction fee, you have to pay rupees 10. Make sure that you fill the application form carefully and enter correct credentials. Some of the required information is the applicant’s name, company name, address of your office, office email address for a different need, contact details of the applicant. In addition, the applicant also has to provide their experience in FMCG and other field as well.
  • In case applicant has any other work experience in other industry, they have to show the details of products that they have sold. In case, applicant does not have any such information, the details of current business should be produced.
  • If the applicant is related with any other company mentioned in the products, they can make a mention of it as well. In fact, the applicant can mention the multiple companies where he or she has worked including the working hours for which they used to work there.
  • Applicant should mention the amount that he is capable of investing in the initial stage of starting the distributorship. This is essential for getting approval for the distributorship. However, the approval will be granted by state, district or city authorities who are involved in the dealership business.

Application for Patanjali Megastore Dealership

If personal and business partners are planning to start Patanjali megastore dealership, they can opt for it and for the same they have to go through some steps that are mentioned in the following part. The megastore can be started in any city of Indian state. However, it includes opening large distributorship shop in main market area or in any major city locations where large number of customers have access to. The megastore cannot be opened in village areas.

  • When planning to open megastore, you will get the products Patanjali Ayurveda Center that is located in Haridwar. The products should be maintained properly and the applicant should be responsible for the same. In addition, the applicant will have to look after the management of the shop and carry on its day to day work smoothly. In this regard, applicant have to pay an application free of rupees 300.
  • Transaction details should be sent to the official id at giving the transaction reference number.
  • The application form will be sent to the applicant within few days of sending the online fees. Make sure that the applicant submits the form only after entering correct details in it.

Applications for Patanjali Health Center

Applicants can plan to open health center or hospital that promises to provide healthy life to citizens. Patanjali Ayurveda is accepting such applications that aim in the betterment of the health of common people. An  as instance, it should be known that Baba Ramdev along with his friends are successfully running health centers in many parts of Mumbai and Uttarakhand. The process to get access to this health checkup is same as the procedure of Patanjali Hospital.

Details of investment and price for Patanjali distributorship 

The investment and cost of the Patanjali franchise will depend on the type of the mega store. In addition, it also depends on amount of inventory stock. The cost also depends on the location where the applicant is planning to open the megastore. In this kind of distributorship, the investment ranges from 5 to 60 lakhs as per Indian currency. Moreover, to set up the business, one should have retail location of around 300 square feet. However, the company will give dealership to applicant who can open megastore in big cities in some major locations of the state.

Details of Patanjali foreign distributorship

There has been a constant request to expand supply of goods in foreign countries. For this, Patanjali Ayurveda has introduced distributorship in different countries. The setup has been planned in such a way so that the products from Haridwar Manufacturing Center will reach the destined location where the applicant has started the megastore. This will help the person to run the megastore smoothly without deficit of goods for the business. Many NRIs are also in want of Patanjali products compared to India where people can get it easily. So with the introduction of the above said type of dealership, people can expect to get some access to Patanjali products from mega stores that are opened.

Even if the Patanjali Ayurveda stores are coming up in some cities outside India, it is important that the owner of the megastore should be an experienced one. This shall help the person to run the business smoothly. Some of the countries where this Ayurveda product are available includes Kuwait, Oman, Canada, USA, Australia, UAE, Middle East region, and New Zealand, Nepal, Japan, UK (London), China and South Korea. However, none of these countries will get permission to open Patanjali store anywhere else due to financial instability. Even if the person is willing to set up the store and run it, he or she has to send application and wait for its approval.  For starting this business abroad, one has to pay rupees 400. After this payment, they can forward with further application proceedings.

What are the benefits Patanjali distributorship business?

Patanjali is one of the fastest growing FMCG in India that offers plethora of benefits. As of now, it has near about 47000 retail customers with more than 300 distributors across India. Along with this, there are several godowns in 18 states and several factories have been set up in 6 states. Recently, the company has experienced an increase rate of 130% and with this success rate, the company owners are planning to expand its wings into the global market. This group already expanded its business in some of the European countries such as Russia, Dubai, Canada, USA and others. So, this way, the company is making beneficial movement and spreading its market in other countries as well. However, this company is seen as a prototype for others and due to this, India is turning to a better place offer top quality expansion and development of Ayurveda.

The main reason behind the success of the company is to provide products at reasonable price to common people. Even the company is not up for any promotion to reach out to the target audience. Therefore, for new entrepreneurs, joining hands as dealers or distributor of Patanjali items is a good choice.

What is the profit level of selling Patanjali products?

This is an important factor to know when an applicant is opting for distributorship of the business. They should have proper knowledge about the profit margin of the company. At city level, the margin is near about rupees 2 lakhs. It can change depending on change in customer’s demand in the market. However, investment at village level can be expected to be near about rupees 1 lakh per investment. Even if applicant starts the business at district level, the investment option will increase to 5 lakhs. Other than market needs, factors such as product sales and business prospects can also alter the prevailing condition and level of investment of the business. However, it can be expected that the profit margins are huge with each that is being sold. In addition, people get commission of near about 20% on every product that is sold. Therefore, it sums up to almost rupees 20 per 1000 rupees by selling any Patanjali Ayurveda product.

Patanjali Ayurveda contact details

For submitting dealership or distributorship application, one can sent it to Patanjali Ayurved Ltd of Uttarakhand, Haridwar. Along with application form, one has to attach details of income tax returns of last year. In addition, they have to product balance sheet details. Even the above mentioned email ID of Patanjali Ayurveda can also be used for sending application online.

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