Subsidy Scheme for Starting Poultry Business in Haryana

Subsidy Scheme for Starting Poultry Business in Haryana, Farm, Subsidy, Eligibility Criteria, Documents Required, Apply, Status Check

In our country agricultural sector deals with several types of work like raising livestock which is a biggest part country’s economy. Poultry farming is one of the profitable agricultural activities and this is the reason the government Haryana is trying to increase the poultry farming in the state. In order to encourage farmers in poultry farming the government has launched a subsidy scheme so that financial help can be provided to the people. This will help to reduce the issue of unemployment. The article is going to give you the details of the scheme.

Poultry farming unit subsidy scheme

Objective of Subsidy Scheme for Starting Poultry Business

  • Opportunity for self-employment- The objective of the scheme is to generate self-employment in the state and this is the reason the subsidy is given to the people. The financial assistance will help the people to establish a poultry farm that will help to improve the economic status of the people in Haryana. The scheme is going to take care of the financially weaker section of the society.
  • Improvement of the breed- The state govt. wants the people to produce high quality poultry so the subsidy will help to bring good quality breed. The subsidy will help to buy good quality food for the breed so that the breed remains healthy and the poultry produces high-quality livestock.

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Key Features of the Scheme        

  • Loan under the scheme- The discussed scheme is a loan-based scheme where the government will offer loan to the interested candidates. The loan will act as financial assistance that will be provided against fixed and low interest rate.
  • Marketing facility- The scheme will offer marketing facilities to the people who will be opting for the scheme.
  • Infrastructure- The subsidy scheme will look after the infrastructure of the poultry so the production maintains a standard. The govt. of Haryana is trying to build 500 more poultry in the state and for that they will provide support so that people can buy livestock and food for the hens.
  • Financial assistance- the subsidy scheme will provide 5 lakh rupees to the beneficiary so that they can buy 2 water drinkers, 2 feeders for the poultry. In order to raise 50,000 hens for 10 days it requires 15 lakh rupees. So the government will provide all the money to establish poultry.
  • Total budget- In order to improve poultry farming the government has allotted 30 lakh rupees under the scheme.

How was the scheme implemented?

The government has started insisting the farmers who have bare lands or husbandry to establish poultry farm. The state govt. has its own hatchery in Hisar and the Deputy Director to the Assistant Director decided to supply material from the hatchery to the people so that they can start farming. There will a veterinary surgeon who will look after the environment of the poultry so that quality can be maintained. The govt. will help the interested farmers with everything so that they can start a lucrative agricultural production that will benefit their economic situation as well as state’s.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Scheme

  • Resident of Haryana- As the scheme is for the people of Haryana, so you need to be the domicile of the state to apply for the scheme.
  • People from below poverty line category- The state government has launched the subsidy scheme for farmers and laborers who belong to below poverty line.
  • Government employee- People who are not government employee will be eligible for the scheme.
  • Land Eligibility- Applicants who do not own more than 2.5 acres of land are eligible for the scheme.
  • People with animal husbandry- People who have husbandry but do not have livestock they are considered eligible for this scheme.
  • Widow women- The widow of the state will get the benefit of the scheme and will get employment facility.

Documents Required for Application

  • Aadhaar Card- In order to apply for the subsidy scheme candidates have to submit their Aadhar card.
  • Residential proof- According to the rules, the scheme is applicable for the people of Haryana and this is the reason the candidates have to show relevant residential proof.
  • Ration card- The people who want to start the work of poultry unit, they need to submit a photocopy of their ration card during the application for the scheme.
  • Land documents- Beneficiary will have to show the photocopy of their land documents during the time of application for the scheme.
  • Passport size photo- To apply for the scheme the applicants have to attach a passport size photograph that is recently taken along with the application form.
  • Affidavit of unemployment- The farmers or laborers who are unemployed or part of the unorganized group they have to submit an affidavit, to prove their unemployed situation.

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How to Apply for Poultry Unit?

  • The candidates who are interested for the scheme are asked to visit the official website of Haryana state government that is
  • The candidates need to fill the form with appropriate information.
  • After entering all the details, the candidate needs to click on the Validate button to receive SMS and email about the login credentials.
  • After logging into the portal, the candidate will get a list of scheme and he needs to choose the subsidy scheme for poultry farming. After choosing the scheme the candidate will get to see the application status for the scheme.
  • You need to check the form thoroughly as to see whether the details are given correctly. After that the candidate needs to submit the form.
  • Once the candidate submits the form the application is completed and an application ID will be generated that will help to track the application’s status in future.

How to Check Status of Poultry Unit Establishment Subsidy Scheme?

  • In order to check the status the applicants will have to visit the official portal that is Saral portal and then they need to select the track option.
  • A page will appear on the screen, you have to select the department and service from the drop-down menu.
  • The applicants asked to submit their application ID number there, and then needs to click on the ‘check status’ option to see the status of his application.
  • For more information, applicants can dial Antyodaya Saral Helpline Number – 1800 2000 023.

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It can be said that the subsidy scheme is a significant step taken by the Haryana government and this is the reason people of Haryana who are the farmers or farm laborers need to come up and avail the opportunity. The scheme is going to help the people who are passionate about starting their poultry farming but cannot do it due to lack of enough surplus. So, subsidy is believed to make the situation easier than before.

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