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Due to the outbreak of the pandemic Coronavirus, the economy of many countries has been drastically affected. The overall employment of the country has suffered a great deal, and people have lost their jobs. This has resulted in reduced levels of unemployment. This has given rise to the problem of what kind of jobs would be suitable to try after the lockdown is withdrawn. Individuals who have lost their jobs need to find some source of income for themselves. The following part of the article shall take you through some of the best business ideas that one can pursue after the lockdown is over. They have to make plans for the business by earning good money and maintaining proper living standards. 

after lockdown business ideas

After Lockdown Business Ideas

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the lockdown has been extended, and many people have lost their jobs on this ground. Even the investors are unable to invest in business plans due to the pandemic. In this, investors need to invest more after the lockdown is over. When they are planning to start new businesses, they have some options to choose from. The business plan should be such that it helps them earn good in the future.

Oven Sale Business :- The company Log9 has produced a corona oven in Bangalore city. It claims that with the use of the device, virus and bacteria can be easily killed. The device has ultraviolet sea light that can sanitize goods used on it. The light is capable of killing the virus and bacteria on different items. However, due to the increasing spread of the pandemic, there is an increased demand for the device in the market. Therefore, if you are planning to start selling the oven, you can earn good from it.

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Production and Sale of Hygiene Hook :- You can prepare things with which you can open the lift, door and the like without touching it. This can prevent the spread of the virus. A London based company has come up with one such device like hooks. This enables opening doors and lifting things without touching it. In this, the hooks are prepared from items on which the virus cannot survive for a long time. So, you can start the business of manufacturing the hook that would be profitable for you. As a result of this, the product will be of great demand in the market. 

Sell of Masks From Virus Protection :- Wearing masks have become mandatory in the wake of the coronavirus and its spread. It can prevent the virus from entering the mouth and nose. The masks are prepared in large amounts by a London based company called Virus Static. Almost 96% of the virus spread can be prevented by the use of masks. Therefore, if you want to start the sale of the masks, it will be of great profit for you after the lockdown is withdrawn.

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Business of Antibacterial Fabric :- Most of us are familiar with the name of antibacterial fabric. This type of fabric prevents the spread of the virus. An Israel startup company named Sonovia has come up with a fabric that can avoid the spread of coronavirus. As of now, the company has distributed almost 1.2 lakhs of masks manufactured in Israel. The cloth is manufactured in such a way that it can easily prevent the virus and users can also wash it many times. So, if you are looking for business plans, this is a good option to try after the lockdown is over. You need to know the technique in which the fabrics are prepared. 

Corona Shield Business for a Car :- Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, people are sanitizing everything they are using. For this, they are also sanitizing four wheelers and as a result of this, the cost of sanitizing the car is increasing. But to keep it sanitized for a long time, technological advancement can help. It can protect the car for a long time from viruses. A similar problem has been solved by a company named Doom that prevents the virus from surviving on the car surface. In this, the surface is coated with antimicrobials. The micro shield technology helps prevent the virus from attack better. When a car is sanitized with the help of this technology, it can be prevented from a virus attack for 4 months. With this, you need not sanitize the car frequently. So, you can start with this technology that would be profitable for you in the future.

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Business of Health Products :- Irrespective of the situation, health-related items are always in demand in the market. It increases and you are sure to make a profit if you can start the business properly. In this, you can start with the manufacturing of PPE kits or the masks which are of great demand and importance these days. This apart, you can try to manufacture gloves that are of great importance. In today’s time, you can start making mask or sanitizers that can be of immense help for the common people.

Napkin Manufacturing Business :- Paper napkins are commonly used in other businesses and restaurants. It also has household utility. In the near future, it will be used both in the small and the large businesses. Therefore, if you are thinking of a business idea, you can try a Paper Napkin Making Business that would help you earn a suitable profit. This falls under the category of MSME business and it is a good idea to start after the lockdown is over. Due to this, one can seek loan assistance for the business from the government authorities.

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Import and Export Business :- The economy of the country is hit hard due to the extended lockdown for the spread of coronavirus. The Indian government is coming up with different ideas and asking individuals to start different export and import businesses. A creative mind can come up with different business plans that can offer them a suitable source of money. If they are able to succeed in the export and important business, it can offer them profit from the business.

The Business of Ceramic Tiles :- The lockdown has been started to prevent the spread of the virus. Due to this, many people are affected and they have lost their jobs. You must be aware of the importance of ceramic tiles. People often use it to build houses and therefore, you can plan to start the business of ceramic tiles after the lockdown is withdrawn. The ceramic tiles give an attractive finish. So, you can plan to start with the business of ceramic tiles and earn good profit if you are able to plan the business perfectly. 

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Washing and Car Sanitization :- In the wake of the coronavirus and the resulting lockdown phase, there are many unemployed persons. If they are planning to come up with new business plans, they can try the washing and car sanitizing business. With the growing risk of the virus spread, people are becoming more aware and they are frequently sanitizing and washing the cars. So, with minimal investment, one can start with the car washing business and this can offer them great profit after the lockdown is over. Before you start with the business, it is important to make suitable plans so that you can profit from it.

Therefore, with the above-mentioned business options, you can start with them after the lockdown is withdrawn. This can help to earn money and help in improving the economy of the country. As the economy has been hit hard due to the coronavirus, the unemployed individuals can take responsibility. This shall also help them to earn money and maintain a proper standard of livelihood. The Indian government has offered assistance to become self-sufficient by the launch of different schemes in different states.


Q : Which type of business can make a high profit after the lockdown?

Ans : The person who pursues business manufacturing any medical products like sanitizer, masks, gloves, and the like will be profitable.

Q : What are the types of businesses to start in 2020?

Ans : Among the different types of businesses available, including mask making, paper napkin manufacturing, sanitizer making, and ceramic tile making business can be profitable.

Q : What business can offer great demand for the products in the lockdown?

Ans : Any business in the medical field, textile, and mask making business from the comfort of your home will be of great demand after the lockdown. 

Q : Which type of business is the safest to continue after the lockdown?

Ans : The import and export business can be considered the safest after the lockdown. Under the self-sufficient campaign encouraged by the Modi government, it shall offer financial help to the investors to set up different businesses after the lockdown. 

Q : What is the easiest business option to start after the lockdown withdrawn?

Ans : One of the easiest business options would be the manufacture and the trade of the health care items from your home. 

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