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Earlier when there was no availability f plastic glass, people used to use glasses made of mud. The shops that sell lassi and tea they serve the beverages in a mug glass to the customers. Apart from that before technology took a leap people used the clay vessels instead of utensils made of metals. You can easily use earthen vessels for storing water it actually keeps the water cool. Nowadays, people have increased their use of plastic which is harmful for both health and environment. On the other hand if you use earthen vessels then the nutrients of the food and water remain intact. This is the reason the government is encouraging people to incorporate clay products in daily life. The article is also going to talk about pottery business.

kulhad making business

Importance of Kulhad

Kulhad is widely used for drinking tea or lassi in the streets. The earthen pot increases the taste of the beverage you are drinking. Apart from that in summer when you drink lassi from a clay pot it does not only increases the taste but also make the beverage a little cooler as well. So, it is clear that earthen pot is beneficial.

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Kulhad Making Business Opportunity

If you notice your surroundings you will see that plastic is being used extensively by the food industry. You will see foods are being served on plastic plates at railway and bus station. And after having the meal people are throwing away the plates here and there and that create a lot of garbage and pollutes the environment. This is the reason government has implemented ban on plastic use in the market and there is a need for alternate option. The earthen pot is cheaper and environment-friendly. However, the product can earn you lot of money as the manufacturing cost is lower but demand is high.

Kulhad Making Business Required Raw Material

Like every other manufacturing business the kulhad making business will require raw materials. And in this case it is high-quality clay that should be collected from river bank. You also need some molds to give the clay a shape and molds are easily available in the market. The molds are not at all expensive as well. You can buy as much as you want according to the number of kulhad you want to make. Apart from that, you need to build a furnace for heating up the raw molds as you need to place the pots in the furnace for becoming completely dry.

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Kulhad Making Business Required Machinery

At first you do not need any machinery but later once you find the business is making progressing you can opt for machineries. The machines are found in the local market at an affordable rate. So, it is not a big deal and you can purchase according to your business’s requirements. With machines the work will be done much faster than usual, and that will help you to earn more profit in your business. The work will get perfection with machinery as well.

Government Scheme for Kulhad Making Business

As the government is promoting the business all over the country so there is scheme for the people who are planning to set up a business to manufacture earthen pots. Therefore, the Prime Minister of our country Shri Narendra Modi has started the Kumhar Empowerment Scheme for all potters. Under this scheme, electronic chalk is distributed to all the potters who are manufacturing clay kulhad. Apart from that, the government of India will also take care of the fact that the products are purchased from the potters at a good price so that they earn profit through the business.

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License for Kulhad Making Business

Like every other manufacturing business you need to obtain license authorized by the government of India. You can also register the business under MSME so that you get some extra benefits from the government.

Location for the Kulhad Making Business

To produce clay products you do not really require a particular ground. But after making kulhad it requires a place to dry and this is the reason you need an area where you can place the raw products under the sun to get completely dried. Apart from that you need a place for furnace as well so you can choose any place according to your convenience.

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Kulhad Making Process

  • You need to arrange good quality clay from the river bank and then you need to grind the soil in a machine that is used for grinding wheat. Then you need to leave the powdered soil for few hours and then you need to add water to make dough of clay and you knead the dough properly. Then you need to place it in the mould and then you need to give shape with the help of rotating machine.
  • Once the shape is given you need to take out the clay out of the dough and for that you need to use powdered soil. Then you need to keep raw product under the sunlight.
  • After leaving the raw product for natural drying process you need to place them in the furnace to make the product robust.
  • Once the clay products turn red you need to remove the clays pots from the furnace and leave for cooling down.

Kulhad Packaging

While selling the product in the market you need to pack the clay pots carefully so that any of them does not break in transit. You need to buy special packaging boxes for sending the product to the market. You need to buy packing that are designed to pack fragile products anf this the reason you need to opt for high-quality packaging material.

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Total Cost in Kulhad Making Business

To start a business of Kulhad, you have to invest at least 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. The best part is you will have to invest only for the first time. Apart from machinery, you have to buy some raw materials to start this business; which is easily available at any market.

Kulhad Making Business Profit

It is needless to say that this business is very profitable; you do not need to invest much at the time of manufacturing the products. But in the market kulhad is used extensive specially for serving beverages like tea and lassi. So the market demand is pretty high during the all the seasons. Nowadays, kilhad is being used at several family function and religious occasions as well as kulhad is hygienic. Overall you can get low cost and good profit from this business. Through this business you can earn at least Rs 700 to Rs 1000 per day; because, the price is different for different size of kulhad in the market.

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Kulhad Making Business Marketing

Without marketing a business cannot survive and this is the reason you need to do marketing for the business. You need to let the people know that you are manufacturing kulhad and while letting people know you can take sample of the product along with you. It will help you to get customers for your product. You need to approach to the tea shops and lassi corners.

Therefore, it can be concluded that kulhad making business is profitable and also sustainable. You will get all the necessary assistance from the central government of India. The government of this country is encouraging people to reduce plastic and restoring their faith in natural elements. The above mentioned information will help you to start your own business of manufacturing kulhad.

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