Mukhyamantri Bhed or Bakari Palak Utthan Yojana Haryana

Mukhyamantri Bhed / Bakari (Sheep / Goat) Palak Utthan Yojana Haryana, Features, Eligibility, Required Documents, Application  

Animal husbandry constitutes a major part of agriculture and it helps boost the GDP growth. In addition to this, it helps increase employment opportunities in the agricultural sector. In this article, we shall illustrate how opening bhed or bakari units can employment scope for the poor farmers. The Mukhyamantri Bhed or Bakari Palak Utthan Yojana has been started by the Haryana government. It helps offer to breed along with veterinary service in the state.  However, the finances required to start the business will be offered by the state government. It shall help out the poor unemployed person to find a way of earning through this. Read through the following part of the article to grasp a better idea about other relevant details.

bhed palak utthan yojana

Mukhyamantri Bhed Palak Utthan Yojana Objectives                                  

  • The main purpose of the scheme is to improve the condition of bhed and bakri farming. It will also be required to boost bhed and bakri breeding.
  • The bhed and bakri units started under the scheme will help generate the scope of employment in the agriculture sector for the unemployed persons.
  • Successful implementation of the scheme will help increase the income of cattlemen and give chances to earn better from cattle farming.
  • With successful implementation of the scheme, it shall help improve the condition of milk, meat and wool production and also create more employment scopes.

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Mukhyamantri Bhed Palak Utthan Yojana Features

  • Financial help – Haryana state government will offer financial help to beneficiaries who are planning to set up a bakri or bhed unit under the scheme.
  • Better insurance coverage – Under the scheme, the state government will offer monetary help along with insurance coverage. The insurance coverage is offered as livestock for cattle when there is a deficiency or defect in the animal. Under this, the insurance premium is being given for 1 year by state government at the rate of 100 percent.
  • Cost required for Bakri or Bhed shed – Cost of construction and repairing of animal shed for bhed rearing unit would be covered under the scheme. and the beneficiaries will have to bear it themselves.
  • Vaccination to be given in animal hospital – Under the scheme, some veterinary facilities will be given like the treatment of animals, vaccination, counseling and the like in a nearby animal hospital.
  • Training for Bhed or Bakri farming – As per the scheme details, it is possible to offer training to the beneficiaries of the scheme about how to conduct bhed or bakri rearing. The training will be given by the state government that shall also help in the proper establishment of the animal units.
  • Total budget for the scheme – Haryana state government will offer a total of rupees 17 crores for the successful implementation of the scheme.

Mukhyamantri Bhed Palak Utthan Yojana Strategies

Under the Bhed Palak Utthan Yojana, a total of 300 units of bhed and bakri will be set up by the state government. This in turn, will help promote the overall production wool, meat, milk and other dairy farming items. Therefore, the scheme can create better self-employment scope for the needy person in Haryana.

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Mukhyamantri Bhed Palak Utthan Yojana Eligibility Criteria 

  • Residents of the state – As the scheme has been introduced in the state of Haryana, only the legal residents of the state are eligible to get the benefits. The legal residents can start with bhed or bakri rearing business in the state.
  • Unemployed individuals – The ones who are not employed in any of the sectors are eligible to get the scheme benefits.
  • Age limit – The state government has set an age limit of 18 to 55 years, and the individuals belonging to the same can apply for the benefits of the above-said scheme.
  • Caste group – People belonging to scheduled caste or BPL group are eligible to apply under the above-said scheme. Individuals belonging to other sections of the society cannot avail the scheme benefits.

Mukhyamantri Bhed Palak Utthan Yojana Documents Required

  1. Identity certificate – Along with submitting the application form for the scheme, the candidates need to offer Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, PAN card and the like documents as identification proof.
  2. Caste certificate – The beneficiaries of the scheme should belong to SC category or other caste groups to be eligible to get the scheme benefits. To justify this, they have to furnish suitable caste certificate at the time of registration for the scheme.
  3. Self-declared certificate – To a bhed rearing unit, candidates need to produce declaration certificate to the higher authorities relating to the scheme.
  4. Location proof of animal shed – As per the scheme rules, the candidates have to show suitable proof of animal shed if they wish to get the scheme perks and start the cattle rearing business. It will be checked whether there is enough space to start the animal unit or not.
  5. BPL card – The individuals who have BPL card can opt for the scheme as other candidates cannot opt for the scheme perks.
  6. Submission of check – The selected beneficiaries has to sign a check to get some amount of money from the state government in relation to the scheme.
  7. Affidavit for the scheme – Once you get approval to start farming business, you have to opt for an affidavit to ensure that you have started the business.

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Mukhyamantri Bhed Palak Utthan Yojana Verification Units 

The verification will be done by expert teams and it will include Veterinary Surgeon, BLEO along with sub-divisional officers. However, the verification will be done on a monthly basis from the date of starting the business.

Mukhyamantri Bhed Palak Utthan Yojana Application Process

  1. Interested candidates have to enroll for the scheme through the link. The state government has launched the portal for the convenience of the beneficiaries.
  2. In order to register under the portal, the candidate has to furnish necessary details. After this, they have to press the ‘validate’ button that shall help to complete the registration procedure.
  3. For complete validation, a confirmation message will be sent to the registered mobile number or email of the candidate. Through the message or email, the candidates will be given the login credentials.
  4. With this, after logging into the portal, you have to select a suitable scheme from the options given.
  5. After clicking on the right scheme, the relevant form will show up, and now, you have to fill-up the form. Then, you have to produce relevant documents along with the form.
  6. After completion, you have to click on the submit button that will complete the registration procedure under the scheme.
  7. Soon after submission, the ID will show up. With the help of the ID, you can check your application status. Try to keep the ID safe as it can be used for future references.

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Mukhyamantri Bhed Palak Utthan Yojana Beneficiaries Selection

A separate committee has been formed for the selection of beneficiaries under the scheme. The team will include sub-divisional officers and the same will be considered as the chairman of the committee. This apart, block level extension officer, veterinary surgeon, representative of municipal body and the like will be included in the team. To select the beneficiaries, the following steps will be followed.

  • After application submission by the candidates, it is the responsibility of the higher authority to check it before considering the candidate eligible for the scheme.
  • Once the application has been approved by the deputy director of a district, within 15 days, the application should reach the sub divisional officer for further verification of the application and documents.
  • In case, the verified application is not satisfactory, it will be sent back to the deputy director by making the required corrections in the application to the higher authority.

So, if you are a resident of Haryana, you can look for employment options from the above-said scheme. This way, it will be possible to overcome the problems of unemployment in the state and help individuals find better ways for income.


Q : Where one has to apply for the bhed rearing unit?

Ans : To apply under the bhed rearing unit, the candidates have to go through the  link to get the details.

Q : How much premium money one has to pay if they wish to start the farming unit?

Ans : Under the scheme, the beneficiary money will be given by the state government on behalf of the poor farmers for a year. Even if the beneficiaries pay it, the amount will be reimbursed by the state government.

Q : Who are the beneficiaries eligible to opt for the animal rearing business?

Ans : Individuals belonging to the scheduled caste and the lower sections of the society are eligible to start the business.

Q : Is it possible to initiate the animal business alone?

Ans : No, it is not possible to start the business alone, as you have to pay attention to the health of the bhed and bakri. Therefore, for the proper maintenance of animals, it is better to start the business in partnership.

Q : How much money should the beneficiaries need to pay under the scheme?

Ans : Under the above-said scheme, the beneficiaries only need to pay for the setup of the bhed or bakri shed. Other expenses for running the business will be taken up by the state government.

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